EXPOSED: Former Wisconsin Band Teacher Found Guilty of Having Sex With Teenage Girl

Former Wisconsin band teacher Zachary Wendt will be spending two years in jail after being convicted for having sex with a teenager, per a local media report.

Wendt is a former employee of Wheatland J1 School District. Per  CBS58, Wendy is accused of having sex with the 16-year-old girl in question twice in 2021.

Wendt ended up pleading not guilty to six felony counts and posted bond in 2022, per court records that The Journal Times was able to obtain. His charges consisted of sexual intercourse with a child 16 or older, actor 19 or older; sexually assaulting a child in the capacity of working or volunteering with children; and possessing child pornography, Patch declared in a report in February.

The former band teacher allegedly got in touch with the teenage girl back in February 2021, when they worked together at a Musicology store, WTMJ-TV per a report, alluding to a criminal complaint. The girl claimed she had drinks with Wendt and had sexual intercourse at his home twice. In addition, the two had been engaging in “sexting,” per the outlet. She also claimed that the former music teacher insisted that she keep their sexual escapade under wraps out of fear of losing his children, the outlet added.

Per the WTMJ-TV report, Wendt will face three years of extended supervision once his incarceration period is done. Initially, Wendt received these charges in December 2021. 

The Wheatland School District subsequently sent a letter to parents when Wendy was charged, calling attention to how the district had suspended him as a result of the employee’s arrest concerning a situation that occurred away from the school premises, per a Patch report.

Public schools have become degraded beyond all belief. Not only are they indoctrinating the masses, they’re also hotbeds of mass degeneracy as they often have perverts and other sexual deviants on their staff. The US needs a through purge of these institutions and eventually a complete separation of education and state to ensure that these schools are no longer breeding grounds for degenerates. 

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