Eyewitnesses: James Fields’ Car Was ‘Attacked,’ Police Set Up Rally-Goers To Be Assaulted

Eyewitnesses say that driver James Fields’ car was “attacked” at an intersection in Charlottesville, Virginia minutes before he sped into left-wing counter-protesters, injuring a handful and killing one. This attack could serve as the basis for Fields’ defense. Some cops reportedly believed that Fields struck the counter-protesters by accident while trying to escape violent attackers.

Big League Politics has also learned that Charlottesville police forced Unite the Right rally-goers to walk directly through mobs of un-patrolled Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters, sparking the violence that led to mayhem and destruction in the streets of Charlottesville Saturday. The police then stood down and allowed the violence to happen. Some of the protesters on the Left were paid agitators.

The scene “was a shit show” an eyewitness exclusively told Big League Politics.

“Car that hit those people drove right by us 3 mins after. Was beat all to fuck. Big rectangular square holes in rear windshield in addition to all the damage you see done to it in the photos,” the eyewitness said.

“I’ve heard he was attacked at another intersection just a few minutes before he ran over those folks. I didn’t see anyone hitting the rear windshield when you watch the videos of him hauling ass out of the street. I suspect they fucked up his car as he was leaving and he lost his mind and did that. No excuse but just context,” the eyewitness said.

Video shows left-wingers attacking Fields’ car right after he plowed into the crowd, forcing him to put the car in reverse and speed away so as not to be killed himself.


Squawker Media slowed down the video to show that Fields was not speeding down the road to such a degree that it would have concerned a cyclist pedaling by, that his car was struck by a left-wing agitator, and that he appeared to hit the brakes and swerve right.


A conduit for eyewitnesses on the ground told Big League Politics that paid agitators were present in the melee, fighting on the left-wing side.

The left-wing agitators were throwing water balloons filled with urine and feces, as well as rocks and home-made concrete weapons, which they threw at the heads of rally-goers.

The police blocked the Unite the Right rally-goers from speaking, and forced the rally-goers to walk through the crowd of Antifa and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters.

The police stood down, thus encouraging the violence that occurred. After a state of emergency was declared, rally organizer Richard Spencer urged his followers to get out of Charlottesville city limits.


Police at the station initially believed that Fields hit the counter-protesters by accident while fleeing his own assailants.

“Anyway several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn’t malicious. They said the driver was scared,” The Hill reporter Taylor Lorenz tweeted as the case was developing. That tweet is now deleted.

Obviously, there can be no challenge to the official media narrative pushed by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe and Democrats and establishment Republicans, which claims that Fields intentionally ran over counter-protesters in a deliberate terrorist act.

The media and politicians are hammering President Trump for not personally calling out “white nationalists” and “neo-Nazis” in his remarks on the incident, in which he decried violence on all sides of the political aisle. Trump’s enemies are clearly hoping to separate Trump from any and all militia groups that could take part in potential acts of civil disobedience if Trump gets impeached and the nation heads into a Civil War-type scenario.

Trump recently held rallies in West Virginia and elsewhere in the Midwest, just as special counsel Robert Mueller impaneled a grand jury in the evidence-free “Russia” witch hunt, which could lead to a spurious impeachment against Trump.

It is unclear exactly what a second Civil War would look like in this country in 2017, and what form it would take. But it’s perfectly clear, based on the events in Charlottesville and the mainstream globalist media’s round-the-clock attack on Trump and his supporters, that a cold Civil War is already underway.

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