Facebook Allows Heavily Edited Comedy Central Hit Piece, Bans Comedian Who Posted Full Interview

Facebook Bans Avi Yemini Jim Jeffries

Facebook banned Avi Yemini who posted the full version of several parts of an interview that was deceptively edited to attempt to make the Australian Jewish personality appear to be prejudiced against Muslims.

Yemini published clips he recorded during an interview with Comedy Central’s Jim Jeffries in response to Jeffries airing a heavily edited version of their interview. In Yemini’s video, he showed his actual answers to questions that were deceptively edited by Comedy Central.

After proving Jeffries and Comedy Central edited the clip, Yemini showed several clips of Jeffries making disparaging comments about Muslims and Islam, pointing out that Jeffries appears to express an entirely different worldview when he thinks cameras are not rolling.

In the video, Yemini showed Jeffries mocking Islam by drawing a quick cartoon of the prophet Mohammed and saying “There it is, he looks like a wobbly ghost.” Yemini asked Jeffries not to create the drawing, as he “has enough death threats already,” and Jeffries proceeded anyway.

Jeffries also said “I’m not a big fan of Islam, I think wearing a burka is stupid and demeaning and boring,” then went on to agree with Yemini that he considers Islam “dangerous.”

It is likely because of these clips, where Yemini simply showed his Facebook users what was redacted from the edited interview, that led to Yemini’s Facebook page being permanently deleted from the platform for hate speech.

Meanwhile, the Comedy Central video, that appears to show Yemini referring to all Islamic countries as “sh*tholes” in response to a question when his actual response was an intellectual argument based on human nature, remains on the platform.

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