EXCLUSIVE: New Orleans-Area Eighth Grader Expelled For Defending Confederate Flag

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UPDATE: Morehouse Parish School District superintendent Hazel Sellers confirmed that Amanda Jennings’ daughter was brought to an expulsion hearing for “treating an authority with disrespect and willful disobedience.” Sellers said that Beekman Charter School, which makes its own rules independent of the school district, “re-admitted (Jennings’ daughter) on a probationary basis” to an alternative school known as the “Fresh Start” program.

A charter school in Louisiana has expelled an eighth-grade student for walking out of class in protest of a liberal history lesson on the Confederate flag, according to the girl’s outraged mother.

Amanda Jennings told Big League Politics that her daughter has been expelled from Beekman Charter School in Bastrop, Louisiana for the rest of the school year for defending the Confederate flag. Bastrop is located about four and a half hours north of New Orleans.

“I feel like my Heritage is constantly under attack,” Ms. Jennings said. “I am a minority here in this school district. I am white, but it is not my friends or community that I have a problem with.”

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Her daughter is 13 and in 8th grade at Beekman Charter school, and had a History lesson on segregation during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.  On the third day of the lesson, her daughter was being taught that the Confederate Flag was a symbol of hate, and that is when her daughter walked out in protest, saying that flag is a symbol of her ancestry and they were not racists.

According to Amanda Jennings, her daughter was expelled for the remainder of the year.

According to Jennings, at the expulsion hearing on Wednesday,  March 18, she was not allowed to present any evidence on her daughter’s behalf.

The principal  Roy McCoy, has denied Amanda the opportunity to file a new complaint at the School. When reached for comment, Principal McCoy said he would make no comment about “confidential” information,  he did warn us to not divulge any confidential information ourselves.  When asked what would be confidential about this story, he said “You will have to decide that for yourself”.

A new grievance will be filed at Department of Education.

Jennings is a “Monument Defender” in New Orleans. She had been in NOLA on and off for three weeks defending the Confederate Monuments.  She saw many people attacked by Antifa groups during that time and she feels  that the protesters were not local protesters. She feels they were from New York, and  they were paid agitators.  She said they were especially violent to the black citizens who were there to defend the monuments, which was upsetting to her. Amanda , talking about her heritage, feels a sense of protecting her friends.  She says she has many black friends.  Further, her Confederate ancestors built schools for blacks, after the war, and she is proud of that.

“We all get along here for the most part. I can go into black churches with my Confederate gear on and no one gets upset. We help each other here”, Amanda told BLP. “It is the Government , through groups like Hillary Clinton’s Southern Poverty Law Center, or Obama’s Community Organizing, and our elected government who stirs the people up over the Confederate Monuments.”



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  1. Well done Mom. Not many have the courage to stand up to the leftist narrative. We need to stop the lefts revisionist history efforts everywhere.

  2. Bastrop is about as far away as you can get from New Orleans and still be in Louisiana. It’s north of Monroe near Arkansas. If the rest of the story is true, the child shouldn’t have been expelled. However, when you claim it’s a New Orleans area school, it makes me doubt the rest of the story.

  3. Absolutely outrageous!
    This school needs to be picketed and possibly sued for violation of freedom of speech.

  4. Contact the Southern Resource League. Sue them for discrimination. Then sue the school for teaching a political agenda. #fightfortruth #herotagenothate

  5. Sounds like a nutcase to me. The school cannot legally discuss students because they are minors except with the parents and other government officials/school faculty.

    Jennings says all kinds of stuff all of the time. She’s full of hot air. She recently threatened to sue journalists for saying that “heritage” is white supremacy. Just another uneducated windbag.

  6. Getting up and walking out of class isn’t expressing yourself. There is a right way and a wrong way to lodge a complaint. I don’t doubt one bit that the child was already coached how to handle any “perceived” threat to their “heritage”. The primary source documents that the Confederacy left behind are all we need to figure out what they were fighting for. They were traitors. The Vice President of the Confederacy stated in the Cornerstone speech that their rebellion was rooted in white supremacy. I think y’all need to go back to school. Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck…

  7. Getting up and walking out on your teacher IS NOT “freedom of speech”. It’s disrespectful. But this is what you hayseeds believe.

