EXCLUSIVE: Trump Supporter Mary Jones Challenges Anti-Trump Republican For Congress in Virginia

President Donald Trump supporter Mary Jones is challenging Trump-critical Republican incumbent Rep. Scott Taylor in Virginia’s Second Congressional District.

Jones told Big League Politics in an exclusive interview that she wants to push the populist nationalist policy items that Congress is refusing to approve.

“People asked me to run. I decided to do it because I could not sit back any longer and watch a president who has an agenda to restore our republic get undermined by members of his own party,” Jones told Big League.

“We need leaders to act with urgency when we’re $20 trillion in debt,” Jones said. “We need to repeal Obamacare, crack down on illegal immigration, and restore our military.”

Jones cites her fiscally conservative credentials.

“I served on the planning commission for the James City County and the James city county board of supervisors. I was first elected in 2007,” she said. When the financial collapse happened, “instead of raising taxes we reduced spending about $20 million and cut the size and scope of government, in doing so we issued the first-ever Triple A bond rating in county history.”

Jones is taking dead aim at her opponent Scott Taylor.

“Our current representative has really done nothing to move the president’s agenda forward, he’s doing it for his own political gain. I supported President Trump when it wasn’t popular to do so. We need to bring it back to the people. We need that kind of representation. I could not sit back and listen one more time to our representative criticizing our president,” she said.

“In Charlottesville they were creating a narrative that was false. There were two sides. You had Antifa on one side. That’s what our president was saying. Our representative criticized him on that.”

Big League Politics has led all media outlets in reporting on the slate of “Trump Caucus” candidates making their announcements and readying their campaigns for 2018. (RELATED: Pro-Trump House and Senate Candidates Team Up For Massive America First Rally).

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