EXCLUSIVE: Facebook’s ‘Fact Checker’ Backtracks Following Egregious Errors Regarding BLP’s Jeffrey Epstein Coverage

Facebook’s new ministry of truth, led by disreputable fact checking operations like Lead Stories, has been initiated to stifle independent voices on the social media giant, but they have been caught and forced to backtrack after trying to suppress news about camera malfunctions near Jeffrey Epstein’s cell during his mysterious death at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City last month.

“There were no media reports that a camera monitoring Epstein’s cell area malfunctioned in the hours before the accused sex traffickers death on Saturday August 10, 2019,” claimed Duke, the 26-year veteran of CNN who co-founded Lead Stories, in a blatant deception within the bogus fact check of the story that initially broke on Big League Politics.

Duke’s analysis was false because Big League Politics referenced a media report by digital media specialist Michael Coudrey that he initially refused to acknowledge in his phony fact check.


After we contacted Duke and emphasized that Coudrey’s report was specifically listed in our article, he refused to own up to his mistakes while stating decisively that no camera malfunctions occurred near Epstein’s jail cell.

We did reach out to Michael Coudrey, the “digital info warfare” marketer who initially tweeted the false information. As you likely know, the past several days have confirmed out conclusion that the “camera malfunction” claim was false,” Duke wrote in an email to Big League Politics.

“We did not have a narrative. We do have a mission of countering crappy “reporting” that repeats unsourced tweets by someone with an agenda (false narrative.) Basing this sensational claim on Coudrey’s tweet put you on thin ice,” Duke added.

Duke eventually lifted his false rating on Coudrey’s tweet that was proven to be correct, but he still has the audacity to claim that “there was clear video of the hallway outside the cell” despite the fact that investigators have reported that two cameras surrounding Epstein’s cell mysteriously malfunctioned around the time of his death. Duke remains firmly committed to promoting the mainstream narrative despite all evidence to the contrary.

Although Coudrey was ultimately vindicated, he still believes social media giants and fake news agencies colluding to control information and silence independent voices is a “huge problem.”

“Facebook’s use of ‘fact checkers’ has turned out to be nothing more than a fraudulent pretense to silence free thought and dissent. Many of their employees have an extreme liberal bias, and this is indicative on their websites and personal social media profiles,” Coudrey explained in a comment to Big League Politics.

“Should Facebook not address this issue immediately, we will have to organize federal executive action to prevent such unfair and deceptive trade practices from occurring in the future,” Coudrey added.

Lead Stories is still refusing to acknowledge their mistaken fact check toward Big League Politics, finding fault in our report because we noted that there was no video of Epstein inside his cell during his mysterious death. Despite the fact that no footage of Epstein’s cell has ever been produced or acknowledged to exist by investigators, Duke belligerently refuses to budge.

Despite his shoddy work, Duke – a life-time CNN hack best known for his frequent collaborations with Nancy Grace, the Queen of Fake News after her shameful Duke lacrosse coverage – remains the judge, jury and potential executioner when it comes to conservative news organizations as his biased work can ultimately cause the removal of a page from Facebook.

As Coudrey mentioned, this problem will not be solved until President Donald Trump takes action against these propagandists hand-picked by Big Tech monopolies to stand in the way of freedom of speech and access to accurate information on the internet.

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