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Exclusive: Juanita Broaddrick tells BLP how the tide turned & why she loves Matt Drudge ‘He was the only one who listened’



The woman, who claims that Arkansas Gov. William J. Clinton raped her in 1978 at Little Rock’s Camelot Hotel, told Big League Politics that she has felt the tide turn in her favor after nearly two decades of scorn and dismissal from the national media and the leftist establishment.,”

“When the Weinstein thing came out, I felt it a little bit, but until the Judge Roy Moore thing come out did it really, really affect me,” said Juanita Broaddrick, a professional nurse and the retired owner of nursing homes in her state. In October The New Yorker began a series of articles that exposed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator. The Washington Post reported Nov. 9 account that the Alabama GOP nominee for the Dec. 12 special Senate election Roy S. Moore has initiated sexual encounters with teenage girls, including one, who said she was 14-years-old at the time.

“It was after the Moore thing, when people started calling and emailing me,” she said.

The day after the WashPost article MSNBC presenter of the “All In” program, Chris Hayes, Tweeted out that it was now acceptable for Democrats and people on the left to trust Broaddrick’s account.

After the Hayes Tweets, Broaddrick received an email from CNN host Jake Tapper, who asked her if she was on Twitter and witnessing the support that was coming around to her, she said.

Broaddrick said she is grateful for the support from Hayes and other hosts and guests on MSNBC, but as the most liberal news channel on television, she cannot bring herself to watch it.

The former nursing home owner said more than anyone else, she appreciates what Matt Drudge did for her at the Drudge Report.

“Drudge was the only one who listened to us in the 1990s,” she said. “I mean, he moved the ground for the Clinton victims.”

The grandmother and active tennis player said when her story first broke, the two messaged each other, but they have never met.

“It was awesome, because he was just breaking ground then,” she said. The Drudge Report website was launched in 1998, the same year the site broke the story that the now-president, Clinton, had carried on an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. “People, in the beginning, ridiculed him and said he was nothing, but he proved them wrong–didn’t he?”

Drudge was the man, who stood up to the Clinton’s and called them out, when no one else would, she said. “But, he was the one who came out with the truth.”

Broaddrick said she watched as Drudge became the most powerful man in the media without ever changing the design of his website. “He doesn’t need to–the people trust him.”

After all she went through, the resident of Van Buren, Arkansas, said she dreaded the prospects of the Hillary R. Clinton presidency with her attacker back in the White House as if nothing had happened that day in 1978.

At the time, Broaddrick was a support of the governor and he told her that whenever she was in Little Rock, she could call him, she said. On the day they were supposed to meet at the lobby coffee shop of her hotel, he called up to her room to say there were reporters and other people in the coffee shop, so he suggested that he just two coffees up to her room.

Once he was in the room, the governor overpowered the 35-year-old and violently took advantage of her, according to Broaddrick’s account. When it was over and he was gathering himself, he told her: “You’d better put some ice on that.”

One year ago, on Election Day, Broaddrick said she was anxious.

“When I went in and voted that day, there was such a long line–all the people recognized me here in my hometown–and they would say such supportive things, you know, about Trump and ‘Juanita we believe you,’ and I thought: ‘Oh my gosh, there is a change going on–’cause I didn’t believe it.”

Even after the election was called for Donald J. Trump, she said she would not allow herself to believe the results until she heard the former first lady concede the next day.

“I have lived with it too long,” she said. “I’ve lived with her getting by with it–I was shocked as anyone was.”

Reflecting on her own challenge to be believed, Broaddrick said her advice to women in a similar circumstance is for them to write down exactly what happened as soon as it is over and for them to reach out to people they trust.

“The main thing is to tell somebody,” she said. “You don’t have to run out to a news reporter, but go to somebody responsible in your community and say: ‘Hey, this happened to me, what should I do?'”

Survivors of sexual assaults need to be emotionally prepared for the investigation and the vetting, she said. “They need to be ready to answer to that.”

Broaddrick is going to be sharing her lessons learned and the struggles of her journey–particularly with the Clinton’s– in her new book that she expects to have completed before the end of the year.

“I love my book’s title: You’d Better Put Some Ice on That.”


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Trump Catches Two Republican Conspirators In The Senate On Set-Up Russia Trip



WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has caught two Republican senators who were baited into exposing their anti-Trump pro-Deep State sympathies on a trip to Moscow, Russia on the Fourth of July.

Trump handpicked seven untested Republican lawmakers including six senators for a trip to Moscow with pro-Trump members of the intelligence and military community. The trip was modeled after similar trips to Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and Antarctica that Republican caucus members and governors attend to test their Deep State potential.

Why Russia? It has become completely clear to all national security insiders that Democrats including Obama and Hillary Clinton have actually been colluding with Russia — as evidenced by the Uranium One sale of 20 percent of uranium to the Russians, by the Obama Democrats’ crusade to hand control of Port Canaveral and the Port of Wilmington over to a Middle East company that exports Vladimir Putin’s missile launchers, and also by the fact that the Russians completely hacked all of the personal identifying information (facial recognition and fingerprints) that Obama and James Comey secretly compiled from all American citizens in 14 different states.

The “Russia” collusion case against Trump was a psy-op to deflect attention away from the Democrats, and to use the mainstream media to cover it up just long enough for Robert Mueller to get whatever he needed to go after Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort.

So of course the Deep State would meet with potential anti-Trump recruits in Russia.

But this time, President Trump was putting together his own personal episode of “Undercover Boss.” Read the bombshell report by Tore Lindeman that had pro-Trumpers in the State Department clogging up the phone lines!

