EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Screenshots Reveal BuzzFeed Director Wishing for Trump Assassination

BuzzFeed, the outlet behind the infamous and absurd “Golden Showers” dossier, has more than a bit of disdain for President Donald Trump — as proven through these leaked conversations from their private workplace chat.

In screenshots exclusively provided to Big League Politics by former BuzzFeed employee Tim “Treadstone” Gionet, better known as Baked Alaska, the website’s Director of Social Media Maycie Thornton wishes for Trump’s assassination as co-workers laughed and cheered her on.

“Maybe someone will assassinate him,” said Thornton.

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“This was not the first time BuzzFeed employees talked openly about wishing President Trump would get assassinated, they hated conservatives so much they even held an office party when Justice Scalia died. It was a toxic environment and you were declared a heretic if you were a Trump supporter, bottom line,” Treadstone told Big League.

Treadstone has been outspoken as his treatment as a BuzzFeed employee after coming out publicly in support of Trump during the election season. His allegations of being treated differently at work for being conservative were confirmed by multiple BuzzFeed employees in a profile by Oliver Darcy for Business Insider.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson on Wednesday evening, Ben Smith Editor-in-Chief of BuzzFeed News, claimed that conservatives did not face discrimination at the outlet.

Smith claimed that Treadstone’s story about unfair treatment were lies when he was confronted about it by Carlson.


Carlson read from Darcy’s piece, “‘I’ll never forget this story,’ Gionet said, recalling to Business Insider the “aha moment” that drove him toward Trump. ‘I was talking about the new Justin Bieber album. And I was like, ‘Dude, that new Justin Bieber album is dope. I have to admit, I love Justin Bieber. He is totally my spirit animal.’ And someone came up to me and was like, ‘Hey bro, you can’t say spirit animal, that’s culturally appropriating Native American culture and that’s not cool.’”

Treadstone claims that after his switch to Trump, his treatment at the outlet took a turn for the worst — and the hostility ultimately lead to his resignation.

“I don’t think it happened, I was not there,” Smith said. “He was not somebody who I think was persecuted for his conservative beliefs.”

Smith has previously been referred to as a “total mess” by President Trump.

Buzzfeed initially declined to comment for this report.

Will CEO Jonah Peretti condemn his employees calling for the assassination of President Trump?

UPDATE: Shortly after this report was published, all three BuzzFeed employees implicated in the leak set their Twitter accounts to private.

UPDATE: Buzzfeed spokesman Matt Mittenhal eventually replied to Big League Politics, stating, “While the remark in question is regrettable, it was made in private by someone who is not a reporter nor even an employee of BuzzFeed News. Attempting to turn a throwaway comment from an entertainment employee into evidence of bias at an affiliated news division is ludicrous.”


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  1. The liberal champions of diversity apparently don’t tolerate diversity of opinions or political beliefs.

  2. BuzzSh1t is nothing more than a, jewish, cultural marxist, pile of filth. We need to purge these judenschwein from our society. A healthy society doesn’t include jews. They’ve been kicked out of countries 109 times, and for good reason. I spit them.

  3. how do you know it’s not? It gets used on media outlets, it stands for communist propaganda outlets, so go fuck your sefl, bitch

  4. Did you really say this about Jews? What about Germans? Might as well hate them. What about Muslims? You just hate to hate someone. You’re a real POS! Go play with yourself stay off Social Media it’s for grownups. MySpace is calling you back.

  5. Global Threat You are wrapping all Jews into a convenient label, which doesn’t fit. Go learn more before you try to post again. You are embarrassing yourself.

  6. I haven’t seen one media outlet use the term “alt-left”, where did you get that from?

  7. It’s now being used to describe Fake News Outlets. WTF are you to tell us how to describe your BS!

  8. So a “media outlet” has to use a term for it to be “a thing”? Look who isn’t red-pilled.

  9. Still hoping Buzzfeed Ben and the rest get frog-marched off to the federal pen courtesy of Trump & Sessions.

  10. i think he means there is no alt left because all of the left thinks the same they don’t have people that think differently. other wise they are put in a gulag until they think like everyone else

  11. The entire left ideology. It’s Communism. One can try to argue, “the left doesn’t support Communism, they support Globalism and Socialism,” and while it’s true they support socialism and globalism, they also try to rig elections, and successfully rigged their own Primary. They made it virtually impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination. And what is Communism if not Socialism where the people can’t actually elect their own leader? I mean, one could play a game of technicality and semantics with the details, but for all practical purposes it’s the same.

  12. I always thought Buzzfeed was a parody site for stoners so I never paid any attention to it.

  13. If there is an alt-right logic would dictate there is an alt-left. But, I mean, I know how much the left despises logic so I am not surprised that this makes no sense to them…

  14. Buzzfeed and Antifa should both (obviously) be declared terrorist organizations, right along with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    These are all birds of a feather, lying together, flocking together, etcetera, etcetera…

  15. Alt-right describes the division in the Republican Party – the left is united in their contempt for our scumbag President.

  16. Shut the fuck up, Kathy. It’s been proven that the majority of fake news during the election came from the right. You’re probably just sour that you and your imbecile Deplorable friends fell for a scam by Macedonian teenagers.

    If you think Trump is the truth then you probably have brain damage.

  17. More made up bullshit from sucker Deplorables – my god, you people are just fucking deranged.

  18. Right – BuzzFeed should show some class and chant “lock her up” about HRC or say a judge can’t do his job correctly because he is of Mexican heritage. Any Trump supporter trying to claim the moral high-ground is comical – you fucking morons have made this country a punchline by electing a racist, pervert scoundrel to sit in the Oval Office.

  19. […] “This was not the first time BuzzFeed employees talked openly about wishing President Trump would get assassinated, they hated conservatives so much they even held an office party when Justice Scalia died. It was a toxic environment and you were declared a heretic if you were a Trump supporter, bottom line,” Gionet told Big League Politics. […]

  20. Sadly, A lot. And the bigoted left aren’t willing to think about what they’re doing.

  21. Or, conservative was ostracized at the office by the liberal asshole clique. THAT’S probably a whole lot more likely………

  22. I feel sure the FBI would have them under investigation but hard to tell with Comey in charge. Who, by the way, needs to be fired and replaced by Sheriff David Clarke..a true patriot and defender of the law.

  23. I’m not sure they can think that logically. They’re so brainwashed they can only repeat the script their given until they can repeat it without even looking…

  24. You know you have problems when you’re using arguments from the 1950’s to critique Buzzfeed.

  25. Let me guess what comes next – “triggered?” “snowflake?” “Get over it he won?” Damn, you Deplorables are so fucking stupid and predictable it is physically painful.

    Have fun with the most unpopular President of the modern era who is an international embarrassment and lies to the American people daily. First 100 days were a complete shit-show because him and his circus of morons are so busy ripping the government apart they never learned how it actually works. Wow, he got a supreme court justice in after Republicans stalled for a year, what a great communicator.

  26. What’s hilariously disgusting, is that this is the height of intellectual conversation in leftist culture.

  27. […] “This was not the first time BuzzFeed employees talked openly about wishing President Trump would get assassinated, they hated conservatives so much they even held an office party when Justice Scalia died. It was a toxic environment and you were declared a heretic if you were a Trump supporter, bottom line,” Treadstone told Big League. […]

  28. Honestly he should sue for workplace discrimination since obviously Buzzfeed hasn’t learned a lesson here, other than to be more careful in their bigotry.


  30. Reading this you can’t tell me liberalism is not a mental disorder. These folks are nuts!

  31. They should be arrested for threat against the president. There is a law if you threaten the President of the US you can be arrested. They did it in the Obama administration.

  32. How hilarious that they pretend there is no bias at Buzzfeed. Can liberals do ANYTHING but lie?

  33. You being cool with the President being a complete fucking pervert scumbag says a lot more about you then me.

  34. Dear Clitoris Sabien

    You’re a rare moron, even for a site like this.

    I predict you will be killed by a black cross-dresser you picked up off the street to play panty games with.

  35. Haha, totally. “Fake news” “Paid Troll” “Soros did it” – let me know when you stop buying this conspiratorial bullshit, come back to reality and realize the vast majority of the country think you Deplorables are fucking repulsive.

  36. Not sure if troll or bigot. Either way, not all jews are created equal. Some – Israelis in particular – are self-interested but mostly harmless. Most liberal jews, however, march in lockstep with actual Nazis and many of them in higher-up position worship Old Testament demons and other dark gods. I mean, come on: Soros literally worked alongside the SS to help exterminate jews, the Rothschilds built the railways and infrastructure for the concentration camps, and the Rockefellers were also involved with funding the Nazi genocide machine.

    Really, most anti-jewish genocide comes from other jews, who’re trying to exterminate followers of the Torah so they can install Moloch or Baphomet or whatever else as the new god of the jews.

  37. So it’s probably fair game for Trump to joke about a predator drone firing a hellfire missile into Buzzfeed HQ right? Actually what if an urban warfare training exercise went terribly wrong near buzzfeed HQ…probably wouldn’t be that terrible.

  38. Where is the Secret Service on this? If we posted something like this they would be at our door.

  39. Have you ever considered using that little left-turd brain of yours for some other purpose than just to hold your ears apart?

    I am a white, straight, pro-life, Christian, Republican male who has
    a job, owns a gun, and pays taxes. So what else can I say today to
    piss you snowflake libs off?

  40. Go back to mommies basement d o u c h e. I suggest you stop drinking the bong water, it has made you null and void.

  41. He lost the popular vote by the largest margin in electoral history. Try again, jerkoff.

  42. There is no such thing as the “alt left”
    there are NO subsets of anti-white anti-American communistic facism that ALL leftists belive.
    The alt right is real, and it is made up of people who either escaped liberalism, are true independent thinkers, woke up to reality, woke up to the pervasive evil of the dem left ect.

  43. There’s also numerous laws against advocating for violence in a group, for plotting to overthrow the US government, and a host of other crimes that liberals get away with every single day. At least now these repeated incidents are showing up on the Justice Department’s radar.

  44. Get off the computer, Grandpa and take your meme back to whatever chain-letter you got it from.

  45. May be we should start publishing the names and addresses of these creeps; where they go to lunch; where they vacation; post their pictures; let every freak in America know who, what, and where they are! Turnaround seems like fair play to me!

  46. These people sound like inept idiots. Now I know why Buzzfeed is the choice of the low information idiots.

  47. “I am a white, straight, pro-life, Christian, Republican male who has
    a job, owns a gun, and pays taxes.”

    You didn’t need to explain that, we already knew it – why am I not surprised you didn’t include “college educated.”

  48. The only moron on this thread is you. Shouldn’t you be saving a cat or something. Take a hike loser.

  49. freedom of speech

    and it is open hunting season on liberals
    no limit!!!

    I am just kidding, right?

  50. Good point, there is not “alternative left”; all of you on the left are, by default and definition, psychotic.

  51. Why doesn’t someone take them to task and beat the living crap out of them? Will that be enough to drill some common decency into these liberal pigs?

  52. Naturally no one will get fired. This is just another contemptible liberal site where anything can be said about Conservatives but God forbid one says anything about a liberal. Some day someone is going to sue this site’s owner for everything he owns when they go too far.

