EXPERT: Peace in Ukraine Depends On If The US Continues Propping It Up With Military Aid

Zhao Huirong, the Director of the Ukraine research office at the Institute of Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies believed that any form of peace established in Ukraine would largely depend on the United States. In an interview with Russian state media outlet TASS, Zhao says that this is so because of the fact that the US is Ukraine’s primary provider of military aid.

.“[During his Moscow visit, Chinese leader] Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged opinions on the Ukrainian issue and the two sides reached consensus,” Zhao stated. The Russian leader commended China for its attitude in solving this geopolitical dilemma and guaranteed that he was open to restarting  negotiations. “That was a positive signal in the context of the political settlement of the crisis in Ukraine,” she highlighted .

“Of course, the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis would require efforts on the part of many sides, especially the United States, because Ukraine relies much on military assistance from the US and its Western allies for its combat effectiveness,” Zhao noted. “It is only by starting peaceful negotiations and ending the conflict that a larger humanitarian catastrophe can be prevented,” she continued.

Back in February, the Chinese Foreign Ministry published a paper on how to establish peace in Ukraine. This twelve-point document included demands for a ceasefire, respect for countries’ legitimate security interests, ending the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, exchanges of prisoners of war between Russia and Ukraine, in addition to the abolition of unilateral sanctions imposed without a formal decision being made by the UN Security Council.

From the looks of it, the Russians have politely rejected the peace plan put forward by China and will continue with their military operation in Ukraine. As long as the US continues dumping military aid into Ukraine, peace will not be achieved. In fact, the wholesale destruction of Ukraine as a coherent political entity.

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