EXPOSED: How Phony ‘America First’ Grifters Sold MAGA Down the River on Jan. 6 and Beyond

One of the lesser told stories regarding the fall-out of Jan. 6 is how grifters, sensing the ability to co-opt a legitimate protest movement against election fraud, organized under a dubious “America First” banner to co-opt the momentum for their own self-serving ambitions.

While it is now well-understood that there was a great deal federal incitement that helped foment the violence that happened in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, organizers on the scene have been able to skirt under the radar for the most part. But two particularly trashy, unintelligent weak links – the couple of tea party flunkies name Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence – show how certain organizers, either due to gross incompetence or complicity, allowed the protest to be co-opted.

Stockton and Lawrence have become media darlings since Jan. 6 after they flipped and began cooperating with ongoing federal witch hunt hearings. Now, they receive glowing profiles in fake news rags like Politico and Rolling Stone and regurgitate Democrat talking points on MSNBC and CNN.

Attorney Josh Nass has been influential in the reinvention of Stockton and Lawrence. Nass is a lawyer who brags of his ties to Jared Kushner and his list of internationalist clients. In a profile of Nass released in the Jerusalem Post, he is described as an ardent Zionist, and his Huffington Post bio stated his mission is to “change the perception of the Republican Party.”

Nass staged a press conference with Stockton where he claimed he and his client were offering a “treasure trove of documents” that will show “illuminating” evidence to House Democrats to implicate “people who are very senior in the former president’s orbit and even lawmakers among them” that should have these individuals “quivering in their boots.” This was before Stockton was set to talk to commission leaders.

“There are indeed a lot of messages that the committee is going to appreciate reading, and I can assure you that there are members of the former president’s orbit that are among them,” Nass said with a smug grin during a media address next to Stockton last month.

Stockton has already been proven as a liar who will make up stories in order to curry favor in the same vein as the Lincoln Project with Democrats who have an endless appetite for Trump hate porn. He was forced to retract false smears about Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in which he claimed Gosar promised blanket pardons from President Trump for anyone who committed criminal activity on Jan. 6. Stockton now admits this never happened.

“We don’t want to be known as an insurrectionist or any other dumb-f— influencer on the right who just echoes the same talking points everybody else says,” Stockton said of the reasoning behind his betrayal and collaboration with the Democrats’ unlawful investigation.

Stockton and Lawrence got involved with the election reform movement after being drafted by a long-time crony. Amy Kremer, the head of Women for America First, tapped Stockton and Lawrence to co-opt “Stop the Steal” for their own purposes. After the tea party fizzled out under their stewardship, these grifters had been looking for something new to siphon money and resources away from. They believed they hit pay dirt with the nascent election reform movement and subsequent historic national rallies.

Kremer, another long-time conservative grifter, has helped funnel grassroots energies behind the support of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY). Her Women for America First astroturf front group held an event in 2019 hosted by Cheney, which allowed the neoconservative ‘America Last’ lawmaker to portray herself as a proponent of border security. Kremer also collaborated with Cheney to set up at least one more other rally as well.

What should come as no surprise to anyone is that Stockton and Lawrence had recent run-ins with the feds before being engrossed in Jan. 6. They were involved in the “We Build the Wall” project that has been accused of being a glorified embezzling operation. Stockton describes a stand-off he had with federal authorities in which he brandished a gun as federal agents raided his Nevada compound. No charges ever emerged as a result of this raid. This happened just months before Stockton’s unexpected rise within the election fraud protest movement.

On the day of Jan. 6 when Capitol police and federal assets were ginning up a mob and creating the “Reichstag Fire” event needed for the Biden regime to consolidate power, Stockton and Lawrence were mysteriously absent. They said they got tired, butted heads with pro-Trump influencers, and threw in the towel before Trump could even finish his speech.  While authentic “Stop the Steal” organizers like Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes and Ali Alexander are sued into oblivion, thrown on no-fly lists, and harassed by feds constantly, Stockton and Lawrence are rehabilitated and do press junkets denying election fraud and deriding President Trump.

“We finally just gave up,” Stockton said regarding his lack of patriotism and futility as a freedom activist.

“The Trump world is clearly the worst of it. He has raised $200 million-plus since the election. What is that being used for? Is it being used for what they are telling people it is being used for? I know it is not, because I am out here starving,” he said, painting himself as a victim and begging for a handout.

While it is terrific that the suspected federal infiltrators involved with stoking the violence on Jan. 6 are firmly in the public eye, this fetid underbelly of grifters, exploiting popular “America First” branding, must not be allowed to slip under the radar. Their failures have hurt the cause immeasurably, and their motives cannot be trusted.

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