  53. Nick Guillory makes the comment “but it is super scary that America would elect Trump”

    was he not here to see the SUPER SCARY 8 years of American stupidity with Obama ?

  54. it is just like
    all liberals are liars and scum of the earth

    like: all liberals are bottom feeding buttholelickers (my fav)

  55. Brain damage is believing that a corrupt, lying socialist criminal would have been a good POTUS because she’s a woman. Or for that matter, that any of the socialist policies advanced by your hero Barry Soetoro are anything but anti-American. Rumor has it you can now travel to Cuba with no problem. When are you leaving?

  56. When is the last time you got out of your momma’s basement and into the fresh air. And lay off of those funny smokes.

  57. Frankly, Trump supporters don’t give a crappie what fruit loop left wingers like you think. And you have fun with your antifa rioters, running around in black masks.

  58. Alt left is you tough guy. Let me explain alt left loser. Its idiots like you who really have no comprehension of reality. You get your news from places like CNN or MSNBC. You might even dress up like a pussy and join the women’s march. By the way, no need in dressing up like a pussy, just go as yourself. That will suffice. That’s the alt left fucktard.

  59. “Real American”

    All we know for a fact is you voted for Putins preferred candidate. Nice work, comrade.

  60. Chris- your derangement is showing… Hillary lost- she took foreign money, got Americans killed, used non secure server for Classified e-mails and is just a worthless bitch.

  61. The journalistic community in America is so corrupt. Most large media outlets are owned by foreigners. Do you think they have the best interest of the average American at heart? I am so tired of the “media” driving our society. I am so tired of the “media” determining what is news and what isn’t news. I am so tired of the “media” being allowed to promote the left agenda by under reporting news about the left and spinning news on the right in a constant loop. The “media” is NO LONGER WORTHY of being classified as the 4th Estate. It is time for Americans to go after the people truly responsible for the corruption. It is time to get out pitchforks and fire brands and riot the corporate headquarters of these so called “NEWS” (more like propaganda) outlets.

  62. Baloney. The media is owned by the left, lock stock and barrel. Interesting, though, that FOX consistently captures the highest viewership and Limbaugh has one of the highest listener bases and has for decades.
    You lost. Get over it!

  63. What about your scumbag candidate and your scumbag British-Kenyan-American fake? Human debris, you ignoramus.

  64. And you being “cool” with an evil cvnt like hitlery clinton and commie moochers says a lot about you.

  65. Trump kicked her behind to the curb
    save the USA slay a liberal today

  66. I’m sorry but I can not in good conscience argue with someone on the internet who is clearly over 70 – it just feels wrong.

  67. You throw out vile profanity in your posts and you mock others for not “elevating the discussion”? You sir epitomize the root problem of everyone on the Left. Godless and in rebellion to God. That’s your real problem, and in your current state you are facing much bigger problems in eternity than Trump, Republicans, and elections.

  68. It would be just swell if you could call me deranged to my face. It would be the last time you ever did that to anybody you punk.

  69. Haha, it just a coincidence you hate the first black President – totally nothing to do with racism!

  70. And how is this any different from conservatives joking about Obama’s assassination? It’s not people. It’s not even news.

  71. Christy is one of those losers who fantasize about violent confrontation, but is too much of a pussy to every really do anything about it until he gets behind a keyboard. Then he’s a real bad ass. Hahaha

  72. Those sort of mistakes unfortunately happen. It is why the term ‘collateral damage’ was developed.

  73. Haha, exactly what a paid troll would say! Where do the checks come from now that President Zero is out on his ass? He would have been out in 2012 if not for voter fraud and allegiance of illegal immigrants. I just can’t understand why someone would betray their country for a couple hundred bucks a week…..

  74. Keep making up terms because alt-right has been exposed as the racist, scumbag losers we always knew they were.

  75. I watched the Editor-in-Chief on Tucker last night. SURPRISE, the lied through the entire interview claiming that Buzz Feed was “ideologically diverse” and could cover Trump FAIRLY. These MSM/LSM guys look right into the camera and LIE nd LIE and LIE.

  76. keep fantasizing about your commie leader
    you have your head so far up putins ass you help him chew his food

    what a dmbfcker

    obviously this fool doesnt spend his welfare money on education

  77. Everyday, more and more I am beginning to hate the left with an incredible passion!!!!!!!

  78. Cassandra Fairbanks spare US, where was your affront when Obama was subject to this drivel everyday …

  79. Your idiotic post tells me all I want to know about you. Idiot loser. No time for your BS.

  80. Yeah, using the ‘alt’ implies it isn’t the majority of you. The Neo-left is more appropriate.

  81. They’d do it for free if they weren’t so lazy. The money just gets them off the couch. Traitors, every one.

  82. The FBI should take interest in this story and EVERY employee that took part….tick tick tick. Who advertises on Buzzfeed?

  83. You’re the idiot if you do not think that an alt left doesn’t exist. Consider the political spectrum is shaped like a bell curve and that at either end of said curve resides the extreme ends. Most Americans reside in the middle of the spectrum with some leaning left and others leaning right. Alt left, in terms of political science, are those who seek to capitalize on the loss of Queen Clinton and move the socialist liberals further down the line to Communist. Is it any coincidence that ALL of the Communist countries of the world had revolutions that were facilitated by its socialist party in power? There is an alt left and those who see Clinton and Sanders as not being radical enough qualify within this paradigm. Sanders’ campaign was never designed to win and Clinton’s loss moved a lot of the liberal voting base towards the realm of the Communistic platform. If you don’t believe me, a simple Google search of the official platforms for the Democrats, Socialist Party USA, and Communist Party USA illustrate that their platforms are eerily similar and only a small bit different. Apparently, you are either oblivious to its existence or a PART of it.

  84. What quality POS these people are. I can’t wait for the revolution so we can rid this garbage,

  85. Buzz Feed is totally unbiased, don’t believe me? Well just ask Ben Smith, Bam! Now don’t you feel foolish..

  86. I mean it’s not surprising that no one seems to care about the truth around here, but reading through this thread it seems incredibly clear that it was written prior to the election.

    does that matter at all in terms of this being fake or real news since trump WAS NOT actually the president at this point? i’m not saying “hey assassinate the president” is ever a good thing to write (and was not a fan of 8 years of seeing idiots burn effigy’s of Obama” but you guys are clearly posting a slack thread that happened -BEFORE- the election and acting like it happened yesterday, which is kind of the epitome of fake news. why not give us the actual dates this was written or are you afraid it will damage your attempt at going for buzzfeed scalps.

  87. NO ONE asked ask for the killing or joked about KILLING Obama

    we spoke the TRUTH about him…Obama is an LEFTIST ideologue..who believes in wealth redistribution by government

    no one wanted him dead

  88. You losers were cool with a rapist in the White House and wanted to put his wife in next.

  89. Shut up you whiney, little bitch. You’ve never hit anyone in your life. Stop drinking Mountain Dew and watching MMA clips, it’s a little early.

  90. Lol!!!! “Please provide verifiable facts of this.” Since when has BuzzFeed and the trump administration cared about getting the facts correct???????

  91. I’m pushing 60 and I’ll kick your ass up one side of the room and down the other.

  92. Conservatives should start doing the same with leftists. They have to protest leftists, expose left hypocrisy. Say same things about democratic leaders.What is stopping right wing people? Don’t you have spine? The internet should be bombarded with Anti leftist army.

  93. Let’s just imagine, anyone saying this about odumo, the media would ruin your life. Anyone mentioning assassination about my president should be immediately investigated by the FBI, so where the fuck are you comey? Maybe we should assassinate the BuzzFeed Board of Directors, I think that would be fair

  94. Even if that was true, which it isn’t, how would that defend Trump? You basically just cosigned he is a pervert scumbag – sad!

  95. Correct. He was an anti-american, muslim favoring, socialist; plenty to dislike him for. He was half white BTW.

  96. IF this was Barry the MSM would get the FBI to arrest them all.

    Gawd these people are despicable.

  97. And muck around in the muck with these muck loving mucksters? No thanks…they can live and die by the muck….

  98. If you buy Trumps bullshit then you are simply beyond help. Can’t you see they’re laughing at you because you eat this shit up?

  99. I just don’t understand. Based on their principals,these people,obviously, have the right to trash the President, openly harass people who do not agree with their stance and refuse to even hire people from the ‘other camp.’ So why can’t a baker, based on his principals, decide whether or not to bake a cake?

  100. I am a conservative and I agree 100%. It’s time we started fighting fire with fire. I am sick and tired of this sh!t!!!!!!! Maybe Marcie should be assassinated, maybe the buzzfeed headquarters needs a Charlie hebdo visit?!?!?!

  101. When are conservatives going to wake up? They wouldn’t even let conservative hosts talk in UC Berkeley? Are we living in the US or an Islamic nation?

  102. exactly
    asked he be impeached and/or arrested for his several lies and crimes but not assassinated

  103. where is the SS are they checking these people out, if we make comments like this about Obuma they be at the door

  104. It’s a movie reference you dense fuck – do they have google at whatever public library computer you’re sitting at?

  105. ANYONE calling for the ASSASSINATION of a sitting President should face HARSH consequences!! NO JOKE!!!

  106. Wouldn’t it be great if all the people at BF were killed? Oh wait…that’s inappropriate you say? But it’s obviously ok to say these type of things since they did.

  107. These ignorant tools ARE the real fascist!! Nazis were socialist!!! Nazi means National Socialist….. They wanted a one world government just like today’s socialist and neo-cons….. Who do citizens vote for at the UN, EU and IMF? Globalism IS fascism as unelected bankers, billionaires and technocrats plan our economic demise for their own economic gain. The free-democratic Western World is toast if controlling borders is considered to be xenophobic…. America is being fleeced by neo-con and left wing politicians who take money from multi-national corporations and NGOs who use open borders and free trade to lower wages here in the USA and to send US jobs to slave wage countries abroad…

    Globalism is about the financial elites moving jobs and wealth from democracies to slave wage dictatorships via NAFTA and TPP. The financial elites and dictators grow more powerful and the democracies become weaker. This is our World in 2017 and what Trump and his supporters are wanting to reverse! And what the Buzzfeed fascist bootlickers are for….

  108. I find it funny that Canadians really think we care what their opinions are. Heck, they can’t even make up their minds of what language to use, French or English.

    Now the alt left, socialist, or Communist seem to have an opinion on everything. As much as I hated Obama, the community organizer who never held a real job and was never in the military, I would never wish him harm. The Snowflakes are not my type of person to even associate with as hate and alt left policies are their main topic of conversation. Buzzfeed is not my choice of news and none of my friends read it, no matter what their political stand is.

  109. “i can’t even watch MSM, Colbert is such a sack of crap i wouldn’t doubt if some patriot takes him out , !!!!!” – jimmy matho
    “please!!!….pretty please!!!
    , make it an early Xmas present oh Lord,….but please let her Die!!!!.” – Jimmy Matho

    “then uck off!!!
    , go eat another hairy banana ….or tongue your boyfriends dirty star.
    POS fletcher.” – jimmy Matho

    And that’s in the last day.

  110. Maybe because you subscribe to the MSM, its talking points, its bias, its hatred for Trump and think that you’re smarter than everyone else is? If you have anything intellectual to pose a counter to my perspective I am willing to listen, but if you refer to some obscure left leaning think tank like PolitiFact to back up your arguments; then we all know where your allegiance lies.

