EXCLUSIVE: Students React to White House Invites for Trump’s Executive Order on Campus Free Speech

Thursday, President Donald J. Trump will host a ceremony at the White House during which he will sign an executive order compelling universities to abide by the First Amendment, or risk losing federal funding.

Over the past few years, a fascistic trend of barring conservative speakers from college campuses across the nation has sparked outrage among Americans who value freedom of expression. Trump will address their concerns with his executive order.

Among the attendees at the ceremony will be conservative students from across the country who have been adversely affected by restrictive speech policies at their universities. One of those students is Joel Valdez, who attends the University of Illinois.

In late 2017, Valdez was assaulted by a professor and Ph.D student named Tariq Khan when he and some conservative friends counter-protested an Antifa rally that Khan was leading. Valdez ended up being punished by the university for the incident, despite the fact that video evidence clearly showed Khan was in the wrong. Later, Khan would threaten Valdez, saying Valdez was “lucky I didn’t flatten his ass.”

Big League Politics spoke with Valdez, who is excited for his Thursday trip to the White House.

He said:

It’s honestly a dream come true to be invited to the White House. President Trump has essentially been the leader of the free speech movement since 2016. Now he’s honoring the top conservative activists in the country and the Constitution by signing an executive order to protect free speech on college campuses. He’s the most pro-First Amendment president this country has ever had.

Trump is beginning to note that the free speech battle extends past college campuses, too. He reacted Tuesday morning to the news that his social media chief Dan Scavino had been temporarily blocked from making comments on Facebook.

“I will be looking into this!” Trump Tweeted, adding the popular conservative hashtag #StopTheBias.


If conservatism stands a chance in America, conservatives must be able to express their ideas freely. Trump is taking an excellent first step in protecting the First Amendment from and stopping crazed leftists from silencing the political right.

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