EXPLOSIVE AUDIO: Detective Admits Obstruction of Justice Conspiracy by Michigan AG Dana Nessel in Malicious Prosecution of Prominent Trump-Backed Attorney

New audio has emerged showing Detective Sgt. David Geyer’s frank admission that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is prosecuting a prominent Trump-backed attorney, her top political rival, as part of a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The explosive audio was posted on the Twitter account of former Republican attorney general candidate Matthew Deperno, the individual who is being prosecuted for allegedly inspecting a vote-tabulating computer in the aftermath of the stolen election in 2020:

“You guys are being played to obstruct justice,” an unnamed individual told Sgt. Geyer in the audio.

“Oh, there’s no doubt about it,” Geyer replied.

Geyer went on to comment about the dubious nature of the entire investigation launched by Nessel in an attempt to destroy her political opposition and scare away activists and whistleblowers from opposing voter fraud during next year’s crucial elections.

“My investigation is probably not going anywhere… I realized that I got thrown in the middle of a political absolute shit storm of an investigation, okay? Absolutely, do I think there was voter fraud? I do,” Geyer said, adding that he believes the fraud came primarily in the form of mail-ins and absentee ballots.

Nessel has been harassing and threatening DePerno for years, as Big League Politics has reported:

In the wake of the FBI’s raid of President Trump’s home, Michigan attorney general candidate Matt DePerno is under similar attack in his state from Democrat officials.

Michigan Democrat attorney general Dana Nessel has announced DePerno’s alleged involvement in a “conspiracy” to obtain election infrastructure and test the vote-counting machines after the 2020 presidential election that was marred with fraud.

DePerno addressed the controversy during a fundraiser in Macomb County, Michigan on Monday. He says that prosecutors have told him this is the “dumbest case she could ever take,” but he would not put it passed Nessel to try something this insane out of desperation.

Nessel has waged war against vote fraud whistleblowers as part of her aggressive attempt to suppress claims of election fraud and fortify the vote steal that took place under her Democrat administration in 2020.

These charges against DePerno are not likely to go anywhere, but he will still have to pay tens of thousands of dollars and be subject to personal and professional sanctions because of Nessel’s phony indictment. This is the blueprint for how the Democrats and the deep state are planning to sideline top Trump backers as part of the conspiracy to stack the deck against the rightful president in 2024.

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