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EXCLUSIVE: First Statement from The Remembrance Project on the Death of Mollie Tibbetts



Big League Politics has exclusively received the first statement made by the Remembrance Project since the news of the murder of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts at the hands of an illegal alien.

The statement by Maria Espinoza, National Director of The Remembrance Project follows:

Today, and forever, we honor, remember and mourn the death of Mollie Tibbetts, a typical American girl who dreamed of a wonderful life.  We offer our sincerest condolences to her family for their loss.
Her brief life has been brutally stolen from her by an illegal alien trespasser who should never have been in our country to commit this most egregious crime.  For 9 years, we at The Remembrance Project have been sounding the alarm all across America; in city halls, state houses, in Congress and yes, in private meetings with President Trump, that the border must be secured by any means necessary to protect our American families.  We now know that Congress will not act to save the next innocent American, and because of their treason, the defense of our country now rests solely upon the shoulders of the man that God has sent us to save our Republic, President Donald J. Trump.
We now formally ask that President Trump, our Commander-in-Chief, immediately deploy U.S. troops to our southern border to protect our homeland from this most serious and deadly invasion. In addition, we implore him to re-double his enforcement efforts to cleanse the interior of America of the scourge of illegal aliens.   But today, as we mourn Mollie, we must also prepare ourselves for many more future tragedies such as have befallen her, and the tens of thousands of other innocent Americans who have died at the hands of these illegal invaders.
Included with the statement is the following photo in remembrance of Mollie Tibbetts:
President Donald J. Trump works closely with the Remembrance Project to honor the families of those murdered by illegal aliens, and to push for legislative change to the ridiculous immigration policies that lead to such senseless tragedies.

Border Security

Up to 200 Smuggled Illegals Run Out of 18-Wheeler Truck in Texas

200 illegal aliens escaped at once.



As many as two hundred illegal aliens fled from an 18-wheeler truck in Bexar County, Texas when the vehicle stopped at a QT gas station on Thursday, presenting a considerable public safety and security threat with the majority of the aliens still unaccounted for.

Witnesses described seeing a group of migrants that amounted to well above a hundred. The migrants fled an 18-wheeler truck near IH-37 and Loop 1604 at 6PM on Thursday, just as the winter storm in Texas hit the community at full strength.

Sheriff Javier Salazar is describing the migrants as nationals of Honduras and El Salvador. He revealed that the migrants were endangered by the smugglers that had shipped them in a refrigerated truck, with the aliens in danger of suffocating inside the airtight truck compartment.

ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations urged the public to come forward with information regarding the illegals in a statement regarding the incident.

“On Feb. 18, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) responded to a call from Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) for assistance on a possible human smuggling case involving a semi-tractor trailer discovered in a local gas station parking lot. About 50 individuals both males and females were encountered. The undocumented immigrants, from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, are being assisted by community based organizations. HSI special agents interviewed the migrants as part of a criminal investigation, which is ongoing. The status of those encountered is being reviewed. HSI urges anyone with information about this smuggling attempt to call (866) 347-2423.”

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Law enforcement believes that the individuals responsible for smuggling the illegals escaped into the nearby woods with the individuals they moved into the United States. Efforts to apprehend the migrant siphon law enforcement resources during a state of emergency, when law-abiding citizens of south Texas are at risk of freezing to death inside their own homes.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office spoke of apprehending 50 of the illegal immigrants shortly after the smuggling event, with more than a hundred illegals still loose.

Biden’s “America Last” approach to immigration and border security has immediately spurred a renaissance in human smuggling and illegal immigration, with smugglers advertising open borders to tentative migrants. Even as illegal migration spikes to levels unseen in years, the President instead is evaluating new proposals to convert ICE into a de facto customs agency, leaving the American people without an immigration law enforcement agency.

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