EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles County Crime Victims Speak Out Against George Gascón’s Jailbreak Policies

Three victims of violent crime in Los Angeles County have stepped forward to Big League Politics to share stories of their experiences, and to warn the community of George Gascón’s jailbreak and soft-on-crime policies.

Gascón has received scrutiny in left-leaning Los Angeles County for his proposals to gut the criminal justice system in favor of criminal defendants and convicted offenders. Gascón has pledged to eliminate cash bail, close the county’s largest jail, and to reevaluate sentencing guidelines for felony offenders convicted under California’s “Three Strikes” law, which mandates sentences of 25 years to life for offenders who refuse to cease committing felonies.

One Los Angeles County woman, Marfa Koltsova, has revealed that Gascón intends to dismiss special sentencing guidelines for a man charged with murdering her brother, a Champion of Russia in snowboarding. Rhett Nelson, the accused, is also charged with shooting and killing a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy. If Nelson is convicted and sentenced without the enhancements traditionally applied on those guilty of two murders, he stands a strong chance of one day leaving prison.

“My name is Marfa Koltsova.

My younger brother Dmitrii Koltsov was tragically shot on the 10th of June of 2019 in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. The person who killed him didn’t know him. They did not know each other. He just drove up to the parking lot where my brother was standing talking to his friends near their car and shot my brother in his head. No cause, no motive. Dmitrii died right away.

My brother was a Champion of Russia in snowboarding, and the kindest and the most friendly and fun person. He always was the first one to help someone who was in need. And he has even happened to save a life! He was only 32! Now the murderer is waiting for his sentence. And we all are waiting and hoping for the most severe punishment for his horrifying crimes. And now I find out that under the new D.A. George Gascon reforms the special charges against the accused might be dismissed?!

How is it possible?!? My brother got deprived of an opportunity to live without anyone asking or warning him! This murderer has made our lives, the lives of our family and friends a nightmare, a hell on Earth! Our family and friends are also victims of these horrible circumstances and we have to continue flying with a broken wing!”

Under Gascón’s plans to change the Los Angeles District Attorney’s sentencing policies, the accused could conceivably be paroled from prison in less than thirty years if convicted of a double homicide.

One woman, Kimberly Lopez Payne, has revealed that Gascón no longer intends to provide a member of her family a chance to speak at the upcoming parole hearing of a man convicted of the brutal murder of her 16-month old grandson. If paroled, the convicted murderer would stand to walk free in the community only 20 years after the heinous murder of a child.

My 16 month old grandson was brutally beaten to death by my daughter’s boyfriend while she was at work.

He beat him at about 1 am and allowed him to lay in his bed til morning when my daughter got home from an overnight shift at Disneyland. A couple hours later, she would be woken up by her boyfriend telling her, her son was not waking up. He was rushed to the ER, but it was too late. He was brain dead. The autopsy would show he suffered 22 multiple blunt force trauma to his head. He was bruised from ear to ear across his forehead. He had one completely detached retina and the other one was almost completely detached. He would also have bruises on his cheek the shape of fingers. The doctor that treated him, told the jury that it was the worst case of child abuse she had seen in her 20 years in pediatric emergency medicine. She also testified to him having more injuries than had he fallen off a 10 story building. The perpetrator let my 16 month old grandson lie in his bed for hours while he was dying, until his own mother would find him.

The murder trial lasted about a week. The defendant was found guilty of child abuse resulting in death and 2nd degree murder within about 4 hours of being turned over to the jury. The judge sentenced him to 25 to life with 2 years served. First parole date is 2032 after only 20 years. For the last 8 years, I’ve been told by the DA and Detectives that he would most likely be denied parole the first time it came up because of the viciousness of the crime and he, to this point, has not accepted responsibility. Now, with this new DA in office, if I understand correctly, when the murderer comes up for parole, the New DA will not send anybody to represent my family or the people of the county of LA. No one to educate the parole board what a heinous crime was committed against my 16 month old grandson.

