Facebook Considers Israel’s Immigration Policy ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook Considers Israel Foreign Policy Hate Speech

An admin for the popular pro-Trump Facebook Page ‘God Emperor Trump’ was banned for 30 days due to hate speech after posting a BBC article explaining Israel’s immigration policy.

On January 2, 2019, an article was posted to the BBC revealing Israel’s intent to order African migrants to leave the country, giving them the choice between accepting $3,500 from the Israeli government to relocate or face imprisonment in the Start-Up Nation.

This article was shared to the ‘God Emperor Trump’ Facebook Page with the caption “God I wish that were America”, where it was posted publicly for over three days without an issue, until it was taken down by Facebook citing “hate speech” as the reason.

After clicking continue, the admin was greeted with a message indicating Facebook believed the post to be an example of hate speech.

It is hard to understand, even according to Facebook’s own definition of hate speech, how an article from the BBC can be an example of using language that “attacks people” of any type.

Facebook has been in hot water with supporters of Israel over the last month for the platform’s decision to ban the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for criticizing Islamic terrorism in Israel.

Big League Politics in December of 2018:

In another example of Silicon Valley Sharia, Facebook has banned Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a post critical of radical Islam.

Yair’s post, which was in response to the death of the two IDF soldiers killed by Palestinian terrorists in Givat Assaf, was removed by Facebook, and he was issued a 24 hour ban on his account.

Facebook deleted Yair’s post in which he said he’d “prefer” if “All the Muslims leave the land of Israel.”

Facebook has also faced heavy criticisms over political censorship of conservatives. In December alone, the company banned Franklin Graham and later had to apologize, censored the Facebook post of a police officer’s family who had their loved one slain by an illegal immigrant, and yet allowed the terrorist who beheaded a Canadian tourist to keep his Facebook account.

Big League Politics reached out to Facebook for comment, and a representative from the company replied that she would investigate the decision.