    However, I do find it perplexing that you’d pick out the bell curve to call out RATHER than my comments about socialism and the movement of the liberal base further down the scope. Besides, the bell curve perpetuates the law of averages which is irrefutable.

  111. All of these former Politico tools have gone on to be quite the successful communist cheerleaders.

  112. I wonder if they’d be as open/liberal regarding advocacy for killing their parents, children, spouses/significant others?

    Ain’t that a hoot?

  113. For anyone to even joke about assassination of any person is deplorable and vulgar and despicable. If someone had done this to Obama you want to talk about the screaming, ranting and raving and racism and god knows what else would be spinning out there? Remember something you absolute idiots who speak this kind of rhetoric— you think for one minute people like you are who we want in office because when you don’t get your way, this is how you act? Also, what has this president or this man done to any of you for you to act in such a vile manner? If even we didn’t vote for him, how is it you can treat this one human being in this fashion! He’s done NOTHING to you except to try and build a better stronger country. Now let’s list the OBAMA failures from dividing this country, 20 Trillion in Debt, he was a racist and a Muslim – could have cared less about the American people, took our money and wasted taxpayers money on golf and vacations ($87 million)- let’s figure out how that money could have helped Chicago police efforts or our veterans, foreign policy of nothing that has put us in the position we are in today globally, and god knows what else between him and the Clintons over the years. You need to account for the EVIL people you elected and start with Billy Boy Clinton and Hillary and they both belong in jail for what they’ve done! And now that ex community poster boy Obama gets to collect $400K for speeches from the very people he badmouthed? And that means HE IS STILL TAKING YOUR MONEY under FALSE PRETENSES1
    How many dead bodies did the Clinton’s leave behind to take care of the problems they were not going to deal with in public??? If you think that your behavior and all of the Libs/Dems/Snowflake behavior is going to endear you to us to vote Democrat in the next election, yoiu’d better think again. The American people have had enough of this trashing people. You’d be a lot more productive if you actually did something instead of this kind of garbage. Instead of showing your lack of intelligence why not start doing your homework and maybe help this country become a better place to live instead of threatening the lives of people who have done nothing to you at all.
    You make us all sick some times to be living in the same country. Don’t forget, YOU CAN ALWAYS GO SOMEWHERE ELSE and maybe you should because we DO NOT WANT YOUR KIND HERE!

  114. Typical. Had anyone openly said this about Obama, BuzzFeed would have been up in arms and leading protests/riots!

  115. Had someone talked bout Obama like this on social media you know the Secret Service & US Marshals would have the person’s whole block surrounded. I’m getting so tired of folks even jokingly threatening my Commander In Chiefs life, but hopefully those who make threats will pay our their ass’s when caught,the spinless big mouths would never say such a thing in public or in front of Trump supporters.

  116. the dnc is the club of liars, criminals, perverts, thieves and LOSERS!!!


    The same assassination teams that attacked the Bunday Ranchers and murdered Judge Scalia are prepared for the WORD TO BE GIVEN.

    Comey is raady to fix what Congress does not have the GUTs to fix.

    Comey will pull off a JFK.

  118. How immature does conversation get? These “children” are going to be in for a shock once and “if” they ever grow up. I remember being a semi-radical in the sixties in my teens. I can only laugh about it now. But at least “WE” weren’t nearly as naïve as these parasites today.

  119. I seriously just want some “journalist” involved in this story to admit or acknowledge that this leaked thread (which was supplied by baked alaska who left sometime before or in June of ’16) happened before the election. y’all are ignoring it but it’s as clear as day. but go cry moar about the big mainstream media fake news while literally being just as bad yourselves.

  120. “Let their children bleed in the street to die when they shoot each other… let their babies burn in the fires because mommy and daddy dropped the crack pipe. That will teach them a lesson” ~ C Zabora.

    Hold that moral high ground real tight there buddy.

  121. imagine if Sean Hannity or Glen Beck or Rush would have asked for the assassination of Obama back in 2009

  122. when we have voter id laws in 50 states then we will know how many folks voted for who
    wont we?

  123. Liberals are mindless hateful people that are so immature that they will never be in an adult setting gaining any form of respect for opinions.

  124. You mean “than me” because then usually is used to talk about a time. Are you college educated? Probably. They don’t teach much, except liberal views.

  125. Absolutely true. Their root problem is hatred of God and all things pure. It’s a way they justify their vile lives. Eternity in hell is not worth the lousy lustful satisfactions of the present. I truly hope he finds personal forgiveness and salvation.

  126. i’m not saying it makes it any less tactless or gross, but he wasn’t even president-elect when this conversation happened.

  127. Sabian –you ignorant son of a bitch. You have a load of comments on here and not 1 original or intelligent idea. You’re on the wrong side of every issue you comment on and when cornered all you can do is throw out insults. More than likely you’re a liberal arts major–which means nothing–you love Starbucks–because they’re like a glow light to liberal gnats–you believe Hollywood actually has something to offer–you think it was a mistake to enter WW2–you think standing for the Pledge of Allegiance is optional–. You think all the terrorists need is a hug. JFK would be ashamed of you. Now go huff some more spray paint

  128. No tinfoil needed. The trolls are losing. Too late. Once you’re Red-Pilled you don’t go back.

    I want you all to keep on pouring your resources into a losing cause. Have at it…troll away. YOU LOST:

  129. That’s not true at all. Where are you getting your stupidity from, a Cracker Jack Box? Look back on the REAL facts and you’ll find much wider margins and all were not concentrated on the snowflake state of Cauliflower!

  130. Let’s face it, laws don’t apply to libs and now that they can’t continuously tell gay jokes, this is all they have left

  131. we wanted him to SUCCEED..but we also knew that he would NEVER be successful as President as long as he retained his Progressive and liberal ideology of redistribution and collectivism

  132. These people (brats) are pushing the FREEDOM of SPEECH right as far as it should be pushed. If they only knew how close USA was to the edge of destruction
    they would have a total change of heart! President Trump has done more GOOD for USA in 3 months that BUSH/OBAMA did in 16 years. SILLY mini-minds that believe all the trash that is printed against this PRESIDENT by ghoul worshipers who lost their ‘key to the treasury’ when HRC lost…are being ridiculous now.

  133. Obama has given illegals jobs, Muslims a pass at every corner and raised gays on a pedestal. What has he done for the BLACK community. When has anyone seen Obama go into ANY inner city with funds to clean it up and provide jobs? ANSWER: Not once. Instead we’ve seen him playing golf over one hundred times in eight years playing with rich Banksters and Wallstreet crooks
    Black caucus, hmmm… what have “they” done for the black community other than sip champagne in their high rolling jobs in D.C.? Many of you brothers and sisters are waking up to the abuse you’ve endured under the NAZI Democratic machine that has taken advantage of your dedication. The very party that rose up from the KKK and Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood with the intention of eliminating black babies and their race. Later, to be promoted by the very people you’ve dedicated yourselves to, the NAZI DemocRAT Party!. . What has any of the above done for the BLACK community? Wake up black brothers and sisters; Wake up!!!!

  134. Their tweets make them sound mentally retarded. What’s the going rate for a useful idiot with the word craft skills of a 7 year old? Buzzkill is probably overpaying these melon heads.

  135. look that dude is trying to make a joke the way these idiots are trying to make a story about a conversation that happened -before the election-. sadly everyone reading the thread is too illiterate to realize that half the comments in said thread are people pondering “what if trump gets elected” and instead are convinced buzzfeed is calling for his assassination. everyone is dumb and this is really sad.

  136. You B’s you finally have a REAL man president and you don’t appreciate it!
    IF you had HER you would be swimming in invaders (no longer illegals) and govt money will be spent on useless welfare giveaways that YOU will be paying for ….forever.
    You just listen to media hate/hype and think there is something that Trump has done wrong!!
    Just sit down and meditate (think) on what you think you really want instead of empty rants.
    The hopeless alternative is open borders and total welfare/ socialism – look how that got Argentina, Cuber, Iran, Iraq. Do you really want that or do you want a solid America.

  137. ” ‘Hey bro, you can’t say spirit animal, that’s culturally appropriating Native American culture and that’s not cool.’”

    Elizabeth “Fauxchohontas” Warren anyone?

  138. Agreed. Four media outlets versus one. All of those talking heads, parroting the liberal propaganda, outnumber those on Fox. The MSM has been much harder on Trump than they were against Ohblammo. They relished in his royalty, his coddling, and it showed when they reported on him. They roil Trump and worshipped Ohbummer.

  139. I think the coastal liberal elites don’t realize that they are in the minority, nobody besides the tards in they’re small bubbles think the way they do. That leaves 95% of the rest of the country that have remained true to America and true to Trump. Keep it up you POS liberals, if a revolution ever does happen I feel sorry for you’re children that had no fault in they’re parents Stupidity.

  140. The true color of liberals is shown in all its glory…they are abrasive, argumentative, sick in humor and a total disdain for all things American. In other words…typical commie pinko shills.

  141. Clinton accidentally bombed a Chinese embassy using out of date maps. It would be a shame if out of date maps showing buzzfeed to be a hotbed of muslim terrorists were to be passed on to a swat team…..jes sayin.

  142. It is so funny how the donks on the left claim the moral high ground,(whatever the freak that is to them) and then bash the “right” for doing EXACTLY the same freaking thing they are doing. Hypocrisy much?? Never battle with leftist scum, simply flush them away.

  143. God damn California! Why do we even count the votes of one of the most populated states in the union?

  144. I understand English isn’t your first language but try to at least be comprehendible. Maybe if you spoke in your original Russian that would help? I know the translating can be hard.

  145. Anyone talking about Obama’s death would be fired, called racist, and sued for civil rights violations and hate speech.

  146. What I really think, know and see…. An elite class that knows how to divide and conquer. These elite forces know they can control us, if they concentrate on our petty differences and make us hate each other.

  147. y’all idiots can’t read and that’s the saddest part of this whole story, aside from the fact that it’s total clickbait garbage that rivals buzzfeed in terms of clickbait garbage. just try not to break an arm jerking yourselves off over this non story while ignoring the fact that it happened before the election you fucking idiots.

  148. Hey Chris, how about getting a job and paying taxes so someone can suck off your money. You must be from California as they are the only ones who used the term “Like” as you do.
    Do you want everything for free because you think you deserve it or do you think that you shouldn’t have to work for anything?
    Do you look like Obama’s son or daughter? I am just confused by your responses. Are you American???
    You can get a coloring book at one of Bernie’s, the communist, 3 homes. Just call in advance as crayons are now hard to get.

  149. Actually, that is your father’s nickname. “Cuck Sabian” leader of the beta males.

  150. It’s a propaganda WAR. All these these media outlets care about is ratings, not “the truth.” Grow up and learn something. Parroting “news” based on ratings does nothing to support your claims.

  151. Wrong, as in with your “superior” intellect you are getting the living shit kicked out of yourself here today?

  152. You will never truly be able to enjoy the posterior intimacy you crave unless you use a tractor to pull your head out of your Obamahole.