No one to show photos of his bruised head that shows the brutality of the crime. The photos won’t even be released to me so that I can take them. I called a Detective to ask if this was possible and his answer to me was, I should check with the DA. I have to live every year for the next 12 years counting down to his release when I thought he would be behind bars for a good long time. 20 years isn’t even 1 year per blow to my grandsons head, all each which could’ve been the fatal blow. I just need someone to explain why parole granted on the first time it comes up is any kind of justice, when it’s not the amount of time he was sentenced to.

Linda Sanchez, the mother of 21-year old murder victim Daniel Anthony Sanchez, also fears that Gascón’s jailbreak and soft sentencing policies will lead to the parole and release of the man convicted of her son’s murder in 2019. Gascón has pledged not to seek sentences of life without parole in homicide cases, citing the potential of murder convicts. He’s also instructing deputy District Attorneys not to attend parole hearings, even on behalf of family members of murder victims.

My son Daniel Anthony Sanchez attended Mt. San Antonio Community College and worked part time at Domino’s Pizza as an assistant manager.

Daniel was a great kid, he always put school first. He knew the key to success was education. Daniel had set goals and was supposed to accomplish them! 

On 3/10/2018, my son was murdered by his coworker because Daniel asked him to do his job and deliver the pizzas. The murderer brutally stabbed my son multiple times while Daniel’s back was turned. One of the stabbings was on Daniel’s neck which caused Daniel to bleed out and die. My son had just celebrated his 21st birthday a month prior to his death. Daniel was so excited to turn 21 and begin his adult life. I still do not know how I survived that day. I have seen images no mother should ever see of their child, Daniel laying in the hospital bed with blood all over his face, a tube down his throat, and a big hole on his neck, his eyes slightly cracked opened like when he used to sleep as a child. I wanted to hug and kiss him so badly at the hospital. At one-point I got close to his face and I almost kissed him; however, I was not able to since, his body was under investigation.

There were 2 police officers on the side of his bed making sure he was not touched; I was not allowed to touch my son nor give him a last kiss. I kept repeating, “my son was a good boy and didn’t deserve this, he was going to school to become a teacher.” All the nurses, police officers and paramedics were crying along with us.

My baby died alone!!!! I worry he was scared; Daniels last words were “he killed me” all I keep thinking is I could not hold him and comfort him like a mother is supposed to do! My beautiful son is gone forever, and I will never see or hear his voice again. My heart is broken and forever will be.

Daniel received “so called justice” January 15, 2019. The murder that took my child received 25 to life plus 1 year for using a knife. I cannot even imagine hearing that he would be released before the 26 years. Hearing that George Gascón’s policies have changed scares me to the point where I feel like I cannot catch my breath. The man that murdered my son has a history of stalking people and impersonating a police officer. I fear for my life and for my children’s lives for he can come back and retaliate. I do not understand how it is ok to allow murderers walk the streets, how can Gascón change his policies? Why should I live in fear when I have done nothing wrong?! Why should this murderer walk the streets and be able to hurt more innocent people?! He is a threat to society and to our community and can hurt more innocent children! Why are we being punished, is not losing a child enough suffering?! This is so unfair; my son’s life means/meant the world to me and I would give my life for my son. I begged God to take me instead. Letting the murderer out of prison would be like Daniel meant nothing to this world. How is this fair?! I would never wish this pain on my worst enemy, but I guess you would have to lose a child to understand how betrayed I feel by George Gascón. We the victims are being treated like we committed the crime. If you murdered once you can murder again. George Gascón is on the wrong side, and I have always thought the District Attorney stood for the good people. George Gascón has proven he stands with the convicts. This makes no sense!!


Homicides in the nation’s second largest city have skyrocketed, with Los Angeles incurring over 300 in 2020 for the first time in over a decade. Thanks to Gascón’s soft crime and sentencing policies, offenders adjudicated guilty of the worst crimes stand to receive comparably light sentences and a strong to certain chance of eventual parole.

A movement to recall the Soros-funded pro-jailbreak District Attorney has emerged in Los Angeles County, with crime victims determined to see the interests of justice prevail over unmerited sympathy for violent offenders.

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