[EXCLUSIVE] Interview With Patrick Casey | Soviet-Style Persecution

January 19, 2022, almost a year into Joe Biden’s “return to normalcy”, and the regime is still hunting down the dissidents who peacefully rallied against the notorious 2020 coup against President Donald J. Trump.

The January 6th Committee, a Soviet-style show-court, announced via Twitter that it has issued subpoenas to Patrick Casey & Nicholas J. Fuentes, both paleo-conservative influencers on the right who were present at the January 6, 2021 rally.

Although neither Casey or Fuentes went into the building or actively engaged in or encouraged violence, the J6 Committee is determined to subpoena anyone with the wrong ideas, as they demonstrated with the persecution of Alex Jones & Roger Stone last year. Big League Politics reached out to Patrick Casey last month, and an interview was conducted on January 21st. The interview can be viewed below:

In the post-revolution Soviet Union, show-trials were fairly common place. Members of the opposition were rounded up for wrong-think and propagandized before their imminent executions. The general idea is that if you can broadcast to the public what happens if someone has the same ‘wrong’ ideas they may be harboring deep down, the average person will live their life in fear of the regime, never publicly expressing their concern with the current trajectory of the state.

Everyone knows the “violent insurrection” narrative about January 6th is a hoax. One person was killed on January 6th, and her name was Ashli Babbitt. Ashli was executed in cold blood by Capitol Police thug Michael Byrd, a death that has still never been investigated. They know that Patriots were the only ones who suffered losses on January 6, but the globalists and their lapdogs in the media continue, over a year later, to shamelessly propagandize the rally as “worse than 9/11”.

Yes, it was a bad idea to go into the Capitol. But due to the hard work and noble reporting of individuals like Darren Beattie and Tucker Carlson, we know now that the storming of the building itself was most likely initiated by undercover federal agents, operating similarly to how they would stage a false flag.

The second Patriots entered the building itself, it gave the tyrants free reign to use this single event against those on the right for the next thousand years it seems. As Patrick Casey pointed out, with the January 6th Committee, it allows the Democratic Party to persecute real grassroots Americans with dangerous ideas. It makes your average Trump supporter look at the TV in fear and go: “Well that could’ve been me,”.

Alex Jones, who was subpoenaed last fall, has said on his show that he believes much of this is a last ditch attempt by the establishment to prevent President Trump from running in 2024 by creating a complex web of lies in which it looks like Trump staged some sort of violent attack.

Jones notably is even on video urging protestors not to go into the building on January 6th, a fact completely neglected by the January 6th Committee. If this was truly about violence instead of wrong-think, why are the likes of Jones, Stone, Fuentes, and Casey being investigated instead of Ashli Babbitt’s killer, Michael Byrd?

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