  8. Big League Politics? More like Little League Blogging masquerading as journalism. The tradgedy is that there are so many uneducated people that will actually read this garbage and form opinions around it. So sad.

  9. Dude, you are so stupid it hurts. From your comment, it looks like YOU are the one who belongs in the eighth grade. This teenager who walked out showed far more courage and maturity than you with your ignorant comments.

  10. But yet you support the snowflakes who needed safe spaces and cocoa because they didn’t get their way in the election and you probably support the rioters who destroy property and assault people. I guess that is the right way to protest

  11. Petulance is not a sign of maturity at all. Again, just the mere suggestion that the child has a right to get up and walk out of class because the the child didn’t agree with the lesson is a dangerous precedent. That’s one child. If every kid did this all day long, there would never be any learning getting done.

  12. How do you know what I support? Tell me what else I believe while you’re at it knowing everything about me without ever having met me, or talked to me before.

  13. Get a lawyer and sue..it is the only way you can win …..let the law speak ..then go public

  14. The school did you a favor…. we should remove all our children from these communist -marxist-judaim- globalism brainwashing edJEWcation systems

  15. Just because you might be too timid to stand up for the truth doesnt mean that our children should sit passively by and be subjected to lies and propaganda. You may have taught your children to sit and devour such BS and be good little boys and girls, but I have taught mine to stand up for the truth and not accept lies under any circumstances. My son even stood up to an instructor at the Naval Academy for such blatant propaganda. Your attitude is exactly what the “state” wants, as in just sit there, shut up and take what we give you. Hopefully the next generation will have more backbone.

  16. I’d take your sorry butt to school, but I dont think it honorable to duel with an unarmed man.

  17. “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery — subordination to the superior race”

    Right back at ya!

  18. First, a peeve I pet.
    Have so many people forgotten how to think? Or do people believe thinking is the equivalent of feeling? The article keeps saying the woman felt this way and felt that way.

    Said that, now this.
    Welcome to the United Socialist States of Amerika. Think/feel I’m kidding?

  19. Well if it isn’t my old pal, the regressive Morlock.

    So, what you think should happen is that the girl should have sat there, taken insults and just sucked it up like a good little puppet? Your views on human rights and dignity are noted.

    BTW how’s that poorly-edited blog of yours doing? I’m getting close to 100,000 on mine. 🙂

  20. Robert Lee, you are a racist! Do not know where you live, do not really care. I live in Idaho, go ahead and make your ignorant comments. Not scared of you, just pitty you.

  21. Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin, Mao, etc would be proud of this school for teaching propaganda and then expelling dissent. Shocked the school didn’t put her in a gas chamber or in front of a firing squad.

  22. Tell that to all the Notre Dame grads who got up and walked out in protest. But you support their “expression of self” don’t you? College grad students coached and groomed as well. They “perceived” the speech as a threat and “didn’t feel safe”. Poor poor things. But I’m sure you will have a logical explanation for them.

  23. A child learning and defending our history and Her heritage will not be delinquent, on the contrary ask 75% of the country’s college attendee’s how much they know about the war of “Northern Aggression” or their Grand parent’s, or Great Grand parent’s, Hell, half of them couldn’t tell you their Mothers maiden name.

  24. Tell that to college children when they walk out of so they can’t hear of a different opinion that is not to their socialist thinking

  25. You must be referring to the children graduating from Notre Dame this past weekend that walked out of the Vice President’s Commencement address? And you really have some balls taking the name robert lee.

  26. Those weren’t children, they were adults, and they weren’t in a learning environment. You lose.

  27. In the mean time, sorry little pricks like you get up and walk out of a commencement speech being given by the vice president of the United States in protest of your farcicle little agendas. What’s good for you libs is good for us conservatives. We have voices too… Not that you loser’s are ready to hear them…

