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EXPOSED: Chinese Spy Reveals Communist Party’s Intelligence Operations Abroad



A Chinese spy spilled the beans on China’s intelligence operations abroad.

At the Australian newspaper The Age a story was written about Wang “William” Liqiang, a Chinese spy who recently defected to Australia.

This piece revealed Wang’s observations about Chinese intelligence operations.

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Wang even disclosed the identities of China’s senior military intelligence officers in Hong Kong. Additionally, he revealed how Chinese intelligence operatives fund and carry out political interference operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia.

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Wang took his material to Australia’s counter-espionage agency, ASIO, and is currently seeking political asylum, which may open up another point of controversy between Australia and China.

In a statement he gave ASIO, Wang said, “I have personally been involved and participated in a series of espionage activities.” Wang’s return to China could potentially lead to his detention and even a possible execution. Wang used a tourist visa to enter Australia and is now in an undisclosed location while he seeks urgent protection from the Australian government.

The former Chinese spy went on interviews with The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes where he explained how Beijing controls listed companies behind the shadows to finance intelligence operation, which includes spying and profiling dissidents and co-opting media organizations.

Wang has also disclosed details about the kidnapping of five booksellers from Hong Kong and their rendition to mainland China. The former spy’s testimony highlights how China’s spies are infiltrating Hong Kong’s democracy movement, meddling in Taiwan’s elections, and operating with virtual impunity in Australia.

ASIO has warned on multiple occasions that the current threat of foreign interference is “unprecedented” and the number of foreign intelligence officers conducting operations in Australia is currently higher than it was during the Cold War.

However, ASIO has never officially named China as a security threat, given the country’s close economic ties to Australia. Such a declaration could potentially damage economic relations between the two countries. Wang declared that the Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping “infiltrates all countries in areas such as military, business and culture, in order to achieve its goal.”

Wang added, “You shouldn’t underestimate our organisation … We were cultivated and trained by the organisation for many years before taking up important positions.” He noted that the Chinese Communist Party “wants to ensure no one threatens its authority.”

China’s power in the Pacific is undeniable and raises new challenges for U.S. foreign policy in the Pacific.

While the U.S. has spent nearly two decades in never-ending campaigns in the Middle East, it has ignored the Red Dragon in the East.

A sane U.S. foreign policy is one that ignores regime change and occupations without end, and instead relies on soft power to keep countries like China in line.


Flashback: Man Died on Video in 2016 After Dallas Police Pinned Him to Ground, Yet There Were No Riots…



A report last year from the Dallas Morning News highlighted how Tony Timpa screamed and begged for help more than 30 times as Dallas law enforcement “pinned his shoulders, knees and neck to the ground.”

Timpa bellowed, “You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me!”

After Timpa lost conscious, the officers who handcuffed him thought he was asleep and didn’t bother to find out if he was breathing or had a pulse.

As Timpa slowly died, the officers were laughing and joking about waking Timpa up for school and making him waffles for breakfast.

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According to body camera footage that The Dallas Morning News obtained, the police officers waited at least four minutes after Timpa stopped breathing to start implementing CPR.  The Dallas Morning News noted that “His nose was buried in the grass while officers claimed to hear him snoring — apparently unaware that the unarmed man was drawing his last breaths.”

The News added, “The officers pinned his handcuffed arms behind his back for nearly 14 minutes and zip-tied his legs together. By the time he was loaded onto a gurney and put into an ambulance, the 32-year-old was dead.”

The Dallas newspaper was able to obtain the Dallas Police Department body camera footage after a three-year campaign to get records connected to Timpa’s death.

On July 29, 2019, a federal judge ruled in favor of a motion by The News and NBC5 to put out records from his death, declaring that “the public has a compelling interest in understanding what truly took place during a fatal exchange between a citizen and law enforcement.”

Timpa originally called the police on August 10, 2016, from the parking lot of a Dallas porn store. He said he was afraid and was in need of assistance. He informed a dispatcher that he was afflicted by schizophrenia and depression and was no longer on his prescription medication. The News first reported Timpa’s death in a 2017 investigation that depicted Dallas police’s refusal to explain how a man who had called 911 for help ended up dead.

Timpa’s family filed a lawsuit in federal court  to obtain the records of this incident and they alleged excessive force, which contradicted key assertions Dallas police have made in defending the first responders’ actions.

According to the police report, Timpa’s behavior on the night of his death was “aggressive and combative.” The video depicts Timpa wincing in pain and fighting to breathe, begging the officers to stop pinning on the ground.

In a custodial death report that the police department submitted to the state in 2016, the department replied “no” to questions about whether Timpa was resisting arrest, threatening or fighting officers.

The Dallas Morning News offered a summary of what took place on the night Timpa died:

Police had previously claimed to use only enough force necessary to block Timpa from rolling into a busy section of Mockingbird Lane. In the first minute, Timpa rolls around near the curb. But the video shows a police car clearly blocks traffic about a minute later near the bus bench where the officers had pinned him. Several officers continue pressing his restrained body into the ground.

Timpa had already been handcuffed by a private security guard before police came on the scene. He never threatened to hurt or kill the police in this incident

Timpa died within 20 minutes of the police’s arrival, and at least 15 minutes prior to an ambulance transported his body to Parkland hospital.

According to an autopsy, Timpa’s cause of death was rule a “homicide, sudden cardiac death” due to “the toxic effects of cocaine and the stress associated with physical restraint.”

Despite the news emerging from this case, no one rioted in Dallas, nor tried to use this incident to pursue a racial agenda.

There are important questions to ask about policing in America, but they should be done through the political process and in a peaceful manner.

Such impulsive actions of lawlessness do the victims of government abuse no justice.

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