EXCLUSIVE: Sign At Virginia Election Office Says, ‘Responsibility Has No Borders. Vote’

A sign at the Arlington County Department of Voter Registration and Elections office in Virginia gives immigrants a clear message: “Responsibility has no Borders. Vote.”

The sign is in a public area of the office, visible to people at the counter as they are registering to vote or voting absentee. The photo is from 2016, but it was still up in the office during the 2018 midterm election. Our tipster inquired about it and was told that it’s part of a “historical display,” whereas other authorities just ignored it and said there’s nothing that can be done about Arlington County, which describes itself as a “welcoming” but not a “sanctuary” jurisdiction for illegal immigrants.

“I’m an Arlington county election officer. Arlington County VA is essentially a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants/noncitizens.  These signs are posted at the Arlington County election office.  Voter fraud is more likely to take place at the time of registration rather than at the polls, in my opinion,” our tipster told Big League Politics.

“In VA, one has to attest to being a US citizen in order to complete a voter registration form, (just check off a box) but no proof of citizenship is required to register to vote.  One can present one of the valid forms of ID in order to register to vote and at the polls, but the forms of ID do not prove citizenship, such as a Virginia drivers license. I believe this signage subtly encourages illegal immigrants/noncitizens to go ahead and register to vote, we will look the other way *wink wink,*” our tipster said.

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