Facebook Bans User For Posting Jussie Smollett Meme

Facebook Bans For Jussie Smollett Meme

Facebook user Ian MacDonald was banned for posting a Jussie Smollett meme after he was charged with 16 different felonies.

MacDonald posted to Facebook that he received a 30-day Facebook ban after posting an image of Stevie Wonder with the caption “I saw the whole thing” after Smollett was charged with 16 felonies for fabricating a hate crime and lying to police.

Big League Politics reported yesterday:

Smollett had originally been charged with only one felony count of disorderly conduct, the crime which encompasses filing false reports in Illinois.

“The grand jury returned two separate sets of charges,” the report said. “The first set are related to what Smollett told officers about the alleged attack, including that the attackers called him racial and homophobic slurs, struck him with his their hands, put a noose around his neck, and poured some sort of chemical substance on him.”

“The second set of charges are related to the second interview Smollett had with police about the alleged attack later that day.”

Facebook’s war on conservative humor continues with this latest action, after it banned Infowars’ Owen Shroyer and the popular “God Emperor Trump’s Dank Meme Stash” last week.

This latest absurd ban also comes as the state of Florida is considering legislation that would make political or religious censorship on social media platforms an offense that could be met with a fine of more than $75,000.


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