  153. The political left in this country continues to display the depths of their hatred and – for lack of a more descriptive phrase – the magnitude of their evil. Anyone with a functioning brain should flee the Democrat/Marxist/Progressives as fast as they are able. The evil that oozes from The Left is beyond definition and grows worse by the hour. They truly are the children of the Father of Lies. He was a murderer from the beginning and the Left are his progeny.

    15 Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.
    16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. Titus 1:15-16 (KJV)

  154. These are powerful assumptions from someone calling themselves “Rock Diesel.”

    JFK and any other past President would be ashamed a buffoon like Trump is occupying that office now.

  155. Who gives a flying f*** When it happened!!! The fact that Liberals are this repulsive
    , is the reason everyday regular Americans hate the left!!!!

  156. Yeah and nobody on the left would have said a word had this conversation occurred at Fox News just before the 2008 election with a different candidate being discussed.

  157. Look Nancy boy, you were outed from so many different directions as liars that it’s beyond space and time to put it all here. Look loser, Wki outed your own idiots as liars and all because of toilet servers and stupid passwords.


  159. Thank you. I’m trying like hell to sink to your level–but it’s difficult–and painful

  160. Sorry, Chrissie, but you showed up unarmed to a battle of wits. Go to your Safe Space now and play with your crayons.

  161. the “story” is that buzzfeed writers were talking about/wishing for the assassination of president trump when he hadn’t even been elected yet. that’s sort of a big hole in the goddamn story for people who are crying for them to be arrested since he wasn’t even president or even president elect at that point. it’s not like this conversation happened yesterday, it probably happened last june.

  162. Seeing that those 30 states have far less population then Blue states I would agree. If cows could vote though it would be a landslide for Trump, you’re right.

  163. We just had the manners and maturity not to have joked about murdering Barry the Terrible. It’s just too bad these people didn’t make the buzzfeed cheerleading squad so they could spend their time more productively

  164. Regardless, the fact that they allow the employee to call for anyone’s Assassination at work should be the bigger story!

  165. Here are your racist. From the democrat party, the party of the KKK.

    “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet
    them down, not enough to make a difference.”…president Lyndon
    Johnson – democrat.

    ‘I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years’? …president Lyndon Johnson – democrat

    “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”
    Robert C. Byrd (democrat), in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS),

    “Race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen
    from the wilds” Tells you what Sen Byrd thought about blacks.

    And how about your lying, cheating, crooked queen Hillary.


  166. Uh just wait until the Secret Service shows up at their houses to interview them, about the threat LOL.

  167. I feel a line forming. I’m knocking on 61 and I don’t think he’d even make me bust a sweat.

  168. i can’t speak for the left, i mean there were a ton of obama lynchings and effigy burnings that happened during his presidency that Fox pretty much didn’t report on, which kind of speaks to their feelings on them yeah? But that said, the way this story is being reported, Fairbanks is writing like it happened recently, when it didn’t. This is like the alt-lite’s version of Trump’s tax returns. it’s fucking stupid and a waste of time.

  169. My favorite part is Deplorables acting like they won the argument when all they did was embarrass themselves.

  170. only this conversation happened before he was even president elect. can you even fucking read?

  171. The communist media is the same everywhere. Same putrid culture derivative of the same exploitative putrid beliefs.

  172. Easy junior, have mommy bust out your meat pacifier so we don’t have to hear your wailing.

  173. yeah there definitely were no Obama lynchings or burnings in effigy. C’mon, let’s not act like everyone was totally thrilled with Obama and grasp their pearls in shock over this, it’s stupid.

  174. Just like all cowardly libs, he shouts his profanity laced threats from across the street, but when approached he runs like the little snowflake, crybaby coward he is.

  175. You just describe Billy, I responded. Locker room talk equates to full on rape to you? How telling why the left has gone so far off the rockers.

  176. Where did you see Obama lynchings and effigy burning in the US? I did see them cover effigy burning oversea, and they covered stories about offensive rodeo clowns, parade floats etc. So they did cover those things. I must have missed the part in this story that led anyone to believe it just happened. I clearly used the word “candidate” in my response.

  177. Incorrect sir. Collateral Damage conveys the thought that what ever was damaged was something with worth or value, like humans or dogs, or cockroaches. I put forward that no such thing exists at buzzfeed.

  178. Oh, no, doesn’t have to be a missile. Most drones only have one engine, and any engine can have a problem. Just sayin’…

  179. but they weren’t, did you even read the slack chat or did you just read what the article told you to? cause that’s a bigger problem than what was said in the chat, not being able to think for yourself. was the conversation tacky? yes totally. were they calling for trump’s head on a plate? no i think they were wondering what would happen if a) he were elected president or b) what would happen if he were assassinated. for all the cries this camp has of calling people sheeple, you seem more than willing to be led around by the nose.

  180. Just read the level of immaturity, lack of intelligent thought, and an inability to use even remotely correct grammar. Buzzfeed, like Vox, Slate, and the many other leftist sites, is nothing more than a high school (or middle school) newspaper class with little or no supervision or guidance from an adult.

  181. He gets a bonus for that RD. The elite want a civil war so badly, they are willing to pay for it. Marshal Law and the suspension of the Constitution followed by the death or conformity of all liberty loving Americans.

  182. I bet if you defected to North Korea, Lil Kim would welcome you with open arms. And, since they are hard-leftists, you’d probably like it there. Why don’t you go, and find out?

  183. The constant liberal ranting and trashing about Trump is getting tiresome and distasteful…. there is no such thing as a joke about someone getting assassinated..EVER!!

  184. Take that you retarded liberals, Hahaha!!!! and of course America answers back with a big F U!!!!

  185. The time has come to start bashing heads at these organizations including CBS…I can’t wait

  186. Chrissy poo, you’re getting your ass kicked. Wow, just like election night. Coincidence? I think not. Buhbye loser.

  187. I could care less about the left or the right. The vitriolic hate coming the commenters in general makes for a fantastic read on an otherwise dull and mundane day. Kind of like reading a 21st century version of “Mutiny on the Bounty”

  188. “Fake news” describes the made-up and spun stories that are put out by NYTimes, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC every day. Of course, another way to describe them would be leftist propaganda.

  189. i know at least one obama effigy got lynched in florida, just google it and you’ll find a ton.

    as for people using the word candidate and realizing this happened prior to the election, honestly man, you’re in the minority, the way this story is written and the way more replies are written people seem to think it happened yesterday, which is fucking embarrassing for the right, we’re supposed to be literate. this, again, to me, just feels like some maddow level shit.

  190. Question: How would Buzz Feed react is we called for their employee assassinations? My guess is they wouldn’t find it so funny and take it pretty serious. So I guess its funny and entertaining when it comes to the president and not funny for everyone else. Not suggesting anything here just making a point. You can’t have it both ways. Either its all a joke, or it’s all serious.

  191. Just a little more proof that every liberal is a hate-filled, detestable, filthy, vile, disgusting waste of human flesh.

  192. i remember bush, but palin? doing that to either is horrible but she’s a fucking joke, she quit her job as governor and she ruined mccain’s chances of being president.

  193. I am thrilled, however, that Buzz Feed has admitted they are not a news site, just entertainment.

  194. “by someone who is not a reporter nor even an employee of BuzzFeed News.”

    The joke of the day is that they consider themselves to be a news outlet.

  195. Buzzfeed is in The league with Maxine Waters.
    Only unpatriotic jerks throw their President under the bus,
    assassinated or hanged, like the astute Waters !
    Find a new home !!!!

  196. Their bias is known. It is a bit like two nazi’s laughing about killing the jew next door. See. No harm. Buzzfeed’s bias is known.

  197. If the Democrat party wishes to remain a party, they best wise up to the extreme, far left, radical, terroristic, criminal (aka liberals) wing of they’re party and cut ties with them asap!!! America is seeing it all and want no part of this disgusting unAmerican filth!!! (Hence President Trump)

  198. I don’t recall lootings, arson, felony assaults, death threats and bed wetter protests by hamster brains….until this year. You are losers, recognizing the problem is the first step in treatment.

  199. Day 102 of the Liberal Apocalypse. Exploding heads has just reached geometric proportions.

  200. closeted 2 year olds. do you people know the meaning of journalism as so far the national enquirer is doing better and gets more readers!

  201. Secret Service needs to do their job and visit them all at their homes for several hours of questioning.

    And then put them on the no-fly list.

  202. I guess it would be fair for Trump supporters to joke about a ton of anfo at the front of the buzzfeed office.

  203. A ton, 2000 pounds? You are entitled to your worthless opinion but not your own set of facts. Move along liar.

  204. Joke about it? He should put on his Nikes and just do it. he might want to hit Colbert too. What a jerk.

  205. So boring… Yet you continue to engage nearly every person on this thread. Why? Because it’s your JOB.

  206. only again we don’t know -when- this conversation happened or if he would’ve fallen under that law, since oh hey, they conveniently left the dates off to stir up the drama. i’m not saying what was said in the slack convo was right, but it wasn’t “rarr let’s assassinate trump/i hope someone assassinates president trump” the way that it’s being presented. something 99% of the people in these comments seem to be either willfully ignoring or incapable of figuring out.

  207. A bunch of black SUVs pulling up to their house, then unsmiling men with earpieces questioning them while police seize their computers would be a valuable lesson.

  208. Jokes like this are an abomination, no matter who is in the Oval Office. Poor taste, crass, indicative of how whiny liberals have become that they didn’t get their way.

  209. You need to read your own links, Chrissie. What is described are LIBS who publish Fake News, sometimes using material from right-wing sources to resemble real news. It doesn’t say the right wing sites themselves are Fake News. Fake News creators (including YOU) sometimes start with a kernel of fact, then add lies, innuendo or out-of-context facts to make their Fake News.

    All you’ve done is confirm that it is indeed you Libs who are creating the Fake News. Thanks!

  210. If you can convince yourself a white woman is black and a man in a dress is a woman, you can convince yourself of anything.

    Confirms the old adage, those who believe in nothing will believe anything.

  211. and i said that it was horrible. still not a fan of palin, doesn’t make it right it happened. doesn’t make it right it happened to obama, doesn’t make it right that people said this about trump, BUT i don’t see the same level of collective pearl clutching over ANY of the aforementioned presidents or candidates, but man, one comment in a god knows how old slack thread that is being misrepresented and y’all are losing your shit. fake news is amazing.

  212. We actually win most “arguments” with the lefties, because we use facts and truth. The left uses made up lies, and name calling.

    Oh by the way, we won the Presidential election, also. Hard to take, isn’t it?

  213. Buzzfeed spokesman Matt Mittenhal eventually replied to Big League
    Politics, stating, “While the remark in question is regrettable, it was
    made in private by someone who is not a reporter nor even an employee of
    BuzzFeed News. Attempting to turn a throwaway comment from an
    entertainment employee into evidence of bias at an affiliated news
    division is ludicrous.”

    We know the news division shares the same sentiments. We also know those leaks are going to come out as well. You better have your next explanation ready, Matt. There’s more coming. We are going to take you down.

  214. Buzzfeed spokesman Matt Mittenhal eventually replied to Big League Politics, stating, “While the remark in question is regrettable, it was made in private by someone who is not a reporter nor even an employee of BuzzFeed News. Attempting to turn a throwaway comment from an entertainment employee into evidence of bias at an affiliated news division is ludicrous.”

