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EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Producers Trash Software That Tells Scriptwriters When They’re Being ‘Racist’

Is Hollywood going over the top in its social justice efforts?



Hollywood is employing new software feature that alerts scriptwriters if they are not being “inclusive” enough, sparking fierce backlash from some in show business.

“The deal is that this new feature allows you to check the inclusivity of your documents to check how many LGBTQIAZBBT people appear in your new work,” one Hollywood producer told Big League Politics on the condition of anonymity. “It is ridiculous. At the same time it’s really totalitarian, when you think about. If this is the case, next we’re gonna were check for words we don’t like, then we’re gonna check for context we don’t like.”

Conservatives in Hollywood do not often speak on record, as doing so would amount to career suicide.

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The software is called Final Draft, which has been around for awhile, and is used by nearly every scriptwriter in Hollywood. It has recently been updated with the new “inclusivity” feature.

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“Final Draft is the standard format software for scriptwriters,” the source said. “It’s specifically formatted for scriptwriters, but it’s basically a word processor.”

Another producer told Big League Politics that the software will make the quality of movies worse.

“The fact that they call it ‘inclusivity analysis’ is pandering to an idea that’s going to movies worse,” the source said. “They’re specifically trying to get people to write their script, and get people to look in the mirror and see how ‘inclusive’ it is , and if it’s not inclusive, you’re not woke. It’s stepping on your creative freedom.”

Both the sources described themselves as “in-the-closet conservative producers.”

One of the sources also called the software “small, incremental corporate fascism,” and remarked that “some assistant is going to hit the ‘woke’ button, and you’re gonna be dinged for your lack of wokeness.”

Another salient point made by both sources is that most actors want to be cast in certain roles based on their merit as actors, not based on skin color.

“The black actors that I know do not want more roles for black actors,” one the of the producers said. “They want to be considered for roles that everyone else is auditioning for. It’s patronizing to treat people as though they are the sum total of their attributes. They want to play the role of a lawyer because they can portray a good lawyer.”

The company released an ad for the new feature, and it’s exactly what one might expect from the progressive posse in Hollywood.

“Everyone in our industry needs a way to measure how diverse and inclusive our stories are,” the ad begins. “Women, people of color, the LGBTQIA community, and other marginalized groups are not equally represented on screen. Final Draft has created a tool that allows you to quickly assign and measure a script’s character’s traits. Gender, ethnicity, or any other trait you want to measure be expressed in this clear, visual chart.”

The ad boasts that writers and production teams can answer questions like “how much dialogue is spoken by women in lead roles?” or “how many scenes in the script feature two or more leading roles for women?”

“Like everything else in the world of software, you reach a saturation point. when you write a screenplay you really only need seven or eight things. one of those things is the inclusivity. it’s more marketing than anything else. it’s one thing to have a feature that allows you to sign and identify

“Final Draft is committed to helping shape a future for our industry that includes and reflects all of us,” the ad finishes.


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ABUSE: HBO’s ‘Transhood’ Shows How Monstrous Parents Push Their Kids Into Transgenderism

This clip is very telling.



A new HBO television show “Transhood” is demonstrating the inner workings of the youth LGBT movement and the depths of their depravity and perversion.

One clip features a butch lesbianic woman and her “daughter” Avery, and it shows exactly how children are being systemically abused by pederasts.

“We actually go and meet with our senators and our representatives, and after that, we go and sit and sell some of Avery’s books for a little while,” the ghoulish woman said of her daughter who she uses as a political prop.

This is when Avery expressed the sentiment that she does not want to be exploited for the pleasure of reprobates.

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“I just don’t want to even have a book. I’ve done too much in this world. It’s ruined my life enough and now, everyone in this world is going to know if I sell my book, it’s going to get on the news along with me for like the 50th time at this point, and it’s going to make my life worse,” Avery said.

“A couple of years ago, you wanted people to know,” the “mother” responded.

“Yeah, I did, but I know that was a stupid, silly mistake and now I don’t,” Avery said.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Avery’s words show how transgender children can be pushed into that lifestyle by outside forces and then come to regret their actions after they mature.

Big League Politics has reported about how feminist mothers regularly push their children into transgenderism and then pimp them out to predators in the name of tolerance:

A 16-year-old Australian-American boy has come forward with a shocking story about how his mother attempted to force him to be transgender starting at the age of eight.

“I didn’t know who I was,” Lucas told Sausage Roll. His mother dressed him in girl’s clothes before school, which resulted in alienation and confusion within the poor lad. He explained the shocking story about how the LGBT abuse started in his life.

”My parents met online on some, now defunct, dating website. My father is an Australian labour worker and my mother was working as a waitress in Los Angeles, California, at the time,” Lucas wrote in an email.

“I grew up and went to school in Australia and everything was quite normal. I had a few friend and we’d hang out and play video-games or just mess around at the local part,” he added.

Lucas’ childhood was normal until his parents split up, which is when his mother without a strong patriarchal figure around to keep her in check started abusing her son by instilling transgender dogma into him. Lucas was forced to move to America, which alienated him, and his mother began forcing the gender transition upon him….

Lucas began thinking something was up after he saw his mother blatantly lie about his father in a magazine in which she played the victim and made up fantasies about nonexistent abuse.

“I remember reading the article and thinking it was all a load of crap. She said my dad beat me and called me homophobic slurs. I asked my mum about this and she kept insisting that it happened and that I just don’t remember it because I was traumatized. It never happened, though,” he said.

Lucas detailed the abuse he received as he was inducted into the satanic LGBT lifestyle by his own mother.

“She took me to a high-end club that was filled with men who were practically nude. They’d have stage shows where the guys would dance promiscuously and strip. A lot of these guys would always say nasty things to me and touch me inappropriately. I didn’t like it, I told my mum yet she didn’t care. She told me to ‘man up’, which I thought was very ironic,” he said.

She even attempted to pimp him out to LGBT predators who they met at these events. A man once approached Lucas’ mother and told her that he would “absolutely love to get to know Lucas a bit better.”

“My mother wanted me to go visit him… ALONE! She told me she’d already set up a date for the two us and said it would be fun. ‘It’s just two queens going shopping and having fun, Lucy. Don’t be such a baby,’ she said. I refused. I cried. I screamed,” Lucas said.

The deranged mother even tried to show Lucas pornographic movies as a way to warp his mind so he would accept her transgender push.

This agenda is satanic and must be stopped, otherwise countless children are going to be victimized by this organized cabal of serial predators.

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