EXCLUSIVE: Patriot Banned From Arizona State Capitol Had No Racial Motivation In Using Term ‘Slave Muzzle,’ Says ‘I’m Here To Free The Slaves’

Patriot activist Ethan Schmidt, who was reportedly banned from the Arizona State Capitol for confronting a mask-wearing politician, said that he was trying to “free the slaves” from Coronavirus tyranny. Schmidt said that he obviously had no racial motivation in using the term “slave muzzle,” despite disingenuous media innuendo about his Capitol encounter. AZCentral even ran the ludicrous headline, “Anti-mask activist banned from Arizona Capitol after harassing Democratic leader with racial slur.” Not so, says Schmidt, who was reportedly banned from the Capitol by House Speaker Rusty Bowers, a Republican.

“I just asked him why he’s wearing a slave muzzle, because everybody who wears a mask is a slave of the New World Order,” Ethan Schmidt told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview. “They went and played the race card. It’s our people who are freaking slaves. I’m here to free the slaves again, man. The covidian slaves. Freedom from their masks and their slave muzzles.”

“Nobody told me anything about being banned from anywhere, nobody told me directly,” Schmidt said, referring to news that he is now reportedly banned from the state Capitol. “Security never kicked me out of anything.”

“Basically we’re on the third floor and I was talking to some older ladies who had masks on, and I was asking them why they had masks on because it’s really weird to wear a mask,” Schmidt said. Schmidt said that he then encountered Reginald Bolding.

“I had no idea who he was. I don’t discriminate. Anyone who wears a mask, I ask them why they are wearing a mask,” Schmidt explained, making it clear that his remarks at the Capitol had no racial connotation whatsoever.

“I probably can’t go into the House of Representatives anymore. I went to the Capitol yesterday and pressed a bunch of nurses there. There was a big Covid cult there, wearing masks and lab coats. I asked them why they were wearring masks and nobody had a good answer. Nobody could come up with a good response to defend the mask-wearing,” Schmidt said.

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