EXCLUSIVE: FBI Special Agent Harassing Trump Donors Worked The Rick Pitino Louisville Corruption Case

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The FBI special agent from the Bureau’s New York office is the special agent who also targeted alleged corruption by the Louisville University basketball program under coach Rick Pitino. Three defendants — two former Adidas shoe executives and an informal sports agent — were convicted of wire fraud. Pitino was forced out of his Louisville coaching job amid reports that he profited from Adidas’ deal with the Louisville program.

Two Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents recently showed up to question a businessperson in another state about his/her brother’s possible donations to the Republican National Committee during the President Donald Trump campaign. (READ: Comey Hid “CLINTON EMAILS” Binder In His Office Safe, According To DOJ Raid).

The two special agents showed up in an FBI car with yellow New York plates in this faraway state, meaning that the New York office is handling this operation without farming it out to local agents. The license plate of the FBI car was HMV8617, and the agents showed up at 7 AM. James Comey’s daughter Maurene is an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, the virulently anti-Trump office previously led by Preet Bharara.

Anthony L. Casola worked the Louisville case.

The Courier-Journal reported: “After the government called FBI Special Agent Anthony Casola to the stand, prosecutors displayed several text exchanges and played audio from wiretapped calls from 2017. In one text exchange the government displayed between Dawkins and Pitino on May 23, 2017, Dawkins wrote: “Coach This is Christian Dawkins. I dealt with you on Jaylen Johnson. Would you have interest in Brian Bowen or are you done recruiting?'”

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