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EXCLUSIVE: Out Magazine Editor Defends Suggestion That Rapper Deserved to Die for ‘Gay Agenda’ Comments

Another example of love and tolerance from the LGBT community.



An editor at an LGBT magazine defended an opinion piece published Monday suggesting that rapper Nipsey Hussle deserved to die for what it perceived to be attacks against the LGBT Community.

“Black LGBTQ+ People Deserve to Feel How They Want About Nipsey Hussle,” said the cryptic headline by Raquel Willis, Out Magazine’s executive editor.

Hussle was shot in the face in an apparent gang-land style murder.  Here’s how many in LGBT land responded:

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Willis’s headline affords such broad leeway to her gay compatriots on how they “deserve to feel” in the wake of Hussle’s violent death, leading many  to believe that either Hussle suffered a relatively pedestrian fate such as cancer or that Hussle had somehow engaged in a public, prolonged, and notable battle against LGBTQ rights.

It is precisely for the reason that many of Willis’s homosexual and genderqueer comrades were expressing their hatred and anger at Hussle after his death that Willis had to afford them this broad leeway leeway.

Neither of Willis’s implications is true. Hussle’s demise was a violent one.

Willis’s explains her callousness as follows:

So when [sic] an instance like this, a person who has a recent history of speaking ill about LGBTQ+ people and never fully engaged with evolving on the issue (at least publicly) is being honored, many of us can’t help to side-eye.

The thrust of Willis’ piece was that while Hussle was revered by many in the black community for his dedication to public service – indeed he was scheduled to meet Tuesday with the Los Angeles Police Department to discuss gang violence – that one Tweet and one Instagram proved him to be homophobic, and thus, he did not deserve to be mourned by homosexuals, and interpreted broadly, deserved to die.

“When a notable person dies, there’s a way that the general public analyzes everything that the person ever did, for better or worse. However, there are harmful actions or behaviors that are seen as more or less an indictment on the individual as a whole,” Willis said in the piece.

In Hussle’s case, his indicting and “harmful action” was openly discussing the gay agenda.

“None of us should be forced or even expected to mourn people who have operated as our oppressor,” she continued.

Willis thinly veiled her suggestion that Hussle deserved his death by saying that, in her eyes, it is unacceptable to “make light of another person’s passing.”

Hussle was not exactly an ardent anti-LGBT activist. He once had a dust up on the internet about whether a gay agenda existed.

“Demonstration speaks louder than Conversation. They gone feed us every image of our men and boys but this one. No hyper violent…No homo sexual…No abandoners….JUS STRONG BLAC MEN AND YOUNG Men. RESPECT TO MY BIG HOMIE @bigu1 for Leading with love and intelligence. GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN GO AGAINST US.” the Instagram post said.

When questioned on Twitter by Black Lives Matter activist Deray McKesson, Hussle responded with the following Tweet:

“I don’t look down on gay people I love all Gods children foreal. I take issue with the larger agenda.and I’m VERY WELL INFORMED contrary to my appearance. And my conclusion is there’s AN AGENDA…we can go fact for fact and get u some understanding if you’d like. If not God bless,” he said.

The mere suggestion that a gay “agenda” exists seems to have ticked Willis off, despite the fact that the existence of the big gay hate agenda is undeniable.

It’s the same agenda that led Mother England to give half a million dollars to an organization promoting transgenderism in children. It’s the one that labels ordinary conservatives “bigots” if they don’t think transgender children should be dancing for dollars at nightclubs. It’s the one that gave a teacher an award after a five-year-old “transitioned” in her class, and made it appropriate to assign six-year-olds the task of writing gay love letters to each other.

Simply acknowledging the existence of an LGBT agenda was Hussle’s mortal sin in Willis’s eyes.

Hussle’s other sin was not apologizing enough when joined the radio show “The Breakfast Club” and was asked about the internet dust up, during which he said the media took his comments out of context.

“If anyone was looking for a full apology or a grander display of contrition, you never really got one from Hussle. And that’s the point, a number of LGBTQ+ people and our supporters are trying to make,” she said of Hussle’s appearance on the show.

Willis openly says two of Hussle’s supposed sins incite the outrage expressed by homosexuals toward Hussle: 1) being a non-LGBTQ person and “never fully engag[ing] with [or] evolving on the issue [of LGBTQ-ism]” and 2) that Hussle’s “vision of a better community seemingly didn’t include all Black people, particularly Black LGBTQ+ people.”

When asked whether Hussle deserved to die for not sharing the same politics as Willis, she dodged. She did not respond in the negative.

“You could just read the piece,” she told me. “That’s an option.”

But she was quick to distance her opinion from that of the magazine as a whole.

“Also, it’s an op-ed, from me – a singular person not on behalf of the mag,” she said.

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ET TU, TUCKER? Carlson Suggests Sidney Powell Has No Evidence of Vote Steal Coup on ‘Fox News’

Has he been compromised?



After the inspiring press conference by attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell on Thursday about the Trump campaign’s steadfast dedication toward fighting voter fraud, supporters of President Trump expected Fox News host Tucker Carlson to support these efforts to save America.

Unfortunately, that is not what happened, as Carlson went off on Powell, making statements on his primetime program implying that she has no evidence for her claims.

“For more than a week, Powell has been all over conservative media with the following story: This election was stolen by a collection of international leftists who manipulated vote tabulating software in order to flip millions of votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden,” Carlson said.

“The other day on television, Powell said of Trump, that when the fraud is finally uncovered, ‘I think we’ll find that he had at least 80 million votes.’ In other words, rigged software stole about seven million votes in this election,” he added.

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At this point, Carlson’s commentary went off the rails, and he appeared to be carrying water for the color revolution coup that has culminated with the vote steal of the century.

“We invited Sidney Powell on the show. We would have given her the whole hour. We would have given her the entire week actually and listened the whole time at wrapped attention…But she never sent us any evidence despite a lot of requests,” Carlson said.

“When we checked with others around the Trump campaign, people in positions of authority, they told us Powell has never given them any evidence either,” he added.

Because Powell does not want to jeopardize any court case which the fate of the entire nation rests upon by blabbing to the media or any bureaucrats, Carlson is attacking her credibility.

“She never demonstrated that a single actual vote was moved illegitimately by software from one candidate to another…We’re telling you this because it’s true,” he said.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the left-ward shift of Fox News in recent months, which Carlson has up to this point pushed back against:

After Fox News host Neil Cavuto cut off White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany during an election-related press conference on Monday, ratings giant Tucker Carlson lambasted Cavuto and the network on his titular primetime program.

“In a democracy, you cannot ignore honest questions from citizens. You’re not allowed. You can’t dismiss them out of hand as crazy and immoral for asking. You can’t just cut away from coverage you don’t like. You can’t simply tell people to accept an outcome because force doesn’t work in a democracy. That’s dictatorship,” Carlson said.

“In a free society, you have to convince the public of your legitimacy. You have to win them over with reason. Democracy is always a voluntary arrangement. Telling voters to shut up is never enough,” he concluded…

He is responding to the shameful editorial decision by Cavuto and Fox News earlier in the day to censor McEnany in order to keep up the ruse that Joe Biden is the president-elect…

It is being speculated that Carlson may not be long for Fox News. However, he is a ratings giant who brings in the bacon to a network that is quickly growing reviled to its own core base.

Hopefully this is not a sign that Carlson has folded to the globalist establishment.

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