Facebook Bans ‘Paloma For Trump’ Page For Photo of President Trump

Facebook Bans Paloma For Trump Photo of Presiden

Facebook banned the page ‘Paloma for Trump’ after Paloma, a Mexican-born supporter of the president, posted a photo of President Donald Trump with herself in the background to the big tech platform.

Paloma describes herself as “an American loving activist, born in Mexico,” who immigrated to this country legally, and an ” came to America legally, and says she thanks God for the “gift and blessing it is to be a part of the greatest country in the world.”

She routinely attends President Trump’s rallies, and once stood in the crowd behind him as he delivered his remarks. Paloma posted a photo of herself standing behind President Trump during his rally to Facebook, and the big tech platform proceeded to ban her page, claiming that the photo of herself with the president violates their community standards.

In a YouTube live stream discussing her ban, Paloma explained that, in her view, this is an example of Facebook purging conservative opinions.

“Today I wake up to the news that Facebook decided that because of a photo of our president with me in the background, [this] was good enough to take my page down.”

“I’m not concerned about my page, I’m concerned about my message,” said Paloma. “Numbers mean nothing unless our message is getting out.”

She explained that the taken of her standing behind the president was during his El Paso, Texas rally, and that this was apparently offensive to Facebook’s anti-conservative sensibilities.

“Facebook is shutting conservative voices down,” the activist said. “Facebook is shutting us down.”

The activist said that she will not let her Facebook ban weigh her down in the live stream, telling viewers that “No matter what Facebook does, my message is already out there.”

This latest ban comes after Facebook banned several prominent conservatives from its platform, including Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, and Milo Yiannopoulos. Facebook also confirmed to Big League Politics that it may take the unprecedented additional step of banning any Facebook user who posts links or videos containing Jones.

Big League Politics contacted Facebook for comment on this story and did not receive an immediate response.

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