    We know the news division shares the same sentiments. We also know those leaks are going to come out as well. You better have your next explanation ready, Matt. There’s more coming. We are going to take you down..

  215. This is example number one gazillion of the leftist tactic of lying, no matter if the evidence is in writing or on video tape, and continuing to lie forever. It is something everyone should be aware of. Leftists will never concede that they are lying, that their ideology is a failure or that their leaders are corrrupt and anti-American. Never, ever. They can’t be negotiated with nor can you count on any kind of decency or guilt finally overcoming them. They are not the same as the rest of us. Buzzfeed is a joke. They have been caught red handed with written evidence but they continue to deny it with a smirk on their face.

  216. This again shows that Liberal/Progressives have become mentally unbalanced. This is not a joke. There are people in some of the Snowflake tech blogs openly thinking it out. This just adds fuel to the fire. Someone will try it.

  217. AWW… the snowflake fruitcakes having a baby party! You have soiled yourself…better go change your diapers! LOL LOL

  218. Had A-N-Y conservative group or website done the same thing when Obama was president? Oh, you can GUESS the outrage from the media.

  219. Who cares what is said. It’s a free country to say what you want even if people don’t like it. Tons of people said the same thing about asshole Obama. I could care less.

  220. The only one losing their sh! t over this is you. Why are so emotionally invested in this?

  221. None of these ashy employees could tell you one thing about Obozo or President Trump not one…… Hope they go bankrupt….

  222. Tsk, tsk. Lost the election, lost the argument, now the little lefty resorts to the favorite tactic of the left, name calling. Like a spoiled 4 year old, doesn’t get his way, calls everyone a poo-poo head.

  223. The ever “compassionate” left (whom claim it’s the republicans that want to kill people) strikes again.

  224. You don’t get it. Libs can say anything they want. But they scream at conservatives to shut up or we’ll get violent!!

  225. Chrissie is bigger on his computer than in person. Like cotton candy, he has no substance. You could use him for a feather-duster, or a toilet plunger.

  226. She laughs at him when she isn’t yelling at him to get out of her basement and get a job.

  227. The left is on the brink of starting another Civil War. Personally, I can’t wait.

  228. I take comfort in the fact that President Trump makes liberals blood pressure run high due to TDS. Not a healthy thing.

  229. The people who fantasize about assassinating Trump really are fantasizing about waging war on the Americans who voted for him.
    The 2nd American Civil War is upon us.
    It’s been non-shooting except where the Left reigns like on college campuses.
    There they don’t hesitate to use violence against others they falsely accuse of fomenting violence and hatred.

  230. What if Fox News had this leaked 6 months before Obama was elected? Can you imagine the faux outrage of the hypocritical left?

  231. Attempting to turn a throwaway comment from an entertainment employee into evidence of bias at an affiliated news division is ludicrous.” what about all the other employees that laughed and supported the comment? Why did they turn their feeds private?

  232. 1, so that was a ton? I can google all the black liars who didn’t matter who made up fake stories about them being attacked by racist whites and that truly is more than a ton in just electrons.
    Face it, you are liars and now you’re loser/liars. We’re laughing and will be 4 years later.

  233. The loathing I feel for liberals just keeps growing and growing. It is funny that they refer to people that voted for Trump as “fascists,” when they are the ones that are using facist tactics.

  234. Can’t tell what you mean. No communist country I know of communists would have a problem with a baker not slaving for a gay wedding. However, a fascist like Mussolini would require it if that was the states position. No. Our alt left is fascist through and through. Always have been.

  235. McLame is a bonehead and was the reason we lost that year, he is a RINO nitwit. No wonder you love him, he’s your party in drag. Palin correctly pointed out Obama’s death panels as well as many other issues which he couldn’t shake. Dimwit McLame turtled and laid there like a prisoner getting bamboo upside the head when he debated Obama.

  236. Chris Sabin, Saying “Shut the fuck up” and ‘you have brain damage” is the height of your capacity for wit. So shut the fuck up Chris Sabian, you brain dead shitstain dick-less scrotum faced wonder. ALL the news from the left is fake. Not once shred of information gets through unless it has been vetted as fitting the progressive narrative. So it is all fake.

  237. Conservatives face institutionalized discrimination on every facet of daily life. We are even being violently attacked merely for expressing our conservative views. No one at buzzfeed would have dared say anything like this about Obama, Hillary, or Bernie yet this type of behaviour, conservative bashing, is not only allowed unhindered but it is encouraged.

    Because of the actions of the liberal left, we are likely facing a very real constitutional crisis of the state very very soon.

  238. Hmm, I haven’t looted, committed arson, felony assault or held a diaper filling protest so I think I have a leg up on the retards you hang out with.

  239. It doesn’t matter if he was part of the staff.

    Mentioning killing the president is illegal.

    The law was broken.

    Although I do realize the the left doesn’t see this as a problem, but if the threat had been against barry O there would be the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  240. I am trying to imagine the pitchfork and torch scene that would have played out if this exact conversation was held by employees of, say… Breitbart about President Obama.

    I don’t really care about Buzzfeed. By now, everyone should know they are 100% full of sh*t. My problem is the rampant hypocrisy of the Left. If a Liberal says something, “it’s a joke.” If a Conservative says something, “RACIST! BIGOT! HOMOPHOBE! MOUTH-BREATHING KNUCKLEDRAGGING NAZI!!!”

    Buzzfeed, Colbert, the entire CNN and MSNBC crews, and all of the Washington Post and New York Times and put them in a giant hole where the sun don’t shine…

  241. What is that stern look Carlson always has on his face, as if he just ate something that tastes bad.

  242. Ah, middle of the road. That’s roadkill. You miss the status quo, it’s over. Sh*t is going to get fixed or get removed.

  243. I love how you “hate” people who hate. Doesn’t make a lot of sense… oh, wait, you’re on the right, of course it does!

  244. I see it every time a liberal answers one of his questions.

    I feel the same way as Tucker. Liberals are basically clueless.

  245. Liberals like these still can’t understand why Trump won. Amazing. So now they are acting like fascists because they were unable to cheat enough for clinton to win.

  246. A couple of stray Hellfires should take care of Buzzfeed and its leftie morons! I’d pay to see that happen.

  247. TRUTH: ALL leftists are delusional, self-loathing, hypocrites who have a genetic abnormality that prevents them from objectively viewing and assessing reality.

  248. This wasn’t that funny the first 1000 times I heard it and is just getting more painful.

  249. Hard to deny that the “progressives” are indeed the MOST INTOLERANT, MOST VICIOUS collection of malcontents living on off the forgiving nature of western civilization. IF “life were fair” they would soon (and just might) get their “death wish”, i.e. to live in an Islamic culture.

  250. We can appropriate Native Americans as much as we want. Out culture ate theirs…you are what you eat

  251. Politics has always been a process of selecting the lesser of two evils. Nobody will ever be perfect. The primary reason that I voted for Trump was that he was not Hillary Clinton. Trump was never my first choice, but Hillary was always my very last choice.

  252. Trump wasn’t my first choice but in a beauty contest it comes down to two sets of drumsticks and you have to pick a set. Trump has done more to uphold campaign promises than anyone in memory and if you are a fan of lyin Ryan or the dumb son of a Mitch McConnell, well there you go. On the other hand if you miss Pelosi/Reid, there is no hope for you.

  253. So anyone can now wish the assassination of a president including former presidents that are beloved by the left media?

  254. Why are they locking their Twitter accounts? Maybe they’re plotting some legal or other action against the hero who spilled the beans. Fascists do that to silence people. There should be a peaceful “anti-assassination” rally outside their offices if this is the case.

  255. “Hate, lies and smears are all they have.” You forgot bike locks and concealable credit card knives.

  256. I’m old enough to remember when speaking openly about assassinating a President/Presidential candidate was considered neither funny OR clever …. much less tolerated.

  257. Don’t worry about me snowflake, I have my ducks in a row. I can survive any politician…anything. Financially or physically, I can meet any challenge.

  258. The House just passed the ObamaCare repeal!!!!!!!!

    Oh happy, happy day. Fine, it took Trump 105 days, but he still got it moving.

  259. I’ve seen no irrefutable proof of Obama’s citizenship. His highly-published birth certificate CAN be real–or it may be faked; embedded data in it makes it inconclusive. Also, there is a pamphlet that Obama’s own publicist published, referring to Obama as being from Kenya. Here’s a link, since you are a Lib and therefore are probably ignorant of this:


  260. I wouldn’t call you a snowflake.

    I would call you a member of the Mikey Party. Mikey just doesn’t like anything. That’s my old commercial reference for the day.

  261. Hmmm! A visit from the Secret Service followed by detention in some dark, damp cell while being questioned is in order.

  262. The left and right media are directly responsible for pushing hate in politics. People can’t even behave civilly toward each other when it comes to discussing politics. The hate, the violence lies mostly on the media for pushing people to hate each other simply for the party they vote.

  263. I personally urge a group of paramilitary patriots to find each and every BuzzFeed writer or editor and to assassinate them in cold blood.

    But hey… I’m just joking. I’m just speaking metaphorically. These are just my private musings… And not intended for public dissemination. Thus, I can face no more scrutiny than the spoiled little snowflakes at BuzzFeed.


  264. i’m just so impressed at how clever and witty your combacks are.
    do you practice in mommy’s basement in front of a mirror?

  265. I remember, I am not a millennial. I had to use phone booths. I had to walk cause there was no uber or cell phones to call them from. I know who the fuck Mickey is. I was born in the late sixties, so maybe I am more like.. hail.

  266. Np peeps! In jest maybe someone will ass-sass_inate you? Since you’ve lowered the educational bar in verbal, written discourse and laughed and threw a party at the death of a legendary SCOTUS we REAL AMERICANS got ya. We real AMERICAN aren’t sitting idly by. Your ANTIFA , WTH is that anyway can be overcome with sproks! Keep pushing, push till civil war! I know winning side, I’m on it. I’m just foolin about.

  267. I’m saying that you are right. Dindoo Nuffin is absolutely, 100% correct in the post he made above.

  268. The left made a movie about assassinating Bush. They are a bunch of intolerant bigots that falsely claim the mantel of tolerance and diversity.

  269. I think it is hilarious. I always wanted to throw Obama into a wood chipper myself.

  270. Mid 50’s for me, so you are an aging hippie missing the 70’s. At 60 I look back at that time frame as a waste of time. Stoner idiots changing the world through brain damage.

  271. Having every expectation of losing is not a good way to go through life.

  272. Why is Obama still not being tried for treason against the US/ He’s not even American born and he f u c k e d the system. Ask Hillary– she was the first to announce Obama was not an American.

  273. Yeah, and I don’t remember the sex being as great back then as everybody likes to recall.

    The girls were always dirty and smelled of pot.

  274. This means you voted for Bernie, an aging communist who started out as a soft porn writer but moved to working in government because nobody else would hire him. Look, I get it, I’m waiting for you to get it. Bernie went to Russia for his honeymoon. If that doesn’t splain it to yez…I’m done.

  275. Are these kids mentally ill? Or are they serious about having people killed they disagree with? May be someone should take a baseball to the head of these dudes and put them out of their misery they are so unhappy. Or move to China where people do not vote for their leaders like us. I’d fire these ass-oles.

