Facebook Bans Veteran Owned Pro-Gun Group With No Explanation

Facebook Bans Pro Gun Group

Without explanation or an appeal process, a popular pro-gun Facebook group was deleted twice over the weekend.

The Facebook group, “implying we can discuss weapons,” which was owned and run by a number of veterans, was unexpectedly shut down last week. Its 15,000 members immediately retreated into its second group, “implying we can discuss weapons 2,” only to have it banned as well.

Facebook did not explain what the groups did to violate its Community Standards, and they maintain that they strove to make their groups meet Facebook’s expectations.

“We all woke up one day and it was gone,” one of the admins toldĀ Big League Politics, “Nothing from Facebook, no clean up order like a year ago.”

The group had previously been ordered to delete any possibly incendiary speech and ensure no weapons were being sold in the group in 2018. They became very strict with enforcing these standards.

“Then the back up got taken down,” he said, “And we didn’t have much weapons posting even.”

The group admins had no way to appeal Facebook’s decision, and now are left wondering what exactly they did to break Facebook’s rules.

“I think it’s the name,” one admin said, suggesting Facebook may be deleting any pro-Second Amendment groups.

“We literally got nothing. No notification, no appeal, nothing,” he said, “We were scrolling through the group then [another admin] messaged the admin chat and said ‘who banned me’ because that’s what it looked like.”

Facebook’s anti-conservative bias has become increasingly clear over the last year. After Alex Jones was taken down due to ambiguous claims of hate speech, it has since banned the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, pro-Trump “Deplorable” groups, and made executives apologize for daring to support President Donald J. Trump.

Meanwhile, Facebook has allowed pages like Occupy Democrats, which encouraged its followers to identify and dox the Covington Catholic students, to remain on the platform.

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