Facebook Bans Michigan’s Top Anti-Quarantine Group Following a Snitching Campaign by the Fake News

The top organizing group putting together anti-quarantine protests in Michigan has been removed from Facebook after a snitching campaign from the fake news media targeted the group.

The Michigan United for Liberty (MUFL) group was removed from the social media platform after the Metro Times tattled on the group because of messages posted in there that offended state Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

“On Sunday, after being contacted by Metro Times, Facebook removed one of the groups, Michigan United for Liberty, and deleted posts on others for violating the company’s policy against inciting violence. Facebook announced last month that it will remove groups and events that encourage people to defy social-distancing measures. Facebook also is investigating the other groups,” the publication wrote in their blog promoting Orwellian censorship on social media.

Facebook, which has a vested interest in stopping resistance to coronavirus lockdown policies, was happy to comply with the censorship request from the fake news outlet.

“We removed one group for violating our policies and will remove any other violations as we continue our review,“ a Facebook spokesperson said to the Metro Times.

Jennifer Darling, the founder of MUFL, explained to Big League Politics that the fake news outlet has completely lost their readership in recent years so they must collude with Big Brother in a last ditch attempt to stay afloat.

“The Metro Times, having lost its audience and ad money due to Governor Whitmer banning all nightlife, has responded to its imminent demise in one last show of hatred and lies,” Darling said.

“As much as we are happy to see these peddlers of fear and loathing go out of business, for the sake of all hard-working Michiganders we will continue to demand the immoral and illegal executive orders be overturned immediately,” she added.

The Detroit-area newspaper has to lay several workers off recently because nobody wants to pick up their phony rag any longer, particularly in the age of coronavirus hysteria.

“Since a majority of our advertisers are ceasing operation as quarantine measures go into effect, we simply don’t have a path forward with our full staff. Remaining employees across the company are taking a pay cut and covering multiple roles for the time being,” the Metro Times wrote in a press release back in March.

Despite the Orwellian collusion to stop the protest group on Facebook, the MUFL still intends to hold their “Judgment Day” rally on Thursday, May 14 at the State Capitol in Lansing from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. After the last several rallies made international headlines, the organization hopes that this one will be the biggest one yet.