  276. The difference is that people on the right want to debate their ideas because they can make intelligent arguments to support their positions. Liberals just screech and hurl insults (or resort to violence).

  277. This is historically how Marxists think and act.
    You’d have to ignore a century of evidence to not notice.

  278. A journalist calls for the assassination of President Trump. The MSM just thinks that’s funny.

  279. They really need to break California up into three separate electoral college regions.

  280. All part of “Rules for Radicals”. I expect no less from Buzz who? Oh, some fake news organization. Yeah, their credibility is as low as the last crap I took.

  281. Sorry I hit a sore spot with you. Don’t worry, you’ll beat that toilet training thing yet.

  282. Zactly, liberals should be isolated and not punish the rest of America. Little Chicago’s everywhere.

  283. Another example of the liberal slogan “When they go low, we go high.”

    Hey libs, what happened to “Love Trumps Hate”??

    Buzzfeed is 24/7 liberal hate.

  284. Yes. California state level politics is completely controlled by LA and SF. Everyone else has no representation.

  285. We need to start sending people to jail for this kind of crap. Then people will start to think a little before saying such things.

  286. Colbert’s gay slur is gone from the media scrutiny. One day is all he got. No one on the right should be surprised that the left will spin out of any terrible situation with little damage.

  287. Comrade? Putin is my boyfriend? Oh that really stings Because all Russians are all bad but all Soviets were all good but not all Moslems are terrorist. You sentimental fool probably cried for Ethel Rosenburg, while I just wish I could have been there to watch that traitorous bitch swing.

  288. “While the remark in question is regrettable, it was made in private…”

    So was President TRUMP’s comments to Billy Bush. I’m sure BuzzFeed used this same standard to dismiss President TRUMP’s comment as no big deal.

  289. You are on a political debate and yet you don’t think you need to disclose who you support? Are you just lonely then?

    Your guy would have done better if he would have known were Allepo is.

  290. This chick running her mouth like an unplugged armory needs a visit from the police and Secret Service.

  291. If a Republican ever said something like this about Obama or Clinton they would be in jail in a heart beat. Bunch of Losers.

  292. Guess the n|gger Obama is open for insults too. No doubt him and Rice should be hanging in a tree!

    BuzzSeed really does not matter in my world, do not let it matter in yours.

  293. The Founding Fathers were brilliant in creating the EC.

    They did so because they feared a pure Democracy more than they feared the English Monarchy. The form of Government they created is a Constitutionally bound Federation of States.

    A true Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. In a federation, the sheep has a gun.

  294. These people should be fire! To wish for anyone to be assassinated is so reprehenseible and sad!

  295. We have been praying that someone does the same to OBAMA since 2008! Maybe OUR dreams will come true since nazi-liberals are so angry that obama is pocketing millions now……from the very same people he called “fat cats”….oooh, could he be a HYPOCRITE?

    I think obama would make a great TREE ORNAMENT, don’t you?

  296. Let’s see how tough this chick is around a few gun slinging Republicans on a dark night talking about Trump like that like she’s big shiit.

  297. You can’t be seriously interested in

    Macedonia. You think anyone seriously believes this crap? If they do, they probably don’t get off their ass and vote anyway. Similar to no one believing that Trump is the next Hitler or he got elected b/c of Russia. This is all a distraction to make us Left and Right be consumed so we miss the real issue with our society. Let’s join together and take down these corrupt bastards, if that includes Trump then so be it. But we are all stronger together, they want us Divided man. Stop fighting for one say, all you come together and you see how much change will happen. It will happen fast. But as long as we fight and stay divided they all in power remain rich and powerful and we’re all the laugh of their jokes.

  298. The hate of those on the left, liberals, knows no bounds. But let’s not forget how tolerant and loving they are at the same time. PUKE!

  299. Me also. I first read the Hobbit by the light of a kerosene lamp. I’m kinda old myself.

  300. We don’t have to turn it into evidence of bias, it IS evidence of bias. Phrasing things your way does not change the underlying facts.

  301. Right Said Fredd- Would you please post it everywhere? Promise. As for the brilliant rejoinder “shame on you” I would explain the rule of “quid pro quo” but it wouldn’t be right since you are such a master-debater and cunning linguist.

  302. I love watching liberal snowflakes meltdown. I wonder haw many service animals Buzzfeed had to bring in after the election results were reported. Some of their employees were probably so upset they couldn’t finish their Chai lattes.

  303. Hillary supporters all. Following the DNC leadership and Reverend Wright, just like Mr. Obama. This is the direction the Democrats are going, and I think that they will lose more seats in 2018, unless they cut out this bad behavior.

  304. Would love to see the Secret Service and Justice Dept take this form of discussion seriously. Just the suggestion of their proposed action at the wrong time to the wrong demented person can prompt action to complete their intended result.

  305. Have no doubt the snowflakes would celebrate the killing of the best President since George Washington. They are SO blinded by their lifelong indoctrination since kindergarten. They are heavily prejudiced and refuse even to consider other points of view. Their minds are locked shut.

    A truly intelligent person is always looking for new information that will sharpen his perceptions.

  306. Because if Breitbart would’ve done the same, these guys wouldn’t have had a problem with it, right?

    Disgusting Leftist hack hypocrites.

    Democrats – The new Brownshirts.

  307. Without the EC, candidates would never have to campaign outside of LA, SF, NY, and Chicago.

  308. Good point. Then maybe yeah, break it up. It really sucks for people in those states. I know I have a friend in NY feels the same way.

  309. You know, it’s not so much what a Progressive says. It’s more the way they believe everyone else is at fault if their fantasy world cannot be achieved. It’s the kids telling the parents how the world SHOULD work. It’s the inmates running the asylum (or thinking they can better!). It’s the participation trophy holders defining the parameters for excellence. Just because they can.

  310. Somehow, it always turns out to be the leftists that own political violence.

    Those people have self-projection down to a precise science.

  311. You buzzbitches won’t mind then, with me wishing for a very very large gas explosion that kills all of you in a screaming inferno. Ideally with you locked inside the building….

  312. The House just destroyed ObamaCare.

    This is a great day. Go, Trump, Go!!!!!!

  313. Now that we know the liberal media jokes about Trump being assassinated, it helps us understand why they never report on conservatives being beaten across the country by Antifa domestic terrorists. They probably joke about that too, and love every minute of it. It’s a good thing for us that liberals are so tolerant and loving.

  314. No worries. Buzzfeed employees are too stupid to assassinate their athletes foot or halitosis. They can’t get off their phones long enough to learn to spell. No threat there.

  315. In the vein of the late Lyndon Banes Johnson:
    Keep it up Buzzfeed, Colbert, CNN, and Antifa. You’ll have rational people voting republican for next 100 years.

  316. Kaitlyn is a social liberal and a fiscal conservative which pretty much describes my political views, I don’t care what you do just don’t ask me to pay for it, respect it or bake you a cake.

  317. Let’s just tell the Muslims that Buzzfeed is the parent company of Charlie Hebdo

  318. Which candidate was it responsible for selling 30% of the USA Uranium rights to Russia?

  319. Three BuzzFeed employees walk into a bar and are gored through the heart with a kitchen knife. Hahahahaha. Hey, that kind of humor IS funny!

  320. Keep it up you moronic liberals. You’ve already reassured that Trump will be reelected in 2020 and I will laugh just as hard at you as I am now.

  321. Madonna wanted to bomb the White House. BuzzFeed wants to kill Trump. Most Trump critics should be arrested for inciting violence and murder. Trump’s critics are the close counterpart to Germany’s Nazis. Fortunately, they haven’t focused on a Hitler counterpart yet, but Sen. Warren leads the wolf pack, so far. She hates as much as any Democrat and preys on fear. She’s the Democrat idol, so far. But give Democrats credit, they can come up with an even more hateful fear mongering brain deranged candidate.

  322. But, but all the polls told me I would win the arguments on here. Polls from all 57 States!

  323. Imagine if this was said about Obama. The liberal media would be shitting themselves demanding resignations and a Secret Service investigation. Liberals are sickeningly ignorant hypocrites.

  324. A cheap way to perform a circumcision is to just knee a Buzzfeed employee in the jaw?

  325. Think what will happen when Colbert is shot somewhere, or a liberal judge is blown up. We are on the verge people, this is serious stuff.

  326. When are we going to finally declare liberals the violent enemies of America, and remove them from our country?

  327. Do something nice for mom this Mother’s Day. Assassinate a liberal politician. Hahahahaha. Hmmm, maybe I’m not as good as them at telling jokes.

  328. My congressman Ted Deutch of Florida, just said that one of his constituents – a blind minority LBGTQ, wheelchair bound, millennial with MS, Lou Gherig’s disease, and breast cancer will now suffer at the hands of the evil Trump because nobody will insure him.

  329. Buzzfeed.. Is anyone there old enough to remember or understand the pain a nation suffers when a President is assassinated?

    Anyone old enough to remember JFK?. I am not a Democrat but I was distraught for months. So was the entire nation. As a matter of fact many look at the day JFK was killed as a turning point for this country we have yet to recover from. Be careful what you wish for. If it turns out it is some nutcase from the far left liberal opposition we see nightly on TV going from protest to protest vandalizing, harassing others, the reaction may very well be much different than the reaction to JFK assassination.

  330. Unlike Obama, Trump has yet to assert that he has the unreviewable right to drone strike anyone, anywhere without notice. But maybe he will!

  331. Let’s just use our WILD imaginations and think about what would have happened if anyone at a news outlet or ANYWHERE wished OBAMA was killed. Let’s STRETCH our imaginations for a moment and consider what would have happened.

  332. Q: What do you call a liberal that has had all the name calling, insults and hateful diatribe removed from their vocabulary?

    A: A MIME

  333. I was more worried about “We Came, We Saw, He Died (cackle, cackle, cackle), or “At this point, what does it matter?”, or “Whipped them? You mean with a cloth?”

    Again, Trump has his plusses and his minuses. His biggest plus was that he wasn’t Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  334. Conservatives aren’t violent until physically provoked. That’s the difference between us and libs. Colbert is done, and Trump is working to remove the liberal judges peacefully.

  335. It’s too bad none of those Cruise Missiles took out the whiny cry babies at BuzzFeed. 1 Million would be well spent.

  336. These people are so full of hate and their echo chamber so vast they do not realize that 1, Trump is neither a Republican or a Democrat and 2. Their antics do more to create Trump supporters than any market testing and advertising could ever create. Rule No 1 in politics, elections have consequences, Rule No 2. Shut up and let the winner take the blame in the next election.

  337. What in the wide wide world of sports are you talking about? It is LIBERALS who are making all the threats. Get your head out of your ideological a$$.

  338. It always cracks me up when a Hillary and Obama supporter call ANYONE else a “liar”.

  339. I still feel like I’m living in some kind of alternative world with these lefties……..they REALLY say and believe crap like “spirit animal” is appropriating blah blah blah. What a bunch of dorks.

  340. Keep it up with your racist bullshit, jerkoff. Your buddies on Stormfront love this shit, I’m sure.

  341. It is a fact that men who identify as “progressive liberal” tend to be smaller and weaker while conservative men tend to be bigger and stronger. Those dainty little weaklings need some way to feel powerful.

