Facebook Bans Trump Campaign’s Ads Against ANTIFA Under False Pretense of Using Nazi Imagery

Facebook has censored political advertisements from President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and the Trump campaign targeting the ANTIFA domestic terrorist group.

The social media giant is claiming that the ads were guilty of “violating our policy against organized hate.” They claim that the campaign was using symbols from Nazi Germany, which is not quite accurate.

“Our policy prohibits using a banned hate group’s symbol to identify political prisoners without the context that condemns or discusses the symbol,” a spokesperson from Facebook wrote.

The ads were banned after a far-left special interest group agitated to have them removed from the platform.

However, the Trump campaign pointed out in response to the censorship that the inverted red triangle symbol is “widely used by antifa.” A fact check confirms that the Trump campaign is telling the truth about the symbol’s use.

The inverted red triangle has been co-opted for use by ANTIFA-style groups in recent years, which is explained in “Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook” by historian Mark Bray. He explained how the triangle became used by an ANTIFA-style group to deliberately show they were the enemy of Nazis.

The British Anti-Fascist Action group (AFA) was formed in 1985 by a coalition of Jewish groups, communists, socialists, and anarchists. This is the group that began using the inverted red triangle to show their opposition to fascism, which has continued as ANTIFA has evolved throughout the years.

“As opposed to AFA’s reclamation of the red triangle symbol used by Nazis to label communists, ANTIFA incorporated the name, style, flags, and other symbols of continental anti-fascism, while maintaining the AFA organizing model,” he added.

Even though ANTIFA has appropriated other symbols throughout the years, the red triangle is still commonly associated with the group. Items with red triangles emblazoned onto them are even sold to far-leftists who want to show their solidarity for their fellow comrades.

This is not the first time that Facebook has made up a ridiculous pretense to censor political ads criticizing ANTIFA.

Big League Politics reported earlier this month when Facebook did the same thing to Georgia U.S. House candidate Marjorie Greene shortly before her primary election:

Georgia GOP Congressional candidate Marjorie Greene is doubling down after Facebook censored her video calling out ANTIFA domestic terrorists and refused to allow her to promote it on their monopoly platform.

“This content also violates our violence and incitement policy within our Community Standards. You can read more about that here. This post will be removed,“ Facebook told Greene’s campaign after they attempted to promote a video about the far-left terror group…

Even though social media has censored her message, she is continuing to push the message about the evils of ANTIFA, a group which has supplanted ISIS as the top threat to the American national security. She released an explosive new ad that could potentially potentially millions of Georgians before the upcoming primary election next week.

“ANTIFA terrorists have declared war on America,” Greene says in the ad. “Rioting, looting and burning our cities. George Soros, Hollywood elites, and Joe Biden’s staff are funding ANTIFA.”

“I have a message for ANTIFA terrorists,” she said as she locked and loaded her rifle. “Stay out of Northwest Georgia. You won’t burn our churches, loot our businesses or destroy our homes. It’s time to take our country back, save America, stop socialism!”

Facebook is in the tank for ANTIFA domestic terrorists and will continue to use their monopoly power to hurt the Trump re-election campaign heading into November’s election.

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