Exclusive: University of Illinois Student Assaulted by Professor, Punished for HIS Actions

This week, an outspoken conservative University of Illinois student who has been targeted by the school for his political affiliations gave Big League Politics an exclusive update.

Joel Valdez, only a Freshman, has been embattled with the university for the entirety of his first year. In November, he was assaulted by Professor and Ph.D student Tariq Khan when he and some conservative friends counter-protested an Antifa rally led by Khan. The assault was captured on video and Campus Reform reported on the incident.

The video shows Khan attacking Valdez, snatching his phone, and smashing it on the ground.

Shortly after the incident, Valdez was issued a university No Contact Order by the school, which threatened to dismiss him if he had any contact at all with the professor.

Now, Valdez is facing a University Censure, which is an official reprimand telling Valdez that his behavior does not comport with university standards. The censure, he says, comes 3 months after a friend made a tongue-in-cheek comment offering to beat up a professor who had assaulted Valdez. The joke was made in a comment on Valdez’s Facebook page and reported to the university.

“The school wants me to put in writing what role I played in this incident, and how it could have gone another way.” said Valdez. “But I’m not allowed to justify my actions or blame Khan,” he continued.

“What was even more startling was when I heard that Tariq Khan was only getting community service hours,” said Valdez.

The student will be required to meet with Rony Die, an Assistant Dean, to discuss his thought crime.

“During this appointment, we will discuss the nature of this incident and the appropriate University response,” says the censure letter signed by Die. “If you choose, you may bring an advisor to this appointment, but this advisor may not actively participate in our discussion.

Die’s office refused to comment when contacted by Big League Politics.

This procedure provides a bit of insight into kangaroo court system imposed upon conservatives on college campuses.

Khan only received 15 hours of community service from the university as punishment for physically attacking and destroying Valdez’s personal property.

He was booked for the incident after fleeing from the scene of the assault and later turning himself in. His charge of criminal destruction of property is currently pending.

“He [Kahn] actually approached me first at an Illinois student government meeting,” said Valdez, referring to an incident that took place before the anti-Trump rally where the video was taken.

“It was weird because when I walked into the room, he immediately said my name, and I had to ask, ‘Have I met you before?'” Valdez said. “No, but I know who you are,” Khan replied.

When asked about other instances of university bias against conservatives, Valdez says that he caught students and professors on video tearing down flyers promoting an Turning Point USA event. TPUSA is a conservative group for young people that has hundreds of chapters on college and high school campuses across the country.

“The professors are still employed by the university,” said Valdez.

“It’s honestly sickening to the point where our own members of Turning Point USA are scared to do any activism because they think that the university is going to come after them next.”

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