EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Inside Obama’s Secret FBI Citizen Spying Program

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President Barack Obama’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) signed a secret agreement with the North Dakota Attorney General that gave the FBI all personal information of citizens from state government agencies, including DMV photos for facial recognition.

James Comey was promoted to FBI director the month after this secret program was instituted. These documents blow the lid off President Barack Obama’s High Value Intelligence Group (HVIG), which included Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and James Comey, and which created spying programs that eventually were used to surveil President Donald Trump.

Big League Politics has exclusively obtained documents, presented below, showing that Comey’s FBI was storing facial-recognition and DMV records of private citizens, and that Comey’s assistant director David Cuthbertson lied about it on television just four days after signing the agreement.

On May 15, 2013, Cuthbertson entered an agreement with the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office. The official in that office who signed off on the deal, Dallas Carlson, is now President Trump’s nominee to be U.S. Marshall. This agreement was a Memorandum of Understanding between the two agencies that the Attorney General would be providing all DMV photos and other Personal Identifying Information (PII) to the FBI to store and house on their database. Other state attorneys general refused to enter the agreement, with Vermont’s attorney general in December 2017 calling the program “illegal.”

Please examine the date of the agreement. Now look at what they agree to exchange.



When whistleblower Edward Snowden released his tell all he referred to something in code named #LifeLog. The program’s name was changed to FBI FACE SERVICES, which is also called #CitizenLog.

There was an uproar in early 2013 when a secret unit created by President Obama in 2010 called the High Value Intelligence Group (HVIG) became public knowledge. According to insiders, the HVIG members and directors included Robert Mueller, James Comey, Christopher Wray, H.R. McMaster, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, David Cuthbertson, and many more FBI officials and intel components that reported directly to President Obama. This group was centrally involved in spying on private citizens. Insiders also believe that Jeff Sessions was involved with the HVIG.

Americans were in uproar that their rights to privacy were being violated because the FBI was proposing to get access to DMV photos and other personal identifying information from their state to house in a searchable database. The ACLU was briefly involved but mysteriously stopped being involved.

David Cuthbertson was the brain child of FBI FACE SERVICES and Comey was promoted from the HVIG to Director of the FBI, with Cuthbertson as Comey’s Assistant Director to the FBI, in 2013.

David Cuthbertson was interviewed by Lesley Stahl on or around May 19, 2013 during a 60 Minutes segment. In the segment, he was firm and strong on stating that the FBI DOES NOT have any photos or Private Identifying Information except from whatever information is collected if you are ever arrested. Mug shot, DNA, info collected then and there at the crime scene only. The video is very convincing and it looks like the FBI is honest right?

Here is the video : https://youtu.be/z1y9xtjL8rI

Now we know definitively that Cuthbertson was lying. That was FOUR DAYS after the FBI signed the agreement above.

Can the North Dakota Attorney General do that?

Can the Attorney General just mine data and hand it over? With what authority? Well, it turns out that the North Dakota Attorney General has more authority than the North Dakota Supreme Court — so much so that the North Dakota Supreme Court couldn’t even enforce a contempt of court charge. The authorities under North Dakota State Law allow the North Dakota Attorney General to access as they please and also give him the right to sell and or distribute.

This piece is the first part in a series. In the next chapter, we will discuss Cambridge Analytica’s role in the FBI Face Services data mining program.


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