EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Zhu, Stripped of Miss Michigan Crown, Explains Her New Role on National Women for Trump Team

Kathy Zhu, the Asian-American Trump supporter who was blacklisted by Miss World America for her outspoken conservative beliefs, has joined the Women for Trump team as a national advisory board member.

She told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview today that she looks forward to being a grassroots liaison of sorts so that President Trump understands exactly what the American people are concerned about.

“I will be getting information from what the populous is focusing on and giving it up the chain of command, and just telling President Trump what exactly are the important issues for the American people,” Zhu said.

She received a standing ovation at the Michigan Trump Republicans ladies’ luncheon today where she gave a brief speech to a packed house regarding the discrimination that she has faced after being unceremoniously stripped of her crown as Miss Michigan.

Zhu told the audience about her experience refusing to wear a Hijab and the hate she faced as a freshman at the University of Central Florida as a result. She was targeted by a digital lynch mob that tried to get her expelled from school. Instead of backing down, this experience hardened Zhu’s resolve in an Orwellian era when having conservative beliefs on campus makes you a target.

She also talked about how she made a pro-law enforcement post in response to Black Lives Matter, citing FBI statistics about crime in African-American community, and this comment was construed as racist by the pageant’s thought police which ultimately led to the removal of her crown. Zhu would not accept her crown back if it were offered to her, as she elaborated to Big League Politics.

“I think that the crown, for me, was a bucket list check off,” Zhu said. “It wasn’t something that would define my life. This experience really inspired me to speak louder about my opinions, and I think to take the crown back would mean I would have to back down again and be censored so I would never take it back.”

Zhu believes her story is very important because it is far from an isolated incident. Conservatives are getting regularly censored on social media and discriminated against in public life. Zhu sees her story as emblematic of a national problem.

“The left really has this agenda they want to push out,” she said about her recent CNN appearance in which fake news anchors tried to twist her words to make her sound racist. “They want a story out of nothing,” she added.

She talked about the incredible support system that has emerged behind her in Michigan as well as the rest of the country. Zhu was initially embarrassed because of the negative publicity, but has built a national following of conservatives who see her as a hero for standing strong against the media pressure.

“I couldn’t be happier. This has been way more positive than negative,” Zhu said of the entire experience.

The luncheon event, which took place at the Heathers Club in Bloomfield Twp, MI, is one of dozens of such events that have been held throughout Michigan since Trump was elected. The event was a confirmed sell-out with overflow attendance, as the momentum builds in the key battleground state heading into 2020.

“Strong women are the foundation of our families and our nation. Our President knows this and has placed more women in his administration than previous presidents. This is the reason women love Trump,” said state legislator Matt Maddock, whose wife Meshawn serves on the national advisory board for Women for Trump and helped organize the event.

The Women for Trump group was launched nationally by Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law, on July 16. Events will likely be coming to all 50 states heading into next year’s crucial re-election campaign.

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