Facebook Bans Another Popular Conservative Page, Plus Its Admins, Until After Midterms

Facebook banned the popular conservative page ‘Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’ and then proceeded to ban the page’s creators until after the 2018 midterm elections, taking actions the page’s staff calls election meddling.

Following up on its latest purge of over 800 Facebook accounts and pages in early October, Facebook banned ‘Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children,’ another prominent conservative page that had over 2 million ‘likes’ and claims to have reached over 33 million residents of the United States weekly prior to the ban.

Screenshot from ‘Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’, Credit: Facebook

In a video video posted to their new Facebook page, the creator and admin Rick Ferran calls the ban politically motivated.

“It’s so important that [Republicans] take over both House and Senate,” Ferran explained, “They don’t want that, so they will censor us, they will find loopholes.”

Soon after their Facebook page was banned and the new page began gaining traction, several of the page’s staff, including Ferran, were given 30 day bans from Facebook.

In an article on the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children website titled “Facebook Fascism – Meddling in the Elections”,  contributor Faye Higbee details how she and Ferran were banned for posting the page’s logo as its profile picture.

“Both Rick Ferran, the page owner, and myself were banned for posting our own logo, which they said “violated” their arbitrary community standards. Only I have NEVER posted our logo. Ever. Not even once. And I’ve been with Uncle Sam’s since 2013.”

Higbee explains that the appeal process for Facebook to reconsider the decision is apparently broken, giving both her and Ferran a notification that Facebook cannot process the request. As a result, the 30-day bans seem to be set in stone.

In her article, Higbee explains that the ban is, in her view, an attempt at election meddling by the Big Tech giant.

“THIRTY days from now will put us PAST the midterm elections. Let me say that again: the ban they have placed on us will put us PAST the midterm elections.

They are SILENCING our voices. They are MANIPULATING the Elections. To hell with Russia and China, FACEBOOK is the one doing the meddling.”

She continues to explain that Ferran, a veteran, also lost his primary source of income when Facebook banned the page and then his personal account, and likens their circumstances to economic warfare.

“This is war,” Higbee wrote, “This is a battleground for the minds and hearts of Americans. Facebook is fighting with censorship.”

Big League Politics has detailed several recent acts of Big Tech censorship on the platform, including the blanket ban of over 500 political Facebook pages, Big League Politics’ own Laura Loomer’s permanent Facebook ban, the repeated bans of the popular ‘I, Hypocrite’ page, and various actions taken by Facebook against the ‘God Emperor Trump’ page.


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