EXPOSED: Twitter’s Censorship Chief is Committed Far-Left Ideologue

After receiving widespread backlash for conducting what was widely a softball interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on his platform, podcaster Joe Rogan had him back on his program along with his de-facto censorship commissar Vijaya Gadde to take hard questions from independent journalist Tim Pool.

The podcast was livestreamed over YouTube earlier today:

While being grilled by Pool, Dorsey mostly deferred to Gadde, who attempted to portray herself as a responsible moderator of fair content on the platform.

She attempted to defend widespread Twitter censorship in response to ‘Learn to Code’ messages being sent to reviled corporate journalists after losing their jobs.

“There was a targeted campaign being organized off our platform to abuse and harass these journalists,” Gadde said.

“That’s not true,” Pool struck back. “See, here’s the thing. An activist who works for NBC wrote that story and then lobbied you. You issued an official statement, and then even the editor-in-chief of the Daily Caller got a suspension for tweeting ‘Learn to Code’ at the Daily Show.”

After Gadde played dumb, Pool corrected the record and explained how Twitter operates their censorship program at the behest of radical leftist activists in the mainstream media.

“They report it. The narrative goes far and wide amongst your circles,” Pool explained. “Then all of a sudden you are seeing high-profile conservatives tweeting a joke getting suspensions.”

Gadde refused to give an honest answer, and defaulted back to her public relations NPC stock response of whining about “death threats, wishes of harm [and] other coded language.”

However, the facade of Gadde being a naive but well-intentioned observer crumbles to pieces after a quick examination of her own Twitter profile shows that she follows a who’s who of anti-American leftist thought controllers.

Her public statements show that she is a social justice warrior with a victim complex as well. She even spun a yarn to Fortune Magazine back in 2014 about her immigrant father having to ask the Ku Klux Klan for permission to work growing up in small town Texas back in the 1970s and 80s.

“You don’t realize it when you’re a child,” Gadde said of all the horrible racists in her Texas community. “But when you’re in high school you realize this isn’t right.”

Perhaps Gadde should have realized in high school that Big Brother corporate censorship isn’t right either, but she failed to do so.

As a result of her lack of understanding, Gadde is the villain holding the bag as Twitter and other social media corporations are exposed publicly for their sinister Orwellian business practices.

Perhaps she herself should learn to code because it may not be easy for her to earn another lawyer job after Twitter goes bust!

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