  28. Would you say the same about the liberal kids who walked out of their own graduation at Notre Dame?

  29. In that environment there isn’t any teaching being done. Revisionist history isn’t history.

  30. No..just no…fucking idiot. Standing up for what you believe in is s very good thing…

  31. It is disheartening that a charter school would use it’s position as a teaching unit to proclaim propaganda rather than teach the truth about history. The Confederate Flag is not a symbol of hate. It was a rally flag for the taxed south. Yes, that’s right. The civil war was not about slavery as most were taught. That war was about over taxation. Most Southerners fought because their land was being invaded from the North. Approx 1.6% of people so to say owned slaves. (That number includes Northerners). As a matter of fact, the first registered slave owner was black. Proclamation emancipation was more of a distraction. Squirrel. Issued in 1863, three years into the war. Which brings us to today. Young Ms. Jennings probably walked out of class because of bulling by the so to say teacher. No worse than the Notre Dame Grads walking out on Pence. The only difference, an 8th grader verses college grads. Now here is my favor…..Mr. Robert Lee. He is trying to bully people while hiding in the world wide web. History is facts. However the facts can be change by the victor…..right now, the left thinks they are winning…..therefore, they are trying to change the facts. It is sad that people like you can hide behind a computer screen.

  32. Actually Melissa, i can tell you exactly what this anonymous Morlock supports.
    I call him a Morlock because like most SJW snowflakes he lives in a basement — think Kevin Smith in the Bruce Willis film “Live Free and Die Hard” LOL! I also call him that because whenever the light of truth shines of him he covers up and flinches away.
    Anyhow, the guy is a troll who runs a blog that I am not entirely certain he writes himself. The blog is largely full of anti-Confederate propaganda pieces that attempt to tie the alt-right movement to the Confederate heritage movement using such “connections” as someone knowing someone who knows someone who has a cousin who….well, you get the point. The alleged “connections” are flimsy at best and dishonest intentionally at worst.

    If you would like to read a blog with some good points about Confederate symbols and their modern significance as part of a living heritage of all Southern people, please check out my blog at: http://southernfriedcommonsense.blogspot.com/

    And please try to avoid the Morlocks in the future. Never let them bring you down to their level. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/234ed0d413100ce4179aade0d877bd563886456ce2f204633ead59c37e16c117.jpg

  33. That’s just a prime example of the left. Would rather be a puppet and remain ignorant.this girl should be celebrated for standing up for her history and education, but to them she’s a juvenile delinquent. Really sad

  34. Every adult or student has the right to defend their heritage, this student should not of been kicked out of school for defending her right

  35. Well if standing up for one’s heritage is hate then I’m a hater. But what am I suppose to hate?

  36. This article needs to be taken down, because: 1. Beekman Charter School is not ‘New Orleans Area’, it is closer to Little Rock, AR than it is to New Orleans. 2. The reason Principal McCoy (NOT Coy) couldn’t comment is because the child in question is a MINOR (you would think a journalist would realize this). 3. The story told by the mother is a complete, utter, and total LIE. 5 minutes checking with the Morehouse Parish School Board and you would realize that no one has been suspended/expelled from Beekman Charter School for protesting a flag or freedom of speech issues. They can’t comment on what the expulsion was for, but they CAN comment on what it WASN’T for. I don’t agree with the crap going on in NOLA any more than anyone else, but don’t try to disparage a good school with a fabricated story by the mother of an 8th grader trying to further her own agenda.

  37. Amanda Is correct! You have educators who are teaching their personal believes of racism and hate not teaching By the books! Unless of course you’re teaching, and core where the books have all been rewritten or paragraphs deleted to reinterpret truths ! It would be like another educator teaching that MLK was a bad man and filled with hate! The only difference here is that the teacher disgracing MLK would have to step down, dismissed from their position. …while this teacher teaching hate against the confederacy turns the problem on the student and her family!!!
    There is a double standard and it’s reverse discrimination, a new founded act of black supremacy and left wing Hate Special Interest groups as well as liberals from outside the south here to white wash the entire South of all teaching of accurate Confederate History!
    How dare this teacher is allowed to teach such lies and think it’s OK ! How long has this teacher been brainwashing our children with lies!!!
    The principal as well as the instructor should be demanded to step down or at least placed on probation. It should also be demanded that they take a course in real confederate history !!!
    Thank God this teacher was exposed as a racist, watching to see the outcome !

  38. Your right about Notre Dame not being a learning environment, But I disagree with you about those children being adults and are many years away from being adults. Dixie Forever