EXCLUSIVE: Mystery Person Made Noise Complaints from Paddock’s Suite Night Before Vegas Shooting

Early in the morning on Oct. 1, 2017, less than 24 hours before the single largest mass shooting in U.S. history, two noise complaints were made by an occupant of the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s room 32-135, booked by Stephen Paddock.

But a new intelligence report obtained by Big League Politics confirms that Paddock was not in his suite at the time that the complaints were made. Rather he was at his home in Mesquite, Nevada.

The noise complaints have been widely reported, including in an Oct. 5 report by Daily Mail. Those reports list Paddock as the complainant, but later reporting from at least one mainstream press outlet said that Paddock made two trips to his home in Mesquite on Sept. 30, and that he stayed there overnight before returning to the Mandalay Bay on Oct. 1.

Here is a screenshot of that timeline, per US News: 

Oddly, when I tried to archive the US News link, I received the following message:

The person who received the noise complaint was staying in room 31-135, directly below Paddock’s suite.

According to the Daily Mail report:

“Albert Garzon, a restaurant owner visiting from San Diego, and his wife and friends, was staying in 31-135, directly beneath Paddock, when he says he got a knock on the door at 1.30am. It was security asking him to turn down the music after another guest had complained about the noise. When he asked who it was, he replied: ‘It’s the guest above you.’ Garzon says they turned down the music, but half an hour later, they got another visit from a different security guard saying the hotel had received another complaint from the same individual.

Garzon would later recount the same story on a podcast show, which is posted to YouTube here. He said that the first noise complaint was issued around 1:30am, and the second around 2:15am on Oct. 1.

The intelligence report obtained by BLP, part of a series compiled by former high-level United States intelligence officers, confirms that Paddock was at his home in Mesquite when the noise complaints were made:

The report mentions this fact in passing. It mainly focuses on Google searches made from one of Paddock’s laptops that was in room 32-135 at the time.

Who specifically made the noise complaints remains a mystery. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has concluded that Paddock acted alone, and no information about guests in his suite has ever been released despite a bevy of evidence that there were multiple people there before, and potentially even during the shooting.

MGM, which owns the Mandalay Bay Hotel, did not respond to a comment request.


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