EXPOSED: BLM Promises to Burn Louisville to the Ground Over Breonna Taylor Case

With every indication pointing towards the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor being found innocent in the next few hours, Black Lives Matter agitators are taking to Twitter promising to burn down the city of Louisville, KY this evening.

The city is currently under a state of emergency, road blockades are in place, and businesses are boarded up.

Breonna Taylor was killed in March during a narcotics raid on her home that many believe was a no-knock raid. Police state that they announced themselves, while Taylor’s boyfriend, who engaged in gunfire with the police during the raid claims that there was no announcement.

Since her death, riots have broken out, becoming more violent in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Now, with the announcement that the police will not be charges being expected today, BLM activists are threatening violence on Twitter, which is in violation of the platforms terms of service (not that they care).

These threats of violence are very real.

As Big League Politics previously reported, a man wearing a Justice for Breonna Taylor shirt has already killed three people in a mass shooting at a Louisville bar owned by an ex-cop.

BLP will keep you updated on this situation are more information develops.

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