Facebook Considers Reinstating Trump, But Is Approaching The Decision With ‘Great Caution’

In an interesting turn of events, Meta is considering restoring Trump to Facebook. 

Meta says it will approach this decision with “great caution.” 

“We’ve been very open. That temporary suspension is a two-year period through till early January,” Meta CEO Nick Clegg said

“We’ll look at all the signals that we should do about what we think may or may not affect the risks of real-world harm,” he added.

“If you have this significant ability to take decisions which affect the public realm, as a public sector company you need to act with great caution, and resistance. You shouldn’t throw your weight about,” Clegg asserted.

Clegg noted that Facebook was “considering its options with a mind toward the outside impact of its decision,” per Just The News.

Critics of Meta are noticing the odd convenience of this consideration, because it comes at a time Facebook’s stock is down 60%. And Mark Zuckerberg is at a $71 billion loss

They view the move as a way for Facebook to boost its users.

People have started ditching the platform for alternative sites like Gab and Gettr because of concerns of censorship and its biased algorithm. Banning Trump back in 2021 was also a big factor for while users left.

Former President Donald Trump was banned from Facebook due to his role in the January 6th riots. He was also notably booted from virtually every other major social media platform.

It’s unknown whether Trump would rejoin Facebook if he were to be reinstated. Given his new platform, Truth Social, has been Trump’s primary platform for communicating with the public in addition to email.

At one point, Elon Musk said he would reinstate Trump’s Twitter account if he was to become the owner of the company. 

No other social media platforms, other than Facebook at the time of this writing, have considered bringing back the former President to their platforms. So this consideration is greatly out of the norm from big tech.

It will be interesting to see what Facebook’s decision will ultimating be, especially considering the upcoming midterm elections. 

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