Facebook Bans Pro-Trump Group For Millennials, Cites Claims of Nudity

Facebook Bans GETDMS Group

Facebook banned the popular group ‘God Emperor Trump’s Dank Meme Stash’ yesterday, issuing no warning, and claiming that nude images were found in the group.

The Big Tech Giant did not provide any examples of the sexually inappropriate images allegedly found in the group, and instead banned the 12,500-member group outright, giving them the opportunity to appeal the decision.

Since the group’s admins appealed the decision, should their appeal be denied, the group will be completely deleted with no other opportunities to appeal the decision.

One of the group’s admins, speaking to Big League Politics, insists that they are simply young people who are supporters of President Donald J. Trump, and that the group had strict rules against pornography and other types of images that do not adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards.

“We are a Trump-centric, satirical meme group,” said one of the admins, “And now we’re probably dead men walking.”

“Our admins and mods are well trained and vigilant in policing content,” he continued, “But what we see as acceptable might not be acceptable to a Facebook employee in Singapore, or wherever they work from.”

Facebook has suffered several media blunders related to their heavy handed bans in recent weeks. Just last week, Facebook banned the popular pro-gun group ‘implying we can discuss weapons’, and did not so much as give them the ability to appeal the decision.

The company was also forced to reinstate the account of Raheem Kassam, former editor of Breitbart London, after the massive social media backlash from major figures, including Donald Trump Jr., that occurred following his ban.

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