NeverTrump State Party Goes To War Against Trump Supporter, Calls Her A ‘Democrat’

Dianna Ploss

The Massachusetts Republican Party is going to war against a Donald Trump supporter who is trying to force a caucus to get herself on the party’s State Committee.

Trump supporter Dianna Ploss says that state committee member Angela Hudak moved to North Carolina at the beginning of April, which the party’s rules clearly state means she must vacate her seat. But Ploss says that the state party, which is in the grasp of hardcore NeverTrump governor Charlie Baker, is trying to delay a caucus vote because their preferred candidate Amanda Kesterson — whose family is comprised of Baker supporters– is not ready yet to defeat Ploss. Ploss claims that Hudak had to drive up to Massachussetts from North Carolina for a recent GOP grassroots training session featuring Kesterson. Internal emails make clear that Hudak was moving but still intending to hold on to her seat. Ploss calls it a “charade.”

Big League Politics asked Hudak if she moved to North Carolina. Hudak replied, “I have really no comment on this time regarding my state. You’ve caught me at a really bad time. I’m in and out of events right now and you’ve caught me at a really bad time. I have no comment.” Pressed on whether she had moved to North Carolina, Hudak hung up the phone. The state party, meanwhile, said that Hudak is still registered to vote in her Massachusetts district, but the state party rules are clear that voter registration does not matter. Inhabitancy does.

Ploss thinks that this is a “power struggle” for the soul of the state party, as it applies to Trump. She claims that Baker’s campaign legal counsel Vincent DeVito did barely anything to help Trump win when he led the Trump campaign in Massachusetts, only setting up the state campaign’s organizational chart a month before the election.

After Big League Politics’ report, state committeeman Luke Noble blasted out an email to party insiders going to war against Ploss.

Noble wrote: “As many of you have seen through social media, emails, and phone calls, Angela Hudak and her family are under attack by activist Diana Ploss. Angela bought a home in North Carolina and although has not yet changed her residency, has not yet resigned from the State Committee, where she was elected. Dianna started running for Angela’s state committee seat in February and continues to post daily on social media urging Angela to resign and threatening her and the Republican Party with lawsuits if she doesn’t. Her attacks have become personal and vial (sic)…My concern at this time with Dianna being a lifelong democrat (and only recently changed her registration to Republican) is her agenda. I would caution everyone that she continues to go to media outlets trying to portray the governor and anyone associated with the Republican Party as being toxic, when in fact her own actions are such…”

“Although Angela is currently here in North Andover, she is going back-and-forth between here and North Carolina. It is likely she will resign in the future when she makes North Carolina her permanent home. I am deeply saddened for Angela and her family with the personal hardships in her life and then additionally having to take on these unnecessary vicious and vial (sic) attacks by Dianna Ploss, supposedly a fellow activist for our Republican cause,” Noble wrote, accusing previously supporting Obama and Elizabeth Warren. “I just want to share all of this with you so you can alert your committees that if they are contacted by Dianna to be very cautious of her intent. We are not sure if she is just a Democrat trying to cause division or if she is truly encouraged to become a Republican activist and feels division is the best way to move the party forward? In either case it is cause for concern.”

Ploss is amused by the attack.

“I would really like to see some proof that I supported Obama and Warren,” Ploss told Big League Politics. “No, I have not personally attacked Angela Hudak or her family. I actually feel bad for her because she was used by Luke and Amanda. They, Amanda and Luke, hatched this plan of delay in order to help Amanda get her name out there…I still can’t believe what they did to this poor woman. She had to go back and forth to North Carolina to keep up the charade.”

“Neither Luke nor Amanda Orlando Kesterson could get Trump signs themselves during the presidential election because they were not involved at all in the campaign. Since they couldn’t get Trump signs from the MAGOP Victory Offices, they had to get the signs from me because I was volunteering for the Trump campaign here in MA. Now I am being attacked and called a Democrat? It makes no sense. We should be a welcoming party to everyone, especially since almost 1.1 million MA residents voted for Donald J. Trump. Imagine what we could do if we unite all these people and get them to join the MAGOP.” Ploss added that the state party is alienating the grassroots.

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