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Facebook Censors Project Veritas Video, Keeping Coronavirus Hysteria in High Gear

Big Brother is ramping up due to coronavirus.



Facebook is reportedly throwing a Project Veritas video off of their monolithic social media platform because the video contains information about coronavirus that is unapproved by the political and media establishment.

CNN reporter Oliver Darcy reported that Facebook would be removing the Veritas video from their platform because of nebulous and unspecified policy violations. Veritas founder James O’Keefe blamed Darcy for allegedly being a snitch and attempting to get his video removed from social media platforms.

O’Keefe also blasted New York Times reporter Andrew Jacobs for his moral preening in criticizing his coronavirus reporting.

The controversial video published by Veritas shows O’Keefe talking with boots on the ground at coronavirus testing sites. He talked to Army personnel and health care workers who claimed the pandemic is not as bad as the media and government officials are purporting it to be.

Certain transcripts from the Veritas video can be seen here:

James O’Keefe: “What about the situation itself. Is it as bad as–the media is saying? The whole pandemic?”
New York Army National Guardsman: “Oh no. It’s the flu!”
O’Keefe: “That’s all it is?”
Guardsman: “It’s the flu.”

O’Keefe: “Is it as bad as they’re saying, this pandemic? Everyone’s freaking out. Is it bad, is it overblown by the media, what is it like?”
Medical worker: “Is it what?”
O’Keefe: “Is the media accurately reporting or is it as bad as people are saying?”
Medical worker: “No.”
O’Keefe: “It’s not as bad as the—”
Medical worker: “It’s precautionary.”
O’Keefe: “The media is making it out bigger?”
Medical worker: “Yes.”

O’Keefe’s video has garnered controversy because it goes against the narrative of fear and hysteria that has been pushed by the fake news media, government bureaucrats and official expert class.

“The rollout of our findings does not endorse COVID-19 behavior one way or another, nor do we encourage others. Our goal is to inform the public and allow the public to make judgments on the issues,” O’Keefe said. “Emotionally driven, knee-jerk reactions journalists are the last thing the public should be subjected to in a time of crisis.”

“I realize this will probably upset some, but Project Veritas goes to the front lines to get unfiltered, raw information, to the public. We’re not here to project a narrative or even to draw a conclusion—we don’t even know who the villains are, if any,” O’Keefe added.

Despite Facebook’s reported censorship of the Veritas video, there are no plans for Twitter and YouTube to remove the content from their platforms at the present time.


NASA Scientists In Antarctica Discover Possible Evidence Of Parallel Universe



Scientists working on a NASA program in Antarctica reportedly observed a phenomenon which could be evidence of the existence of a parallel universe.

The program which led to this discovery in 2016 is called ANITA, or Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna, which intended to study subatomic “ghost” particles that come from space by launching a balloon with antennae, taking advantage of the dry and relatively interference-free air above Antarctica.

The particles, called neutrinos, can be relatively low or high energy. If the former, they can actually pass through the solid matter of the earth entirely, but if the latter, they cannot. This means that high-energy neutrinos, known as tau neutrinos, would only ever be expected to be detected coming down from space.

However, what the researchers found which astounded them was tau neutrinos actually coming up from the earth. This incredibly rare and “billion-to-one” event might happen once, but it was observed several times, leaving scientists with limited possible explanations.

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One explanation, fantastical as it may seem, which was seriously proposed as a result was the possibility that these particles were from a parallel universe and traveling backward in time, explaining why they were observed coming up from the earth into space despite originating from space and being unable to pass through the planet.

This potential parallel universe, which would have been created in the Big Bang along with ours, is described as being a mirror image where everything, from our perspective, would be backwards: right and left, positive and negative, and the direction of time. To inhabitants of that universe, ours would likewise be running backwards.

This hypothesis was apparently seriously entertained according to published reports detailing the results of the NASA study. However, even supportive researchers noted that it was controversial and not accepted by all, though there have also been voices of favorability.

Alternate theories exist, such as that the unusual phenomena may be in some way caused by the nature of the Antarctic ice. Ultimately, however, even those criticizing the theory cannot rule it out.

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