EXCLUSIVE: Man Taken Off FBI’s Most Wanted After Having Gun On J6 Allegedly An Anti-Mask Activist

A screen capture showing a video allegedly showing Luke Robinson, a man who was removed from the FBI’s most wanted list after marching at the US Capitol donning a firearm on January 6th, 2021.

How are those who reported on Ray Epps not paying attention to this? Not too long ago we here at Big League Politics were granted the opportunity to speak with Micajah Jackson, a young man who recently faced charges and convictions as a consequence of entering the United States Capitol Building back on January 6th, 2021.

Jackson had a lot to say about much of the legal processes and treatment he endured after FBI agents and others in the US government confronted him following that fateful day. The United States Marine Corps veteran sat down and exclusively told BLP about quite a bit, including that multinational conglomerates Facebook and AT&T both willingly handed over his private data to the FBI and the arguably unconstitutional January 6th committee respectively — all without any kind of search warrant presented. BLP will have more out on that soon.

We have all heard of Ray Epps, the middle-aged man in the MAGA hat seen encouraging people to illegally “go into the Capitol” just before January 6th, 2021. His removal from the FBI’s most-wanted list and subsequent angry reactions upon being confronted by conservative activists have caused some to be suspicious that he may be working with the federal government to some degree.

But have you heard of Luke Robinson?

As some of our viewers may know, Jackson has engaged in a bit of journalism himself, assisting in exposing and questioning a man by the name of Luke Robinson who according to the FBI was seen carrying a gun at the US capital also on that day, January 6th, 2021. Robinson was later removed from the agency’s most-wanted list with no explanation, prompting a lot of curiosity from Americans such as Jackson who were facing far more serious charges for what appeared to be more minor offenses during the same event.

A video uploaded by his Twitter account, @TheJFKReport, last January showed both himself and his friend Kyle Clifton confronting Robinson over such claims.

Clifton was also the same person to track down and confront Ray Epps at his private ranch in Arizona following his removal from the FBI’s most-wanted list.

“Hey man, why were you removed #343 from the FBI most-wanted list?” Jackson can be seen asking Robinson in the video.

“I don’t know. Hey man, can I talk to you after this?” Robinson asked in response.

The Gateway Pundit covered the story, which can be seen here.

Alas, the plot thickens. Jackson exclusively told BLP even more about Robinson, showing us photos and videos of him allegedly engaging in anti-mask activism. A man who is apparently Robinson can be seen in these never-before-seen videos marching around Downtown Phoenix announcing his sentiments against both face masks and the Covid-19 inoculation. According to our sources, the videos were filmed in the Spring of 2021 — months after the protests at the Capitol on January 6th.

“We don’t need any masks, we don’t need any vax. It was an experimental pandemic!” Robinson can be seen yelling through a bullhorn in one of the videos. “Look up event 201, it’ll tell you everything about it — they planned it! You don’t want to take an experimental gene therapy vaccine. Don’t do it… Yikes!”

Another video shows Robinson yelling, “take the mask off. You don’t need a mask, you don’t need a vaccine. It’s a fake pandemic! No need.”

Ethan Schmidt, a self-described political provocateur who is well-known for his anti-mask activism in Arizona, can be heard speaking in the video. Schmidt corroborated Jackson’s claims that the man in the video is in fact, Luke Robinson, in an exclusive statement to BLP.

More reports on Jackson’s story are planned for the future. Should there be more updates on Robinson’s activities, BLP will be sure to cover that as well.

Until next time, Patriots.

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