EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Names CNN Journalist Who He Suspects Tipped Network Off to Raid

Roger Stone

Saturday evening, Big League Politics’ Luke Rohlfing caught up with Roger Stone to discuss a variety of topics, including who Stone thinks tipped CNN off to the FBI raid at his Florida home.

“I think Josh Campbell of CNN, who’s a former special assistant to James Comey, and I think he should be questioned under oath by the Senate Judiciary Committee to find out how it is possible, because we now know that CNN’s truck arrived roughly 30 minutes before the FBI strike force,” Stone said. “I’m hopeful that Senator Graham will get to the bottom of that, because since they were executing a search warrant, the leak of that search warrant in advance violates the law.”

Stone also discussed the effect the raid has had on his family, particularly his wife.

“She’s traumatized, as you might expect,” Stone said of the raid. “She’s not guilty of any crime, but she was rousted from the house. She’s not allowed to use her cell phone all day. She’s not allowed to even go in the bathroom without be watched. She cannot go to the bathroom without being observed. Yet she’s not accused of any crime. Seems to me to be a violation of her Fourth Amendment rights.”

“They took her computers,” Stone continued. “They took her electronic devices. This is an extraordinarily police-state oriented overreach, but I think it’s backfired very badly on Robert Mueller and the deep state.”

Stone spoke about rumors of a potential gag order, which would require him to remain silent while court proceedings continue.

“If the court imposes [a gag order] I would obviously adhere to the order of the court, but I would also have the right to appeal the order,” Stone said. “Let’s see what [the judge] does. The lawyers will submit papers shortly. The purpose of a potential gag order is to not poison a potential jury pool, but I would argue that the raid on my house had the purpose of poisoning a potential jury pool. I ‘m hopeful the court will take that into consideration.”

Big League Politics will have continued coverage of our exclusive interview with Roger Stone. Stay tuned!

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