EXCLUSIVE: Pornographic Content Peddled To Arizona State University Students

A booth posted up at Arizona State University Tuesday featured a wide array of purchasable items ranging from patches to stickers. Some of the items sold were a bit, let’s say, more provocative than usual — included in the collection of goodies were various pornographic anime stickers available for the pleasure of the university students.

It is worth noting that not all of Arizona State University’s students are legal adults; some sources estimate that ASU has an upwards of at least 1,000 underaged students enrolled in their program at any given moment.

Big League Politics confirmed the authenticity of the report on the scene; various videos and photographs taken on Tuesday corroborate the story as well.

Luke Mosiman, an ASU student and political activist known for previously suing the university over its forced mask order, posted a video online displaying numerous pornographic stickers being sold at the school’s main campus in Tempe. Students in the clip can be heard laughing and reacting in shock over the selling of such content. Photographs of the materials will be placed at the bottom of the article as well. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Porn currently being sold at ASU,” Mosiman posted online. “Memorial Union staff just came over and said that they didn’t really care, but the booth ended up taking the material by themselves away while cursing at me.”


A reporter at Big League Politics attempted to collect comments from the man selling the illicit materials, but it was to no avail.

Such cultural issues are likely to increasingly garner more attention as issues of education increasingly become a part of the political forefront. Such is the case in Arizona; recent reporting by Tuscon Sentinel has revealed that Republican legislators in the Arizona state senate have approved a bill that would prohibit a public school from referring “sexually explicit” material to children without the express consent of their parents via House Bill 2495.


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