EXCLUSIVE: Young American Patriots Gather For Lauren Witzke, Camping And More At 76Fest

A group of motivated America-loving patriots gathered for camping, hiking, bonfires, and… you guessed it, political activism at Phoenix, Arizona’s Lake Pleasant earlier month. The event, dubbed “76Fest Arizona,” featured a plethora of outdoor activities as well as speakers and networking, making for a truly unique political event.

76Fest describes itself as an organization with an objective to reconnect Americans to their traditional roots, in hopes of both helping and mobilizing patriotic individuals who seek to improve both themselves and their nation alike. The group, much like many other pro-American organizations, has drawn significant hatred from actors of the radical left; a left-wing “journalist” wrote a story slandering the event back in August with the title “Hitler Youth, Without the Hitler.”

“At 76Fest we believe that Americanism has strayed far from it’s [sic] roots; primarily in connections to the land itself,” reads the 76Fest’s description of their events. “We provide a 2 night, 3 day immersive experience for American patriots in nature packed with activities like tent camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, and much more. All our events are primitive camping style, with little to no cell service, no running water, no electricity and no other modern distractions.”

Activities at their most recent Phoenix event included hiking, metalwork, campfires, political speakers, and much more.

Wild donkeys were seen more than once during the event.

76Fest notably was able to host Lauren Witzke, the 2020 Republican Party nominee for the Delaware Senate race. The former Senate candidate notably crushed the state’s Republican establishment, beating seasoned politician James DeMartino in the Delaware Republican primary by a massive margin of over 13 points.

Witzke, among other things, spoke of her origin story, explaining how she transformed herself from living a life of drug dealing and crime to one of advocating to improve her country. She also offered some words of inspiration, seeking to inspire the youth attending her event to strive for positive political change to promote ‘America First’ values.

2020 Delaware Senate race Republican nominee Lauren Witzke conducted an interview with American journalist Thomas Morales during the event.

Big League Politics had the privilege of exclusively asking Witzke what she viewed as some of the most important policies to be implemented in America today, to which she confidently answered “rebuilding the American nuclear family,” before elaborating on both that topic and other issues currently faced in American society.

“76 Fest was an incredible experience with incredible people,” Witzke said of the event in an exclusive statement to Big League Politics. “Now more than ever, we need to be holding events like these to build strong friendships and coalitions in the conservative movement that will last a lifetime.”

“We are at war, and 76 Fest is an incredible opportunity to observe God’s creation and rally the troops for the fight ahead,” she passionately concluded.

Attendees of the event held multiple campfires.

76Fest’s founder and 76Fest Arizona’s organizer, Rachel Vera, also offered exclusive comments to BLP regarding the event.

“The weekend was packed with outdoor activities, both informative and fun,” said Vera. “I couldn’t have asked for a better group, and watching everyone flourish throughout the weekend as they deepened their connection with fellow patriots, God, and the land was really something special. I believe wholeheartedly that the people who will win our culture war will be people who are connected with America as a country with borders and land, not just ideas and documents.”

“Our Arizona event was the perfect example of what I want to bring across the country,” continued Vera. “Honestly, words won’t do it justice; You’ll just have to come outside with us and see for yourself!”

Vera communicated that 76Fest plans to hold its next event in upstate New York from May 27th to May 29th. Those who are interested and learning more can do so by visiting the 76Fest website.

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