  342. When did it become acceptable for liberals to wish and threaten death upon conservatives? Oh yeah, during Obama’s Presidency.

  343. Today JFK would be considered a right wing kook. That’s how far left these douche bags party has moved. And they would probably be calling for his assassination too.

  344. Now c’mon people, tell me we didn’t all wish for Oblamer to be assassinated at one time or another……or still. And while we’re at it, I think we could all come up with quite a few libs that we wouldn’t be crushed if something bad happened to them.

  345. What should be done to Buzzfeed is what should be done to any left Wing news outlet, organization, network etc…..

    They each should get their “Charlie Hebdo” moment during a board meeting or a senior management meeting.

    Nothing says to leftists ‘Wow – we’d better knock it off!” than seeing members of their hate houses with their brains splattered all over a wall or on a sidewalk. Nothing. Fantastic optics on the evening news, trust me.

    Can’t get to them? They have families, loved ones…….

    Too much, people? Too harsh?


    So – make your decisions:

    Do you want to be the targets, or the survivors?

  346. The communists have hijacked the democrat party, and liberals are too stupid to realize it.

  347. It’s one thing to disagree, to argue, to not vote for – and all other acceptable expressions. It is not acceptable to threaten – whether in jest or real – the assassinations of anyone, let alone a president. To so demean individuals with vulgar and obscene language that a few years ago we wouldn’t dream of our kids hearing – but now it is commonplace – from DNC Perez to Colbert. The American people have to draw the red line. We have got to stop this death spiral of civility, sociality and the common good. No, Hollywood, media or whoever – this is not acceptable. BuzzFeed has lost their voice when they speak such vile.

  348. Admit it, NeverTrumpers in the media. You’re not nearly as mad at President Trump and the white Christian male Republicans who voted for him as you are at everyone else who voted for him. Your hatred is aimed squarely at those from whom the Hillary campaign expected unquestioning allegiance. You’ll never acknowledge that they’re human beings with free will and free choice, not the DNC’s obedient little robots. The Democrats have probably lost them forever and it’s eating you alive from the inside.

    Get it out of your systems. Take your time. You’ve got at least until the year 2024.

  349. You probably could have found a better ’embarrassed’ President example that the most notorious whore in the oval office that incidentally got us into Vietnam.

  350. As much as I hated everything about the man, I never wished for his death. That would be very bad for America.

  351. And if someone threatens the illegitimate Muslim Terrorist Husein Obama the SS shows up. So hypocritical

  352. I hope that the next time Hillary takes a walk in the woods that she runs into Jason Voorhees.

  353. Someone please post Maycie Thornton’s home address; those of her parents, loved ones and friends.

    Do it today.

  354. Expect no better from democrats. It’s how they were brought up: single parents, drugs, attempted abortions, neglect, etc. Buzzfeeders reflect the democrat lifestyle.

  355. When Donald Trump was ILLEGALLY taped, 11 years ago, in a PRIVATE CONVERSATION (bragging locker room talk) by a worthless snot, Billy Bush, who then KEPT THE TAPE for 11 years (to blackmail Trump later on; what other reason, BUZZ FEED LOVED IT!!!!

  356. Exactly.

    The last thing that I wanted to see was anything happen to that POS while he was in office. We’d have a martyr for decades.

    But, now?

    He is an enemy of America. You are cleared to engage…

  357. Can’t prove your points so you call names. Typical Lib. Soros should fire you, you are such a joke.

  358. true–but I was being facetious. Very difficult to find a good Democratic Presidential example–closest would be FDR

  359. This is the reason (among many) that liberalism is dying an agonizing death in America today. They’ll be lucky to win another election ever again. American values and liberalism are incompatible.

  360. Poor buzzfeed. All there free crap is going away! Joy and LOL! What do you expect from a bunch of left wing cry babies!

  361. My grandfather would have said that these people need to be taken out, behind the outhouse, and taught respect and manners! Idiot pimps…

  362. These “journalists” don’t even know the past tense of “slay” is “slew,” not “slayed.”

  363. Hah. I agree. I just wish we could send a clear message about how well justice works in America by trying and hanging him for treason. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t have a spine for that.

  364. The only reason these children even have the jobs they do is because they’re afraid to leave the friendly socialist confines of NYC and venture out into the world of actual journalism. Because if they did that, they’d find out rather quickly that they aren’t real journalists. They’re clickbaiting bloggers with a fancy title.

  365. The only thing funny about this is the pathetic little trolls saying it. Sad but true.

  366. In the tradition of the Left, and CAIR,, when confronted with an uncomfortable truth, Ben Smith LIED through his teeth, this time to Tucker Carlson.

  367. Maybe we should consider giving press cards to everyone since journalism has nothing to do with the fabricated press these days.
    Any idiot can tell lies. Therefore, perfect to work in the press.

  368. I know these people were texting, but I don’t think the Buzzfeed employees are very intelligent.

  369. There is no difference between Liberals and terrorists. They both lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, threaten, riot, destroy property and incite violence against those with opposing viewpoints. Can anyone show me how Liberalism is NOT terrorism?

  370. Oh, Chris, give it up! Leftists ALWAYS lose ’cause they have NOTHING in the game.

  371. Apparently sensational lies sell better than actual truth, and these losers have caught on to how well it pays.

  372. It’s going to get worse right up until the point where they realize what the 2nd Amendment is all about.

  373. Let loose the secret service and FBI on these provocative threats against the president’s life… Arrest and prosecute and make an example before it results in an actual attempt. It’s not funny; it’s not cool; it’s degenerate.

  374. Hum, wasn’t he responsible for Welfare? – just saying.
    Actually, I read an interview many years back with his family and they said it was one of his greatest regrets. What was supposed to be mercy through temporary help became a way of life that absolutely destroyed generations of low-income & minority families.

  375. Deplorables ALWAYS WIN the argument because they TELL THE TRUTH! (You don’t recognize this fact, because, I have noticed, that when “truth” (facts, etc.) are in the mix, YOU LEFTIES call that “hate.”

    So, if you identify “truth” as “hate” then you will always THINK you win, while you lose. (Great deal for our side; you go home alone and powerless, while throwing rocks and calling us names (which the world sees and rejects.)

    That’s why you can’t get any of your fools elected. They try to tell the public that “truth” is “hate” and the public doesn’t buy it. But, if it makes you happy, keep it up!

  376. It’s against the law to advocate the murder of a president.

    Why are these folks not in prison?

  377. Anyone who openly expresses the desire for the President to be assassinated (Any President). Should be thoroughly investigated by the secret service. And news organization that does that in America should be shut down. There are too many crazy people out there.

    Common sense dictates that you do not preach assasination of any public official no matter how loathsome they may be.

  378. You have it WRONG AGAIN! How do you manage to do that? Is everything cockeyed in your world?

  379. Chris, Hillary Clinton will NEVER be President of the United States.

    I hope that continues to irritate you very much.

    And also that we call you “Chris” even though we know that Chris Sabian is from a movie. Hope that irritated you also.

    And also that I explained about the movie reference as if everyone didn’t know already. That should’ve irritated you too.


  380. We should encourage this type of BS. People are starting to see that the left is grossly overplaying their hand and I’m starting to believe it had an impact on Trump’s election. The nastiness, childishness, over-the-top group ridicule of Trump is antithetical to the American spirit and sense of fair play. So all this does is steel the resolve of conservatives (we now know Trump’s turnout was greater than Hillary’s) and perhaps bring over to our side many who are sitting on the fence. And it’s interesting that this nasty juvenile behavior is coming primarily from NYC and Hollywood. The left are acting like the Mean Girls that Tina Fey and Hollywood brought to our attention. I’m convinced that if we had a crystal ball and could prove that their behavior was ensuring Trump’s reelection, they still couldn’t stop themselves.

  381. Buzz Feed is nothing but left wing POS. Total crap and anti American propaganda. We would be much better off without those low live heathens.

  382. I never wished that he would be Assassinated, but If he succumbed to flesh eating bacteria, I probably wouldn’t lose any sleep.

  383. This is to inform you that I am stealing that phrase. ” I don’t care what you do just don’t ask me to pay for it, respect it, or bake you a cake.” It should be on thousands of tee shirts.

  384. Haha, the fact that you’re obsessed with an 86 year old Hungarian man is just bizarre.

  385. If you’ve heard this a 1000 times, perhaps you should get a clue and quit acting like an infant.

  386. Hey Buzzfeed, Hillary Clinton will NE-VER be President of the United States.

    Just wanted to make sure you knew. Let us know if you hear anything. LOL!!

  387. That’s the issue right there. Liberal Fascists Snowflakes have NO common sense. They have bred that gene out of their makeup.

  388. Now, Chris you have gone to far! Remember what the SCOTUS justice said about “wise Latinas?” No, I didn’t think so.

    You NEED TO LEARN TO ARGUE! (Most of us learned in college English 101 or high school debate class; sadly you missed both opportunities. Instruction on “how to argue” is taught early on because it isn’t possible to pass any college classes without knowing how!)

    When posting, there are “rules of engagement” that you don’t seem to know! You need to learn the basics, or else you are just a fool with a keyboard. And, every time you post, we can SEE your lack of education. So, either take a class at your local community college, OR check a book out of the library and attempt to teach yourself. You will thank me in the long run (and you will post more civil responses).

  389. What is Matt Mittenhal talking about? Maycie Thornton is staff at Buzzfeed.

  390. Trump shouldn’t joke about bombing Buzzfeed….. He should take it out with a MOAB.

  391. Those people should be rounded up and put in camps. That is NOT free speech that is calling for the murder of a president. I did not condone people calling for Obama’s execution either. It is not ok to call for the death of someone else. Maybe they should be sent to the middle east!!

  392. They’re already in camps. They’re called New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.

  393. What the F**K is a BuzzFeed ? Is that something you do after getting the crabs ? WTF

  394. Notice how you couldn’t refute the point about fake news but just yammered some bullshit about how it was phrased – very telling.

  395. Losers, snotty elites. They never really had to “slug out” a living in the middle of the country like most of us. F, them!

  396. The comment was better before you edited it and added on that bullshit. I know Deplorables arent good at brevity but try it – it makes your asinine point just a little bit more palatable.

  397. Nazi’s had concentration camps, Communist Gulags, Fake Media has the stage, who will they kill off next? Not who but what, the TRUTH – Pravda!!!!!!!

  398. Not sure if you were around in the 60s but I think that was worse. Leftist terrorists actually killed people.

  399. How do you find time to fight with me online and still make it to your White Power meetings – truly impressive.

  400. Wouldn’t the racist be the publicist who made the initial claim of Kenyan birth?

    That’s where Hillary’s ’08 campaign first got its information.

  401. These bed wetting, thumb sucking, entitlement seeking, uninformed snowflakes are to be pitied…Tucker Carlson rocks!

  402. Accidents happen. If say a bomber was just flying over and sorta, accidently dropped a MOAB on Buzzfeed……

  403. Ageist.

    Why are you afraid of people over 70?

    Did your grand dad touch you inappropriately when you were a child?

    Or maybe last week?

  404. Nah, probably the guy who made it part of his platform for a decade. The Trump campaign is forever tied to racism no matter how much you don’t want it to be. The fact remains every Neo-Nazi, Klansmen and Aryan Brotherhood member all voted for the same candidate so enjoy your company.

