Facebook Bias: One Video From 2018 Rated “Mixture” of Truth, Another From 2018 Rated “False”

Facebook Bias Video False Mixture

The big tech platform is continuing its censorship campaign of conservative Facebook groups, and is displaying its bias clearly in its efforts to decrease the reach and engagement of conservative voices.

As Big League Politics has revealed repeatedly, Facebook is using the inaccurate articles shared by individual Facebook users within groups containing thousands of members to punish the reach, engagement, and membership status of these often conservative groups.

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Now Facebook and its “independent fact checker” has displayed its bias by fact checking two different somewhat true instances differently. In one instance, Facebook rated a story as a “mixture” because it used a video from 2018 and suggested it was recorded in 2019.

In the other instance, Facebook rated a story as “false” because it used a 2018 video of pro-President Donald Trump demonstrations in the United Kingdom and suggested it was recorded in 2019.

The first instance showed news footage, while the second showed an outpouring of British citizens supporting President Trump. When referring to the news, Facebook offered a lenient “mixture” rating, but condemned the inaccurate news about President Trump as “false”.

Facebook Bias Video False Mixture

As Big League Politics has reported previously, this system is rife with opportunities for abuse.

Most groups, including this journalist’s God Emperor Trump (Official) group, depend almost entirely on volunteer staffers. While it has always been the policy in God Emperor Trump: (Official) to remove calls to violence, speech using racial or religious slurs, imagery that may be considered a provocation to violence, as well as content that mainstream Americans may find acceptable but could violate the Facebook Community Standards, the volunteer staff now must become fact checkers who are experts on everything from geology to climate change to British politics.

This also creates the perfect opportunity for nefarious individuals to infiltrate groups they disagree with politically and post what Facebook considers “false news” to force the group to undergo collective punishment.

Republicans could employ this tactic against Democrats as easily as they could Republicans, however, Big League Politics has thus far been able to find a single example of a left-leaning Facebook group receiving these notifications.


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