EXCLUSIVE: State Rep Candidate Files Lawsuit Against Michigan Secretary of State to Stop Vote-by-Mail Scam

A state representative candidate has filed a motion for injunction against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson over her vote-by-mail scam that he alleges is unfair to his campaign.

Nevin Cooper-Keel is running against an incumbent Republican in Michigan’s 80th District for state representative and believes that Benson’s scheme to send absentee ballots out to all voters, even ones who have not requested to receive one, will make it impossible for his campaign to be competitive.

Big League Politics has obtained the motion for injunction that was filed against Benson in the court of law on Wednesday.

“This is unprecedented in that the SOS has never sent out unsolicited absentee voter ballots applications,” the motion states. “One reason the SOS has never sent them out is that the SOS has no authority to do so under state law.”

“Another is that the only sections of the government proscribed by Michigan law to be at all directly involved with absentee voter ballots and applications are local county and municipal clerks… A candidate challenging an incumbent is already at a disadvantage to the candidate established within the state government,” the motion continues. “Officials of our state government using their official capacity to further slant that advantage to ‘the deep state’ is repugnant on its face, and that’s what our SOS is doing.”

Cooper-Keel believes that a political reckoning is coming as a result of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdown policies, particularly as the economic ramifications are felt. He believes Benson’s move is an attempt to coerce early voting before the backlash builds against the state’s political establishment.

“My incumbent opponent has been campaigning in the same district for the same seat for 8 years, and I’ve only been campaigning one month,” said Cooper-Keel of his opponent Mary Whiteford, who has done nothing in the legislature to stop Whitmer from shutting down the state and destroying thousands of small businesses.

“I think Benson is more concerned about the lingering effects of the Whitmer economy and its in their interest to rush a vote now rather than give voters time to see what comes of this,” he said.

Cooper-Keel is not alone in his concerns regarding mail-in voting. President Donald Trump has drawn attention to the exact same issue, using his Twitter to raise awareness of Benson’s chicanery:


Cooper-Keel’s motion for injunction requests that the court “permanently enjoin SOS from engaging in the act of mailing unsolicited applications to vote by absentee ballot, or from engaging with anything to do with absentee ballots – other than what SOS is mandated to do with automatic voter registration – which is an act entirely separate from absentee voting” as well as “enjoin SOS from using that political office to direct state resources to advocate other clerks violate the law by sending unsolicited absentee voter applications” and “award reasonable costs and pro-per fees to Plaintiff for having to bring this legal action to correct SOS’s error.”

Big League Politics will follow this lawsuit to stop Democrat voter fraud in the key battleground state of Michigan as it develops.

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