EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul Scores Vote To End Wars, Asks, ‘Where Was The Anti-War Left?’


Left-wing senators Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders both bolted when confronted about supporting Senator Rand Paul’s amendment to the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which would end the authorization of military force in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A vote on the AUMF will be held on Wednesday morning, the first vote on the issue in 15 years — thanks to Senator Paul’s efforts.

The left, once the side of opposing endless and needless wars, has now become the side of destruction as Senator Paul leads the fight to get the nation out.

On Monday evening, Senator Paul staged a lone sit in on the senate floor to demand an end to the authorization of military force in Iraq and Afghanistan. The protest came to an end when senate leadership agreed to grant him a four hour long debate on the issue will be held on Tuesday, under his control.

“Where was the anti-war left demanding wars to end? Where is the constitutional conservative right demanding Congress reclaim its war powers?” Paul asked in a comment provided to Big League.

When questioned by Big League Politics and the Gateway Pundit on Tuesday afternoon in the Dirksen Senate Building about whether or not he would support Senator Paul’s efforts, progressive independent Senator Sanders could not get away fast enough.


“Wait and see,” Sanders said when asked if he would support Senator Paul’s amendment.

When asked why the right is leading the fight against endless intervention instead of the left, Sanders would not respond. He also refused to respond to a question by Gateway Pundit’s White House Correspondent Lucian Wintrich about why the Democrats are now the party of war.

Likewise, Democratic Senator Booker was all smiles when first approached, but quickly slammed the door in the reporters faces when pressed for details on why the Democratic Party is supporting endless occupation.

Here is the Periscope of our encounter:


“What makes you think that I’m not?” Booker said when asked why he wasn’t supporting Senator Paul’s efforts. Well, Booker, the fact that you tweet every move you make but have not said a word about the amendment speaks volumes.

Senator Paul spoke on the Senate floor to begin making his case in the afternoon.

“Senator Paul isn’t finished and still controls four hours of debate. He wanted to start while they keep working to secure a vote, but if the vote doesn’t happen soon, he will be back,” Senator Paul’s office told Big League Politics.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake, as well as Democrats Dick Durbin, Tim Kaine, Ron Wyden, and Chris Murphy are expected to speak in support of Senator Paul’s amendment, sources tell Big League Politics.

“The Senate attempted to shorten debate and move forward without consideration and debate on my amendment to end our AUMF in Afghanistan and Iraq. Senate leaders have agreed not to try to end debate early, and have agreed to debate under my control to debate these wars. I will continue to fight, and if necessary, object, to continue this debate, secure a vote, and force Congress to do its duty,” Senator Paul said in a comment to BLP on Monday evening.

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