A high-level national security source tells Big League Politics that President Donald Trump picked seven Republican lawmakers to travel to Moscow over their Fourth of July recess to attend top secret meetings. Why? Because Trump is testing to see if they are Deep State “sleeper” agents to resist Trump. The Deep State routinely takes Republican senators on these kinds of trips to indoctrinate them into the globalist intelligence community. But on this trip to Moscow they were walking right into a trap set up by President Trump.

The meeting included Republican Sens. John Thune, Richard Shelby, Steve Daines, John Kennedy, John Hoeven, and Jerry Moran, and the congresswoman Kay Granger.

Two of the senators FAILED the test, according to Trump’s inner circle: Senators Hoeven and Thune.

“The President at this moment must surround himself with people that he can TRUST because these individuals are only a handful of sleepers” the source said.

The meeting mirrors similar meetings that Republican senators, congressmen, and governors routinely have overseas in Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Antarctica, where their conversations can be held completely off the record.

Let’s go back to 2006 when, under Bush, something incredible happened. Big League Politics’ source was actually in Kabul when this event transpired.

Why would the Governors of North Dakota, South Carolina and Alaska be invited for a visit to Afghanistan during heated war times? BLP will tell you exactly what’s going on because our source was present during their visit. Before we get into the nitty gritty details of what, why and where they went – it is important we take a look at the people who went on this initial trip and where they are now and what is happening.

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford: Now the anti-Trump Congressman of South Carolina who was recently defeated in the Republican primary by Katie Arrington, who was then almost killed by an oncoming car allegedly going the wrong way in highway traffic.

Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski: IMMEDIATELY after his trip he hung up his hat when it came to politics (his defeat to Sarah Palin was the excuse he used to refuse an Ambassadorship)

North Dakota Governor John Hoeven: Now Senator from North Dakota

As we can see from the cable transmission from 2006, three Governors along with Dan Wilmot (who’s a well known Security operative who is now working very close to the Trump White House and is seen as a double agent), Major Patrick Lewis (an intelligence officer), and Lt. Col Roger Carstens (a foreign policy expert) went to Afghanistan. All of these persons were accompanied by Anthony Welcher who sourced them for this inaugural trip. What do all of these men have in common? Where are they today that makes it significant to revisit their activities from over a decade ago?
Rolling out a plan such as eradicating borders and unifying lands and continents doesn’t happen overnight. It’s meticulous. We saw right before the historic election of 2016 that former President Obama held a conference with the Prime Minister of Canada and President of Mexico proclaiming the rollout of the North American Union, something he publicly made known and hinted at in 2014 too. One currency, no borders, which means the elimination of the United States of America. If Hillary Clinton was President we would no longer be the USA we would be the NAU. This plan has been in place since the early 1930s.

No one can really see why Governors should go into active war zones. BLPs Source says it wasn’t about introducing them to foreign policy.

“What people don’t seem to grasp is that Afghanistan is an incognito spot and it provides access to two locations we always access from there because operation in the area are highly classified and there are no eyes here” our source said.

The other individuals are all intelligence operatives.

“The Major and Lt. Col. were the spooks of spooks. Invisible especially Dan Wilmot. They are doubles and President Trump hopefully is already aware of this” the source said.
“What is the significance of this inaugural trip and many consecutive ones ?” we asked.
“They arrive to Afghanistan but it’s where they go to after they make appearances that matters. Kazakhstan. Our Air Force chopper pilots are few that can travel there during daylight they usually travel there when the sun is down to collect dignitaries and officers. Kazakhstan specifically Astana is where they all go to have elaborate discussions as well as India,” said the source.
The source provided BLP some insight to Kazakhstan and it is important to mention that all Senators and House members have traveled there but those trips go unreported yet if they are asked about it confirm their travel. Why is Kazakhstan important?
“Trips to Kazakhstan ensure their promotions. Governors, military, civilians that come here as “guests” go on to senate, house and or other prime positions” said the source. “High Level intel officials from all global leaders travel there at first instance. Those that go on to very high level embedded positions are then taken to Antarctica, but first insurances must be in place.”
“President Trump needs to find those that visited Astana under the umbrella of OSCE that Clinton negotiated back in 2010. Those that visited Astana during that time and before have been groomed and are embedded to be sleepers. I am pretty sure President Trump already knows this and the most recent trip where seven senators and one House member accompanied him to Moscow was a test and those that were targets of this test failed it miserably. Specifically Sen. John Hoeven of ND and John Thune of SD” said our source.
The OSCE Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is a EURO CENTRIC version of the UN which seems odd considering Kazakhstan is not in Europe. Why is the US dictating policy for Europe that is being discussed and approved by Kazakhstan?
Senator John Hoeven was interviewed by two news outlets and he let it slip that he had tight relations with Obama appointed US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman who was previously Ambassador to China under Obama. Huntsman was considering running against Obama for President but was “convinced” by the Obama Administration to reconsider as his position in China was important.
Sen. Hoeven when interviewed waffled and obviously from his responses looked incompetent to actually formulate any intelligible response indicating he had foreign policy experience. He just kept saying “We told the Russians we know you meddled with the elections and that is a problem.”
It’s important to note that most of these Senators that accompanied Bolton were fish out of water and were simply there for “decorative” purposes. I guess its important we all take a look at our Senators and House candidates on ballots and see which of them have frequent ODD trips to places no one talks about, especially Pakistan.

To be continued…

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