Exclusive: Jeb Bush camp tells BLP it had ‘absolutely’ nothing to do with ‘Trump Dossier’

Former Florida governor John E. “Jeb” Bush Sr., campaigning in Iowa in December 2015. (Photo courtesy of the Jeb Bush campaign Facebook page)

A spokeswoman for former Florida governor John E. “Jeb” Bush Sr. and the lawyer for the governor’s Right to Rise Super PAC told Big League Politics Wednesday neither side of the campaign had any involvement with the so-called “Trump Dossier” that contained unsubstantiated salacious gossip about President Donald J. Trump.

“Governor Bush had absolutely no knowledge nor involvement in this report,” said Kristy Campbell, who spoke on behalf of Bush and who served as a press secretary for the Jeb Bush campaign.

Charles R. Spies, who was the lawyer for the Right to Rise Super PAC, told BLP that he was in no way speaking on behalf of the campaign, but he said the Jeb Bush political action committee had nothing to do with the Trump Dossier.

Spies said there was a commentator on the BBC in January, who claimed that the Jeb Bush camp had developed the dossier during the primaries and then passed it on to the Hillary R. Clinton presidential campaign.

Upon hearing this report, Spies said he was surprised and because he had no direct knowledge of the dossier, he conducted his own internal investigation with individuals connected with the RTR Super PAC and vendors to determine what connection there was with the PAC.

“There was absolutely no connection whatsoever,” he said.

Tuesday, The Washington Post reported that the dossier was initiated by a Republican donor, who hired Fusion GPS, a political research firm, during the Republican primaries.

After Trump secured the nomination, the Post reported the donor passed the dossier project to the Clinton campaign, and that it was the former first lady’s campaign that brought in former English intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

The Post further reported that the Clinton campaign continued to fund Steele’s research for the dossier project until the end of October 2016–days before Election Day.

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