Exiled Trump-Hating Politicians Seek Refuge at Leftist Cable Networks

Two “Republican” politicians, blinded by #NeverTrump rage and subsequently voted out of office for ineffectiveness have signed deals to bash the President on leftist cable news networks.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich, barely a Republican and the exact type of establishment GOP hack that American voters rejected when electing President Donald J. Trump, will now be a Senior Political Commentator at CNN, the network announced Tuesday.

“Kasich’s move to CNN is notable because he is one of the most prominent critics of President Trump within the Republican Party. He has declined to rule out a 2020 primary bid against Trump,” the network said.

This is a tried and true tactic used by CNN to fool dupes and the unfortunate souls trapped in airports – the network’s prime audience. In order to appear non-partisan, they book guests and hire commentators whom they know will bash Trump despite claiming to be “Republicans.” Ana Navarro, who infamously filed her nails during a CNN segment about the dangers of illegal aliens, is the prime example. Republicans usually care about issues like illegal immigration. But not Navarro, who is often billed as a “Republican strategist,” despite not having been hired to strategize for any Republican in years.

Kasich, too, is a lover of open borders and proponent for amnesty.

Likewise, former Democratic U.S. Senator from Missouri Claire McCaskill has taken a role at MSNBC. She lost her seat to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) in November.

“’Morning Joe’ hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski made the announcement Tuesday morning during an interview with McCaskill on the MSNBC show,” according to the Kansas City Star. “NBC St. Louis affiliate KSDK-TV reports that McCaskill said she would bring her experience from the Senate and ‘won’t hold back.’”

This move is unsurprising and somewhat lateral. The difference between being a do-nothing leftist politician and leftist cable news commentator lies largely in the job title. McCaskill will surely fit right in at her new place of employment.

The American people continue to lose as D.C. to cable news corridor grows, and the debasement of our media continues.

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