EXCLUSIVE: Michael Caputo’s Behind the Scenes Interactions With Andrew McCabe, Adam Schiff At CNN

Michael Caputo, a close ally to President Donald J. Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign, spoke exclusively to Big League Politics Wednesday, detailing interactions that he has had with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and disgraced former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe at CNN’s studio in New York City.

Caputo is a frequent guest on CNN, as is Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who continues to accuse Trump of crimes related to Russian “collusion.” For the past two years, Caputo has been hamstrung by the likes of Schiff’s committee at the direction of McCabe and the FBI.

It has been two full years of turmoil for Caputo and his family, for which Caputo blames McCabe, calling him “patient zero of the epidemic of Trump derangement syndrome.”

“Andrew McCabe needs to know that what he has done to follow his political agenda – the treachery that he has done – has a remarkably negative impact on innocent people, and I don’t think he really gets that,” Caputo told BLP. 

Caputo blasted McCabe for being the progenitor of the Trump/Russia hysteria that has engulfed the nation, swallowing up innocent people in its path and endangering the lives of witnesses like Caputo and his family.

“Heres what really happened,” Caputo said. “DOJ and FBI officials spied on U.S. citizens with false warrants, they gave a pass to [Hillary Clinton’s] presidential campaign, and investigated [Trump’s presidential campaign] on the basis of unverified evidence from the campaign they gave a pass [to], and illegally leaked information on these investigations.”

“All of that put my family in harm’s way,” Caputo said. “And Andrew McCabe is patient zero for all of that.”

Tuesday night, when Caputo and McCabe were both at CNN’s New York City studio for live interviews, tensions were high. Both were slotted for segments on “Anderson Cooper 360.” Behind the scenes, Caputo said McCabe was whisked into VIP green room with all of the other panel guests, including McCabe’s lawyer Micheal Bromwich, who represented Christine Blasey Ford during her Senate testimony against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. They were not in the makeup room together, either.

According to Caputo, the pair was not intentionally kept separated. Cooper, whom Caputo considers to be a friend, trusted that the pair would “act like adults.”

So what happened when the pair finally met at what Caputo described as a “bottleneck” in the CNN studio, where guests enter and exit the live studio? Caputo took the high road.

“Agent McCabe – I’m praying for you and your family, especially your children,” Caputo told McCabe.

McCabe, whom Caputo described as slight in stature, standing at about five feet, five inches tall, looked up at Caputo as if his words had not registered. McCabe did not reply, and instead slinked away, out of the building.

“I met Andrew McCabe tonight. He’s so small,” Caputo said on Twitter.


“It didn’t cause a ripple among people around us,” Caputo said. “And then I looked over to my right and there’s Bromwich, and I don’t know if he heard me, but he was looking me straight in the eye.”

Caputo said the interaction did not make him feel better.

“It didn’t,” he said. “Because I’m Italian, and I’m angry. So it wasn’t satisfying. And it also gave me an assignment. ‘Cause now I’ve gotta pray for the guy and his family.”

“But I’m sure my wife was proud of me,” he continued. “The people who follow me on my Facebook were proud of me. I think my priest is gonna be proud of me. So I think I availed myself well.”

The day after Caputo’s testimony in front of the House Intel Committee, Caputo met Schiff in a similar manner at CNN’s Washington, D.C. studio.

“We spoke for a moment – like niceties – and I shook his hand and I said ‘Congressman, don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope this is the last time I ever see you,'” Caputo said. “Everyone in the green room laughed, and he was like, ‘Okay Michael, okay.’ He was polite.”

Caputo was dragged into the Russia investigations due to a run-in with a man called Henry Greenberg. According to Caputo, McCabe sent Greenberg, a Russian undercover FBI asset, to track down he and Roger Stone. Several documents provided by Caputo and Stone prove that Greenberg has, in fact, worked as an FBI asset, but he claims that he stopped working for the feds in 2013. However, the convicted criminal is still in the U.S. today, living in Miami – presumably with an FBI-sponsored visa.

Caputo, who has known the President since 1988, actually lived in Russia from 1994 to 2000 as an advisor to the Kremlin. He later advised Trump as he flirted with a 2014 run for governor of New York and joined the presidential campaign in late 2015.

“Of course, as an advisor to the Kremlin in the 90’s and later a campaign staffer, I was low hanging fruit for McCabe and his cronies,” Caputo said.

As for McCabe’s Tuesday night claims that the FBI is unsure whether Trump is a Russian asset, Caputo was beside himself.

“I wanted to say this last night [on air] but I didn’t get the chance,” Caputo said. “I’m watching [McCabe] live and he’s saying that Donald Trump is a Russian asset.”

“For fucks sake,” Caputo continued incredulously. “[Trump] is as much a Russian asset as Andrew McCabe is the queen of England. Andrew and the queen are the same height, you’ve never seen them together, and we know that the FBI directors of the past have worn women’s dresses. If Donald Trump is a Russian asset, Andrew McCabe is the queen of England.”

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