  405. “Attempting to turn a throwaway comment from an entertainment employee into evidence of bias at an affiliated news division is ludicrous.””

    Bet Buzzfeed didn’t see the hilarious irony in that statement. They just described the tactics of their entire news organization.

  406. As Chuckie Schumer would say, We need a bipartisan blue ribbon first class independent congressional committee to investigate the seriousness & focus like a laser beam to the allegations regarding these derogatory inflammatory insulting statements directed to our Commander & Chief & POTUS
    Donald J Trump…….Investigate Buzzfeed, Lock them Up!

  407. That’s really the best you can come up? Typical under-educated Deplorable moron.

  408. Cowards! Fess up if that’s how you feel. Just because the comments were made in private, doesn’t negate their meaness and the cultural, political bias they exemplify. You know, if you eat food behind closed doors, the calories still count: they don’t magically disappear. I’m sure these people actually feel this way and Smith’s comments to Carlson seem to hold no truth. After all, this is the organization that posted the stink bomb dossier that no one else would touch.

  409. Oh see I forgot, you’re a low voltage Gruberite, you don’t play chess.

    See, when it’s “check mate”, that means the “game is over”.

    Understand now?

  410. Most trolls don’t take the time to pick an avatar picture. At least you chose someone who represents your LGBTFUKYOU lifestyle.

  411. I’m sure that joke was a big hit down at the klan rally but out here it just kind of falls flat.

  412. Hey Chris call the hospital in Hawaii… there are only 2… ask the hospital where Obama was supposed to be born… ask them if he was born there… then listen to the spin… THEY WON”T GIVE AN ANSWER! But wait, I thought he was born in Hawaii! Also notice nothing in Hawaii is named after Obama… not even a park bench..

  413. .
    You cons need to lighten up.
    When are you racist, homophobic, misogynist f^#(ers going to realize that all Hate Speech from the Left is just comedy and considered a joke.


  414. Only Democrats are embarrassed by victory, much the same way your parents are embarrassed by you.

  415. There is a good reason for their less than powerful look! Leftist males take their orders from POWERFUL, ANGRY, LESBIAN LEFTISTS who have ORDERED THEM to place their extraneous (unnecessary and offending) body parts into an Al Gore style “LOCK BOX” and not to EVER retrieve them without explicit permission of said angry lesbian “unit commander.”

    (That’s how today’s Leftists operate; with women in charge; women of color on top and white males at the very bottom. Some of them, like Chris, get a little uppity and run their mouths.)

  416. I can forgive a lot for a good joke, but these jokes are totally demented. It’s like their sense of humor is paralyzed by the hatred for Trump.

  417. You really cracked the case, Jim. I think there is a pizza place molesting children in DC that needs your help desperately.

  418. Pussies, always wanting others to do the dirty work. We really need a world war to give the tuff guys out there a place to die.

  419. All spoiled toddlers wish the grownups would die when denied their way… then proceed to fall on the floor and scream until their noses run and they pee themselves. See: ANTIFA

  420. All spoiled toddlers wish the grownups would die when told, “No”… then they proceed to fall on the floor and scream until their noses
    run and they pee themselves. See: ANTIFA

  421. Good one!
    Where was Clinton? (protesting America and racking up two rape allegations in the UK while a Rhodes Scholar)
    Where was Bernie? (conscientious objector)
    But Hey, Kerry was there picking rice out of his ass and applying for fake purple hearts.

  422. Remeber when you could talk openly about legitmate health concerns when Hitlery was running and passing out at rallies…..??? Yea me neither because you were anti woman if you did and a dirty slimebag….Hmmmmm

  423. the oh so tolerant arrogant media at work..the true Nazis are the liberals..free speech only for them..if you think differently they want to silence you and torch your house..try me on

  424. Tell that to property owners whose assets get burned to the ground. Your comment held water about 20 years ago.

  425. There is information from an anonymous source allegedly indicating that Ben Smith pays male h00kers to p00p in his mouth as he jams a cattle
    prod in and out of his keister. There is no hard evidence of this, and there is a good chance that it may not be true, but we’ll just put this out there and let readers draw their own conclusions about it.
    And Ben Smith has indicated that this is a perfectly acceptable way for a journalist to handle this sort of information.

  426. It was no accident. Chinese sided with Serbia and was giving them intelligence. We should also have sided with Serbia but a Democrat was president. …so we sided with Muslims. No surprises.

  427. I think that the FBI and the Secret Service should investigate all these wacko’s that make public they are threatening assassination. They will more then likely find out that most of them don’t mean what they say.

    The authorities should at least contact local law enforcement and report these peoples names, addresses and social security numbers to have them added to their records, like drivers license etc., and then reports these people to the to the passport authorities and possibly put them on the No Fly List. These idiots will wonder why in the future they have a hard time getting a new job once a future employer thinks about hiring them after doing a records check.

  428. Yep, some Deplorable nut just like you went and shot the place up and is now in jail. I’m not surprised it hasn’t come up at the rallies.

  429. Call the hospital… call me all the names you want but find out yourself… ask them why they won’t admit Obama was born there… I given you a way to find the truth for yourself.. call the hospital and see for yourself…

  430. Just to be clear, do you mean the vast majority of Americans? Because that’s who voted for HRC.

  431. Your language is NOT acceptable. I will ask you NICELY to stop using those words. Please! I’m allergic to the “F” word.

  432. I know you hate him because he’s a black man, Jim. We’re all friends here, you dont have to lie.

  433. Perhaps, I have been hearing a lot lately about what a complete buffoon Trump is. First 100 days didn’t go so well, huh?

  434. Any non-liberal person, or even an honest liberal with critical thinking skills, knows it is almost impossible for conservatives to be treated fairly in a liberal environment whether it be government employment, university education, social circles, etc, etc. Liberals are the most intolerant people out there.

  435. One man’s ‘collateral damage’, is another man’s ‘urban renewal’.
    BuzzFeed’s neighborhood may need some ‘sprucing up’. All that I’m saying, General Mattis. Just throwing out a theoretical talking point, is all…

  436. He owns move-on.org… he finances civil disobedience out of his own pocket… Hungary has an arrest warrant for him…

  437. Lol these losers could not get a real job if their life depended on it……..poor snowflakes……

  438. Saw Smith on Tucker Carlson last night, notice how with Liberals it’s always “Ludicrous” to believe that ANYBODY on the left would say such horrible things and or show bias while thats EXACTLY what they do, oh and they all LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH. Liberalism is DEFINATELY a brain disorder. These people live in a hypocritical alter reality and think they are actually funny and smarter than the average person.

  439. What rallies? What the hell are you talking about? How many sock puppets are on your hands right now? LOL

  440. The MSM should be charged with discrimination. They’re clearly bigoted and need to be held accountable.

  441. Pretty mean and nasty inside the liberal bubble. We need more Baked Alaska’s to be served. Great glimpse of the psychosis

  442. Trump punched ’em in the mouth today with the Obamacare repeal and replace. Great to see CNN in melt down mode.

  443. Again with the ageism.

    Were granny and grandpa touching you?
    Or did granny just cover it up?

  444. Chris, Are you so desperate you have to go back 45 years all the way to Vietnam? This is a losing argument because there are too many examples of Democratic candidates that lied about serving or avoided serving in any way possible. My father was career military and served in Vietnam, he and I have had many discussions about those that went and those that ‘dodged’. This is such a useless argument for a lefty; you can’t sling any mud here without getting yourself filthy in the process.
    Do you only try to demean or do you promote? Say something positive and enlighten us with the shining glory that was ‘your’ candidate.

  445. Liberal turds are mean, nasty, vile, violent and vicious when they do not get their way.

    I am a white, straight, pro-life, Christian, Republican male who has a job, owns a
    gun, and pays taxes. So what else can I say today to piss you snowflake libs off?

  446. wouldn’t that be like someone saying something to someone else in private, oh like President Trump and Billy Bush, shouldn’t that be a nothing story too.

  447. Reading these tweets from employees, I think Buzzfeed is employing child labourers.
    If not, wow, they have problems with maturity. Bet the guys don’t get laid much.

  448. Gawd, that place, BuzzFeed, is the sewer. I wonder what it is like to have such an ugly heart.

  449. I don’t know why Buzzfeed people are so upset. They got what they wanted, Hillary won the Presidency.

    Oh..wait…. sorry.

  450. “Trump has become a moderate, mainstream president”

    – CNN April 14,2017

    Liberals just like to kill.

    US Prisons are overflowing with liberals convicted of murder.

  451. Don’t forget the Syrian base, killing over 200 troops, allowing ISIS to overrun the place.

  452. These people keep pushing for a war.
    We will remember their names when they get what they wanted.

  453. If we said that about our last muslim president , the real fascist alinskey losers would set our cities on fire. PS to all u fascist, u had the senator in the the kkk. u bought and sold humane beings , an when Nixon wanted healthcare for all, senator kennedy fought that. Thats y you want to re-write our history books. PSS do u want to talk about the Civil War and the Republican President ? Probably not. LOU OU SERS

  454. as soon as george soros get tired of contributing to these group, they’ll be called chickenfeed…

  455. The Secret Service needs to investigate BuzzFeed for conspiracy to kill President Trump.

  456. Can you imagine the outrage of the left & the democrats had a conservative site joked about the assassination of Obama? They would be calling for arrests and imprisonment (since they only believe in free speech for liberals). I hope these thugs keep this un-American nonsense up throughout Trump’s Presidency. It will ensure the democrats remain in the political wilderness for a generation.

  457. After the 2018 elections, the Democrats will be lucky if they have enough people left in congress to clean the restrooms.

  458. You know damn well had a rightwing site tweeted, emailed or whatever way communicated those threats against Obama….they would have been.

  459. The entire left does not equal the antifa though. That would be like saying that all christians=people who shoot up abortion clinics. That’s faulty logic and you know it.

  460. PRESIDENT Trump trounced lying, crooked, cheating, Hillary, the dimwitcrats and nasty liberal snowflakes in the election. They just can’t face the fact that the old hag Hillary got beat.

  461. I lost a job before Trump ran because I was a conservative/Christian/Republican.
    If you were white and not gay/lesbian, you were ran off from that company. Did not know that before I went to work there. My boss hired me because she was attracted to me, did not know that either. I was a very seasoned employee, years of ins/law. She was deeply hurt I was not responding to her. After I rejected her, she went after me with everything she could dig up. Could not get me on anything except…. I was not a good fit??? No, I was not!

  462. LOL, alt-right, but yet alt-left doesn’t exist. Only in the mind of a libtard can transreality exist.

  463. Leftists (fascists) make themselves deliberately, and conspicuously, despicable – then blame you for being a “hater” for having the perfectly reasonable position of hating them for the content of their rank-nasty characters.

  464. Uh, no. You ability to grasp the concept of ‘vast majority’ is severely lacking.

  465. Was fair game for Hillary to “want to use a drone on the Ecuador Embassy in the UK to take out Julian Assange”

  466. Holy [email protected] are these supposed to be what passes for journalist in this country or a bunch of ten year old middle school escapees? I’d like to say I’d seen more juvenile tweets, but daaayum my own playground days were a while back.. I hope Buzzfeed pays these mental midgets in gummi bears and peeps it’s about all they are worth.