EXCLUSIVE: Fake News Media Intimidates, Misrepresents Pro-Trump Protesters At Democratic Debate

Democratic Debate Pro Trump Protest

Yesterday at least three hundred pro-Trump protesters organized a protest during the Democratic Party’s Florida debate, and in the process were bullied by NBC’s security guards and had their total number of attendees misrepresented by local media.

The Federation of Republican Women of North Dade and its president, Maricel Cobitz, organized an anti-socialism, pro-President Donald Trump protest outside the Democratic debate in Miami, Florida. They received a permit for the private property across the street from the debate venue, and followed all applicable state and federal laws in doing so, but were still bullied and intimidated by NBC’s private security, according to Cobitz.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Cobitz explained that two security guards crossed onto the private property where they were holding their protest, and informed the group that they were on Adrienne Arsht Center property and needed to leave. When Cobitz explained that they had a permit and were allowed to be on the property, another man stood outside the property to keep individuals from entering.

“Some gentleman came to our tent, we had a tent with an American flag,” said Cobitz, “He came and said he was security for the Adrienne Arsht Center, and that we had to remove our tent.”

The man repeatedly told her she had to leave, and demanded to see her permit.

“So he started making phone calls, and basically he was bullying with and threatening us, saying he was going to call the police,” said Cobitz.

Eventually, another man claiming to be the supervisor of the Adrienne Arsht Center came to tell Cobitz the same thing and threatened to tow vehicles owned by the protesters.

“I think what he was trying to avoid was anyone going into the lot that we were in, because he didn’t want people to come in masses from the Republican Party,” said Cobitz. “They were already upset when we put up a big sign saying we don’t want socialism. No socialism, no communism. We’re capitalists.”

Cobitz says she later learned the two men who she says bullied and threatened her had nothing to do with the Adrienne Arsht Center, and were instead security employed by NBC for the debate.

“The two guys that came have nothing to do with the Adrienne Arsht Center, they work for NBC,” said Cobitz. “They are some security, or something, for NBC.”

At one point, Cobitz says a security guard blocked the entrance of the lot she rented to prevent access or exit, even though they had a permit for their protest.

“They were upset that the Republicans were going to be here and not the Democrats.”

Eventually the men relented, and Cobitz had over 300 people come, at one point in a wave of over 200 people, to protest the socialist policies of the Democratic Party.

However, this did not prevent local media from claiming otherwise.

Manuel Madrid, a reporter from the Miami New Times, a publication that recently castigated a celebrity chef in Miami for wearing a Proud Boys hat, claimed there were very few Republicans in attendance, and that they were vastly outnumbered by “progressive crowd”. Cobitz, however, tells Big League Politics that at one point the crowd resembled those of President Trump’s rallies.

In fact, Madrid almost exclusively uploaded photos of individual protesters from the anti-socialism, pro-Trump protest, and several crowd shots of the “progressive crowd”.

The Federation of Republican Women of North Dade and others showed larger photos and videos revealing the overwhelming pro-Trump presence.

Cobitz tells Big League Politics she and The Federation of Republican Women of North Dade are planning another protest for tonight’s second Democratic Party debate, and are prepared for the same misreporting and intimidation tactics they say they experienced last night.

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