EXCLUSIVE: Mulvaney, Schlapp Denied Angel Moms Meeting with Trump Over Budget Bill

Multiple sources inside the White House have confirmed for Big League Politics that high-level officials within the President Donald J. Trump’s administration  – without Trump’s knowledge – denied Angel Moms a meeting with Trump to discuss Thursday’s proposed budget bill, which does not include full border wall funding.

Sabine Durden, one of the Angel Moms, a group of brave activists whose children have been slain by illegal aliens, was denied the opportunity to meet with Trump to discuss her opposition to the budget.

“Somebody doesn’t want Donald Trump to see us, because one look at us and our dead children, and he won’t want to sign that bill,” said Angel Mom Sabine Durden. “This request to meet with Donald Trump has been put in for quite some time, so it was a surprise.”

According to multiple sources, Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp personally nuked the meeting. The sources told BLP that Trump does not even know that the Angel Moms are in Washington, D.C., and that his staff is actively working to make sure that Trump does not learn of their presence.

“I don’t want [Trump] seeing dead kids before the budget vote because then he won’t vote for it,” Mulvaney reportedly said.

This confirms an earlier Tweet from One America News reporter Ryan James Girdusky. BLP  was able to confirm that the staffer was Mulvaney.

The sources told BLP  that Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law and senior advisor, is working with White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Bill Shine behind the scenes to spike any criticism of the bill. According to one source, the White House even had a phone call with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs, opponents of the bill, to ask them to stop publicly criticizing it.

As GOP establishment forces around Trump lead him towards signing the heaping pile of garbage that is the budget bill, Durden understands Trump’s team is actively working against him to subvert his America First agenda.

Dominic Durden, slain by an illegal alien, with his mother Sabine.

Durden is a legal immigrant whose son, Dominic, was killed by an illegal alien. She said that when the Angel Moms are in D.C., they are usually invited onto Fox News, and hope that that will be the case tonight, so they can tell this story.

Amy Kremer, co-founder of Women for Trump, was also present with the group in the white house.

Durden said that the last time the group visited Washington, D.C., they went to the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), a staunch border security opponent. She recounted that the group was treated dismissively by the staff, though the staff did remove a poster with children wearing “undocumented and proud” t-shirts in the presence of the Angel Moms. She said that she left Pelosi one dollar, the exact amount of funding offered by Pelosi to build a border wall.

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